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Feb 24 2018

Nathaniel's Top Ten of 2017

by Nathaniel R

Better late than never.If you've been wondering why your TFE host has been so in and out of the proceedings this season,let's just say life has proved significantly challenging offline: the end of a decade-plus relationship,homelessness (not the dramatic kind but the sleeping on friend's couches kind),a long bout with the flu,a new side gig,etcetera).So this list carries a bit of melancholy with it as 2017 was one of the hardest years of my life.(If you also had a rough year: I feel you.Hugs in solidarity).Due to all of this I didn't see as many films as is my preference and couldn't rewatch the key films I usually would have before "voting".

But in the end you have to move forward.  Time changes everything...and time changes all top ten lists also!Some of these placements thatyouscratch your head about now,you'll either understand in ten years time OR I'll join you in scratching my head about them with a "what was I thinking?"blush.Top ten lists are but time capsules.

People change for better and worse.Circumstances shift dramatically or perception does.The movies of 2017 helped me understand all this,many of them zeroed in on definitive months in someone's life,others hopping around in time,and still more juxtaposing the past with the present...

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Jan 20 2018

Lost Podcast / Last Jedi

Surprise!The following podcast was lost after a recent move but has been recovered.This podcast was recorded over the Christmas break but the SAG part at least is hyper relevant to this weekend with the Screen Actors Guild Awards hitting tomorrow.

Nathanielwelcomes a particularly grouchyNick Davisand new guestTeo Bugbeewho had just pulled an all nighter to seeStar Wars The Last Jedi.We discuss what the hell Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro are doing in it before moving on to SAG's "Outstanding Ensemble"nominees (and other ensemble films we like,too).

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Lost Podcast Last Jedi

Oct 30 2017

London Film Festival: Roundup and Oscar Chances

Pivotally positioned in October,the BFI London Film Festival boasts the distinction of having some of the most feted films of the year,champions newcomers and not without its stalwart festival curiosities.On the ground this year was Film Experience contributorSeán McGovernwho saw only a fraction of the films on offer,but nonetheless a taste of potential Oscar contenders.

Call Me By Your Name
Worried that I would be tranquillised by the hype,I nonetheless could not resist it.Yes,it's a film about gorgeous people of immense privilege,but who can dismiss how hard it is to successfully capture the furtive horniness and confused intensity of young love?Timothée Chalamet's Elio teeters between brazenness and vulnerability,and Armie Hammer captures a strange aloofness that is hard to do on screen.It actually made me want to have children - just so I could grow up and be Micheal Stuhlbarg.

Oscar chances:Director,Picture,Best Actor(Chalamet),Supporting Actor(s)(Hammer,Stuhlbarg),Adapted Screenplay,Cinematography,Original Score.Whether Academy voters embrace two LGBT films in a row is another thing.

Six more films after the jump...

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Oct 29 2017

Middleburg Farewell: Nicholas Brittel,Greta Gerwig,and "American Crime Story"

Day 1(Darkest Hour),Day 2(James Ivory,Mudbound,A Fantastic Woman) in case you missed them,Day 3(Last Flag Flying)

Ann Hornaday and Greta Gerwig talk after a screening of Lady src

The last moments of Middleburg were a blissful blur that it's taken me a week to recover from.Before I left the splendor of the country at this under-the-radar festival in Virginia,I managed to attend three more events.

Lady Bird
I caught some ofLady Birdagain (one viewing isdefinitelynot enough).Just enough to give me that rush of pre-college feels again before meeting one-on-one with Greta Gerwig.We'll share that interview next week asLady Birdbegins its theatrical release.Gerwig is such a singular actress that we don't want her to give that up (please never leave our screens!) but it's a joy to know that she writes and directs just as beautifully.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Since Middleburg largely takes place at a single resort,there are several panels and discussions in their coziest event space.The last on the menu was a discussion about the forthcoming miniseriesThe Assassination of Gianni Versace:American Crime Storywhich is the second season of that anthology series which began with the Emmy-winningThe People Vs Oj Simpson...

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Oct 26 2017

Middleburg Finale Pt 1: "Last Flag Flying"

Day 1(Darkest Hour) andDay 2(James Ivory,Mudbound,A Fantastic Woman) in case you missed them.

Saturday at Middleburg started really slow but then the tempo and key changed.And then it got chopped and screwed and tessellated...and became truly special.If you don't know what any of that means,it's okay;neither did I.I shall explain when we come to the topic of Oscar nominated film composer Nicholas Britell ofMoonlightfame.

But firstLast Flag Flying...

Richard Linklater is America's most distinguished auteur in the subgenre of movies in which a tight knit group of men just kind of hang out for two hours.He's back quickly after his delightful college baseball comedyEverybody Wants Some!!but this time he's trained his lens on three men his own age...

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