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Sep 26 2017

The Martyr Mothers of Darren Aronofsky

by Jorge Molina

With his latest filmmother!,Darren Aronosfky immerses us in a hellish landscape of biblical allegories,nightmarish house parties,and scenery-chewing performances.It's his most polarizing film so far,and he takes the audience to emotional and visceral places he hasn't before (hello,newborn baby).

And yet,something remains hauntingly familiar about it.Aronofsky has mommy issues.Throughout his filmography,mothers are figures of unflinching and painful devotion.Women who lose themselves in the love they have to give,a trait which ultimately becomes their doom.They are designed to bestow upon...

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Jul 25 2016

The Furniture: The Color of Beaches

"The Furniture"is our weekly series on Production Design.Here'sDaniel Walber...

Beaches,despite its enormous and enduring cultural imprint,still retains some surprises.It's not subtle at all,yet it also contains countless little details,both of performance and design.It's a melodrama that rewards rewatching,not only for the ritual of crying along with a beloved tearjerker,but also for the charismatic density of its images.And so,heeding the call of Nathaniel'sobituary and reappraisalof Garry Marshall's long career (and a comment from Craver),here's a look at the Oscar-nominated production design ofBeaches.

The color palette of the film is almost schematic.That's not a slight against production designer Albert Brenner and set decorator Garrett Lewis,either.It works,this insistence on pinks and greens reaching its emotional pinnacle along with the characters.

To be sure,Oscar nomination is probably owed specifically to the two fabulous production numbers,"Industry"and "Otto Titsling."But rather than praise two isolated scenes,I'd like to take a look at this insistent thread of color...

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Apr 02 2016

TV @ The Movies: "Damien"Flashes Back

Though I know not why it's so,considering I prefer original material in nearly all mediums to rehashes,I sample nearly every TV series that's based on a movie.Not that the interest tends to last.So it was that I binge watched the first four episodes of A&E's new seriesDamen.The Omen(1976) was the first horror film I ever watched that didn't involve vampires (I was really into vampires for some reason as a little boy,even though I was never a horror film aficianado).I snuck watchedThe Omenone night during one of its television airings in the early 80s.

Though the new series never mentions Damien's birthday,the wee Antichrist's birthdate was June 6th in the original movie (6/6 natch) which is also my birthday.Little me actually ran to the bathroom to make sure there was no mark of the beast on his scalp after the movie.(He had so many nightmares that week,poor little guy.)

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Mar 28 2016

Beauty vs Beast: Hannah's Sisters

Jason fromMNPPhere,looking out across this rainy New York City day and thinking of Woody Allen,as I'm wont to do.Today specifically we're thinking about his great 1986 filmHannah and Her Sisters,because today is the great Dianne Wiest's birthday,and that film won Wiest her first of two much deserved Oscars.亚博主页(It doesn't hurt that the movie just celebrated its 30th anniversary on March 14th.) So today's edition of our "Beauty vs Beast"series it is!

We're facing off the "and the Sisters"of the title -- Weist as the recovering actress Holly and Barbara Hershey as the brother-in-law snatching Lee.Granted the awardage (andthe general consensusthat she totally deserved it too) might immediately tilt this contest in Wiest's direction in your mind,but slow yourself and don't make the mistake of under-valuing Barbara Hershey's fine work in the film;she makes the difficult and confused character of Lee pretty darn sympathetic and funny too.Much to my emotional consternation if they made online quizzes asking us which of the three sisters we are in this film I am sure I'd end up being a Lee.

PREVIOUSLYLast week nathaniel took overand delightfully went Full Tabloid,asking you to choose between the recently y'all to choose between the recently fractured power-couple Bennifer 2.0 -- y'all had the good sense to stand with Jennifer Garner to the tune of just under 70% of the vote.SaidJohn T:

""I mean ehh on both of them but Jen seems like a nice person off screen and Ben like a jackass.As they're both gorgeous I will use that as my tiebreaker"

Feb 05 2016

Birthday Beauty Break: Charlotte & Jennifer & Barbara & Laura

February 5th is a big day for Actress birthdays.Two of this year's Oscar nominees are celebrating birthdays today!How about that?Charlotte Rampling,Best Actress nominee,is 70 today andJennifer Jason Leigh,Best Supporting Actress nominee,is 54.And to round out the 1-time nominee party,it's alsoBarbara Hershey's special day.She's 67.Finally,sinceThe Lovely Laura Linney,turning 52,is one of our most beloved actresses we can't leave her out if we're talking Oscar love.


After the jump,I've selected 7 of their most important performances each (excluding current roles) and,to make it more fun,they're in chronological order so you can see how the careers overlap.Sound off on these beauties in the comments.

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