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"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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May 03 2019

Michelle in Makeup

Apr 02 2019

List-Mania: Tim Burton x 5

by Nathaniel R

Since ourDumboreview didn't soar,or even materialize at all (oops),we should definitely turn some attention to Tim Burton today.Instead of a regular Tuesday Top Ten list...we're just going with LISTS plural.To make up for the lack of a properDumboreview,we're throwing FIVE of them at you today.While it's true that this decade of his work has left much to be desired,he's actually always been an uneven auteur.All throughout his filmography magic blooms in unexpectedly dire places OR weeds sprout up in otherwise magically lovely gardens if you catch our drift.

Burton is only 60 years old and since he's made films at a roughly one-every-other-year clip for his whole career,we hope he manages to rally his artistic instincts for one more classic before he retires in say,2031 after another five pictures (spitballing!).He has directed 19 movies and we'd rank them like so...


  1. Edward Scissorhands (1990)
  2. Ed Wood (1994)
  3. Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
    Tier 1.Masterpieces of their genres really...spectacularly niche genres but still!Few films have this kind of consistent magic and uniquely memorable visuals from first frame to last...

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Jun 22 2017

Ten Little Linkies

morning news items,or recommended stories / essays

Boy CultureComic gold Teri Garr interviewed about her MS (which sadly ended her career,she's now confined to a wheelchair) and her famous co-stars (still loves Dustin Hoffman,wasnota fan of Gene Wilder)

Forbesasks that the internet stop trying to make the most powerful woman in the movie world (that'd beWonder Woman) into a victim with constant outrages.She's a hit,enjoy her.

Eight additional stories after the jump including aDownton Abbeyreunion,Emmy hopefuls,Batman Returnsand more...

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Jan 09 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Elle La La

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's post-Globes edition of "Beauty vs Beast"- a big congratulations to all of last night's winners (yes even Aaron Johnson -I liked that movie;sue me) but especially to the actresses,because duh.ThisisThe Film Experience.亚博主页

So are Emma Stone and Isabelle Huppert the front-runners now for Best Actress now?I mean I don't want to jinx myself...

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Dec 19 2016

Beauty vs Beast: Happy Gotham Holidays

Hey everybody,Jason fromMNPPhere with our final edition of "Beauty vs Beast"for 2016 -- we will be back after the long as the world still exists.(Lately I wonder.) Until then let's think happy thoughts (or die trying) and consider one of my favorite holiday movies,Tim Burton'sBatman Returns.I was just readinga piece on the filmthis morning,placing its bleak worldview of politics against our own (I did say these were happy thoughts right?) so the movie's feeling fresh as a bowl of milk.And there's always room beside my Xmas tree for these two great villains - as The Penguin at one point says to Miss Kitty...

"You're Beauty and the Beast in one luscious Christmas gift pack."

PREVIOUSLYSinceStar Warsis in the air last weekwe forced you all to take sidesbetween the greatest bickering space pair since Dave disconnected HAL - beating Han Solo himself is no small feat (he shoots first,remember) so give it up to Princess Leia,who hair-rolled away with just under 60% of your vote.Saidtom:

"She has one of the most famous wardrobes in movie history,an entire fleet at her disposal,and her sidekick is gold.His best friend is a walking carpet - her words.I think she wins."