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Jul 17 2011

Podcast: Nick & Nathaniel Circa 1986

Before you ask again,please note that I have submitted the podcast to iTunes.Hopefully the submission process will take.The podcast can be heard at the end of this post.

Today,we have a special retrospective podcast for you today.SinceNick has been revisiting Cannes 1986in all its sidebar and competitive glory and Nathaniel has beengagging onAliensandPeggy Sue Got Marriedlately for their 25th anniversarieswe decided to join forces.

Topics include & spin off from:

  • Robert Altman'sFool For Love(1985)
  • Aliens(1986) vs.Alien(1979) andAliens(1986) vs.Platoon(1986)
  • Sigourney Weaver's "Ripley"or Kathleen Turner's "Peggy Sue"?
  • Molly Ringwald,Farrah Fawcett,Marlee Matlin,Kim Basinger,Beatrice Dalle and dozens more 80s actresses discussed
  • Three French Films:The Green Ray,Betty BlueandTherese
  • Spike Lee,Woody Allen,James Cameron and David Lynch
  • Our favorite films of 1986 -- we share a #1 favorite which has to share the #1 spot in both our cases.

We'd love to hear your opinions on these topics as well as your memories (constructed or actual) of the 1986 Film Year.

Podcast: Revisiting 1986

Mar 16 2011

linker like me

Did you see last night'sGlee"Original Song"?I always feel so melancholy at Regionals episodes because I know that means noGleefor awhile.For a show I often actively dislike on account of lazy writing,wasted opportunities and ridiculously unnecessary pandering (People loved the show before it started pandering to them!Why bend over backwards to worry about what people might like now?),sometimes the show makes it really hard for me to pretend that I don't just love it,warts and all.So many highlights in this one,from Brittany's always dependable split second deadpan "favorite song: my headband"to a rare Mercedes showcase "Hell to the No"to a gay kiss played emphatically and without apology,to the return of undergirding themes (Rachel's future completely obvious stardom versus small town limitations) to that killer joyous finale "Loser Like Me"in which the kids learn the age old oppressed minority trick of turning insults into empowering F-you pride.Anyway,loved it.I still wish that show I loved last year about small town Broadway geeks trying to find their voices would come back but the new now oldGleeis still great cathartic fun when it remembers to be.

Gold Derbyon Mark Wahlberg's dreams ofThe FighterMickey Ward 2.Some sound-Oscar-reasoning from Wahlberg'sFighteralter ego Mickey Ward.
Awards DailyNatural Selection(feature) andDragonslayer(documentary) win jury hearts at SXSW
Just JaredSeann William Scott taking care of personal and health matters in treatment.Best wishes.I think he's adorable even if he has way too many consonants in his name.
Movie|LineEwwwww.They're rebootingDaredevilnow?
PlaybillKathleen Turner (nearly back on Broadway inHigh) will be interviewed in the Times Talk series in May.Tickets available.
Movie|Linebizarre lengthyTarzanaudition tape
Gordon and the WhaleHey,if Alessadro Nivola gets Michael Fassbender's cast offs,maybe Fassbender should say no a little more often?I love them both but Nivola has been way too neglected and I don't want Fassy to burn out.

Beatrice Dalle and Jean-Hugues Anglade in BETTY BLUE

Acidemic"Beatrice Dalle My What Big Teeth You Have."Beatrice is on my mind as I just watched this newish french flickDomainwhere she is typically vivid and dangerous feeling,even while simply strolling through a park or ordering a glass of wine.  Have you ever seenBetty Blue?Still one of the craziest movies ever to snag a Best Foreign Film Oscar nom.
TowleroadRemember that story about Jake Gyllenhaal being photographed in a men's room at SXSW.It's been animated.(The transformation into Jack Twist is a funny touch.)
Serious Filmrevisits Viggo Mortensen's Oscar worthy work inA History of Violence.