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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Dec 23 2013

The Wolf on Link Street

Parade10 movie locations worth visiting fromWalter MittytoSidewaystoHarry Potterand more...
Cinephilia and Beyondhas links to all 2013 screenplays available for download legally direct from studios
New Yorkerthe best movies of the year
Slantbest posters of the year
VarietyThe Santa Barbara Film Festival is celebrating theBeforetrilogy with screenings.I love that trilogy but what ISN'T Santa Barbara celebrating?I swear they have some tribute to every single contender...they're like the NBR,carefully giving out enough awards to get EVERY studio to their annual dinner

The Onion"9 Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence That Will Make You Reassess The Scope Of The 1986 Vienna Convention On The Law Of Treaties Between States And International Organizations"
DeadlineBrie Larson and Jessica Lange are joining lead Mark Wahlberg in the James Caan lead role in a remake ofThe Gambler(1974)
VultureJohn Ridley on the toughest scene to write in12 Years a Slave,the one with Alfre Woodard

Dealbookhow do Jordan Belfort's victims feel aboutThe Wolf of Wall Street?
In Contentioncounts down Leonardo DiCaprio's best performances.Wolf scores pretty high
The WrapaWolf of Wall StreetAcademy screening gone berserk.Scorsese gets a "shame on you"from a voter.
Awards DailySasha Stone also chimes in with a "this is why we can't have nice things"though I'm like "this is the last time anyone is going to call the movie 'nice'.

It's been the talk of twitter today but I love David Poland's truth-serving response most...

An Oscar question
Here's a new spot forDallas Buyers Clubtrumpeting its prize haul thus far.That awards loot is somehow more than what's sunk in if you know what I mean...but it's been a noisy season and Focus is relatively quiet.IsDallas Buyers Clubsomething we're underestimating outside the obvious places (Actor&Supporting Actor)

Dec 10 2013

12 Things I Learned Attending The Julie Delpy Q&A At The 92nd St. Y

Hey everyone.Michael Cusumanohere.At the risk of spoiling the finale of my best of the year rundown I have only handed out one perfect "10"score for 2013 and that was in thereviewforBefore Midnight.So when I had the opportunity to see star and co-writer Julie Delpy in person as part of the Reel Pieces series at the 92nd St.Y I jumped at the chance.For all youBeforeTrilogy obsessives,here are a dozen highlight discoveries from the evening:

1.The first thing I learned is that Delpy's writing credits onBefore MidnightandSunsetare not a courtesy toward an actor who improved around the edges of someone else's screenplay.One only needs to listen to Delpy speak for a few seconds to realize her piercing intelligence is part of the DNA of the trilogy.The authorial voice is unmistakable.

2.On that score,Delpy noted that while she and Hawke were not credited as co-writers untilBefore Sunsetthey were also substantial contributors toBefore Sunrise,a script that had numerous scenes left as TBD which were filled in by the actors.Delpy says by the time they started the second film in the series she and Ethan Hawke were experienced enough to know to obtain screenwriting credits.

3.Much like a Mike Leigh production,after extensive workshopping between director and actors the finished scripts on theBeforefilms are tightly scripted,down to the dialogue overlaps.

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Dec 02 2013

Interview: Julie Delpy on the ideal way to watch the "Before" trilogy

Julie Delpy speaking in West Hollywood in NovemberStargazing sometimes leads us to believe that we really know the faces who act out our human dramas onscreen.Or that we know the characters they portray as if they were neighbors.It's a false intimacy and a fantasy,fiction being fiction and strangers being strangers,but sometimes the illusion is too perfect to deny.Such is the case with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke as Celine and Jessie in the "Before…"trilogy.The actors cowrote and costarred in the decades spanning trilogy under the guidance of Director Richard Linklater and the films,perfectly spaced out every nine years,have allowed audiences to age along with them,which has only added to their ephemeral mystique.The films are grounded in reality through their short single day stories and long takes - real life happens one day at a time and without a lot of fussy crosscutting – and the only fantastical element is that every day conversations are rarelythisthrilling andthiswide ranging andthisfunny simultaneously for 90 minutes straight without some dud moment or mundane distraction breaking the spell.For that kind of perfection you need miraculous writing and great acting.

Julie Delpy is not,of course,Celine.And though I know this as I settle into our conversation over the telephone I'm temporarily stunned when she,unasked,repeats her trilogy's most famous line when I bring up the ending toBefore Sunset(2004,for which she won a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination though not,tragically,the Best Actress nod she deserved as its companion).She sounds just like Celine… only somehow not...

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Nov 12 2013

A Look Ahead at the SAG Award for Best Cast

It'sAmirhere. Nathaniel and I have both previously shared our frustration about the way this prize is handled. Theoretically,this should be one of the best awards of the season.Imagine celebrating directors who can bring together an ensemble of actors with exciting chemistry,films that develop several characters in equal measure,and actors who find their footing by playing against other members of the cast.As previously stated,the awardshould be more about a collective achievement than multiple individual ones.Sadly,that's not how it works in the real world.

Slumdog Millionaire's win remains baffling to this day.

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Nov 03 2013

Podcast: Blue is the Color Before Midnight

Blue is the Warmest Color,the erotic French drama,has moviegoers and film bloggers talking.Hear whatKatey,Joe,NickandNathanielhave to say about it in the new podcast (we held the conversation for a week to give more of you a chance to see it).We also revisit the trilogy cappingBefore Midnightstarring screenwriter/actors Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke.

This week's podcast also features affectionate (?) sidebar shoutouts to acclaimed documentaryCall Me Kuchu,cranky moviegoers and ushers,Disney'sFrozen,John CassavettesFaces,the Israeli dramaLate Marriage,the Ridley Scott classicThelma & Louise,Sarah Paulson & Queen Latifah,and movie characters we'd like to drop back in on.

You can listen at the bottom of the postor download it on iTunes.Join in the conversation in the comments.

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Blue is the Podcast's Color