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Aug 01 2017

Looking Ahead at Best Original Song

Chrishere.What with Nathaniel'supdated Oscar predictionsand my regularSoundtrackingduties,my mind has been on that ever pesky Best Original Song category.How will this year shake out for the sometimes maligned category?

Per usual we haven't had many obvious contenders,though I would argue thatBeauty and the Beast's "How Does A Moment Last Forever"is one of the film's bright spots - can you just imagine Celine Dion taking the Oscar stage for the first time sinceTitanic.Perhaps our best chance at an Original Song behemoth like last year'sLa La LandandMoanawere isThe Greatest Showman,this season's original musical.But other questions and curiosities remain: what documentary song will surprise this year?Can credits song queen Sia finally land a nomination (she'll at least have one option withWonder Woman)?

One contender I'm already hoping has some staying power isA Ghost Story's "I Get Overwhelmed"by Dark Rooms.The track flows fluidly in and out of Daniel Hart's score (naturally,he heads Dark Rooms),encompassing both the film's intimacy and cosmic expansiveness.Lyrically,the song carries meaning for Casey Affleck's songwriter and has a whole new context in the afterlife - so it carries the kind of narrative weight the Academy's songwriting branch has been seeking.But will it even make the eligibility long list?

Do you have any Original Song hopes already?

Jun 17 2017

Disney Princess Medley

In case you need a pick me up...

Bonnie Milligan and Laura Osnes duel and duet withThe Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast,andMulanbut the funny peaks withAladdinandPocahontas.

Mar 23 2017

every guy here'd love to link you, Gaston

Today's Must Read
BuzzFeedgood piece by Allison Willmore on the maddening response to absolutely nothing moments proclaimed to be LGBT "firsts!"in movies.Two parts of the problems she doesn't mention though are 1) the internet demands for constant content incentivize journalists to blow everything out of proportion including super stupid things like "LeFou is gay!"and 2) too many pop culture journalists are operating from a place of zero knowledge about pop culture before they were,like,12.

more links after the jump including insightful pieces onFeudand an investigation ofLogan's family jewels...

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Mar 19 2017

Beauty and the Box Office.Plus Iron Fist.

What did you see this weekend besides Emma Watson twirling in that yellow gown?Disney spent $160 million making the movie and probably another huge chunk of millions promoting it but they were rewarded with stacks and stacks of gold.It nearly became the top grossing movie of the year (thus far) in a single weekend!

Since I'd already seen the Disney musical,I spent the weekend with a revisit ofGrease 2(more on that soon) as well as some DVR catch up (I will miss you when you're goneReal O'Neals -especially you Martha Plimpton and Matt Oberg).And yes I also tried withIron Fistbut it became white noise in the background as it was too dull to focus sole attention on.Identity politics aside,Finn Jones + the script are the biggest problems as there is so much filler and the hero is the least likeable character on the show,insufferably selfish and quite dumb.Shut up about your chi already,we get it!I found myself actually rooting for the douchey pseudo brother Ward Beachum (Tom Pelphrey).The Netflix series only comes alive when it focuses on side characters,whether they're good (Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing),evil (Wai Ching Ho reprising her deliciousDaredevilvillain Madame Gao) or somewhere on the what-are-they-up-to spectrum (the always reliable David Wenham as Harold Meachum)

01Beauty & The Beast$170NEWReview
02Kong Skull Island$28.8 (cum.$110.1)Review
03Logan$17.5 (cum.$184)Review
04Get Out$13.2 (cum.$133.1)Review
05The Shack$6.1 (cum.$42.6)

01The Sense of an Ending$475K (cum.$527K) 282 theatersInterview
02Badrinath Ki Dulhania$420K (cum.$1.5) 156 theaters
03A United Kingdom$320K (cum.$3.1) 257 theaters
04Kedi$275K (cum.$1.4) 120 theatersReview
05The Last Word$191K (cum.$345K) 94 theaters
06T2: Trainspotting$180KNEW5theaters
07Personal Shopper$158K (cum.$269K) 35 theatersReview
08The Salesman$105K (cum.$2.2) 72 theatersReview,Interview
09Song to Song$53KNEW4 theaters
10Land of Mine$41K (cum.$245K) 38 theatersInterview

Mar 19 2017

Review: Disney's recreation of "Beauty and the Beast"

This review was previously published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad

Tale as old as time
True as it can be

You wouldn't think that ‘tales as old as time' would need so much retelling but they do.Certain properties never go away or are open to constant reinterpretation like the Shakespeare oeuvre or,well,fairy tales.A cursory bit of research reveals that there have been at least a dozen feature films or TV series from various countries based on Beauty and the Beast tale.

If you have never existed before today,here's what you need to know: A cruel prince is cursed and transformed into a beast.If the Beast doesn't learn to love and be loved in return by the time the last petal on a magic rose falls,the curse will become permanent.Enter a beautiful girl who could be the one to break the spell...

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