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May 21 2013

Top Ten 2010s...So Far

I just spent 108 minutes catching up with Jesse and Celine.We've met them twiceBefore...and I spent the first 2/3rds of the movie grinning like a damn fool I was so happy to be marinating in their always passionate detour-filled conversations.It's too early to say howmuchI loved the movie (though I did) but it got me to thinking what an achievement this series is and got me to thinking of true movie magic and how much of it we've had lately.So while so many of my fellow critics enjoy their mad rush through Auteursville at Cannes tonight I'm remembering the time I fell in love with this movie...

...and that one

...and that one

...and that one.

Here's my ten favorite movies of the 'Teens (2010-2019) farof course

the bonafide masterpieces -it'd be tough to imagine them not being on the decade best list 6 years from now
1.I Am Love(Luca Guadagnini)
2.A Separation(Asghar Farhadi)
3.The Social Network(David Fincher)

indelible achievements

4.Beasts of the Southern Wild(Benh Zeitlin)
5.The Kids Are All Right(Lisa Cholodenko)
6.Blue Valentine(Derek Cianfrance)

movie magic

7.Amour(Michael Haneke)
8.The Artist(Michel Hazanavicius)
9.Drive(Nicolas Winding Refn)

10 ...let's leave this spot open for a current passion since this list is silliness until 2019 rolls around.How willFrances HaandBefore Midnightage?They'll certainly make my top ten list this year.And if they don't this will be a startlingly fine year.

And while I still have your attention you should"like"The Film Experience亚博主页

Honorable Mention:Beginners,Weekend,Magic Mike,andMoonrise Kingdom
Growing?:Blue ValentineandThe FighterandMelancholiaare aging well
Fading?: I admit my initial passions for bothBlack SwanandThe Artisthave cooled a bit.

Which films this young decade have already staked a claim on your 4ever heart?

Previous Top Ten Quickies

Apr 22 2013

Still there.Still there. Gone.

The new poster forBefore Midnighthas just been released viaEW,reminding us all that the next chapter in the lives of Celine and Jesse is only 32 days away.

Are we all excited yet?

Also: for anyone living in the L.A.area,the LA County Museum of Art will be hosting a double feature of the first two films,Before SunriseandBefore Sunseton Friday,May 17th.Tickets are availableherestarting Thursday at 5:00,and at $10 for both films on the big screen,it's not even a bargain anymore.It's a freakin'steal.

Get them,lovelies.

Mar 28 2013

The Link World

Film.comasks rapper "Riff Raff"to review James Franco's "Alien"inSpring Breakers,allegedly based on him.
My New Plaid Pants"The Golden Trousers"are in full swing.You'd be crazy to miss them.I mean they feature...
"The Great Gratuities"for one thing !
Ultra Culturehosted aSpring Breakersscreening with a Britney Spears sing-along

/Filmif you'd like to see theBefore Midnighttrailer.I am personally not going to watch it before the movie.I want every moment to feel fresh and in the now.I don't normally feel this adamant but these movies are special,once in a decade events.
Cinematic Cornerappreciates Lee Pace in all his elfen,daisy pushing,soldier girl,still-waiting-for-big-break glory.Someone needs to!
THRHarry Knowles of Aint it Cool fame is attempting a comeback in the web landscape he helped create
In Contentionsee,even Will Smith knows that Christoph Waltz was the LEAD inDjango Unchained(Damn you category fraud,damn you!Tommy Lee Jones shoulda had that Oscar)

Tweet of the Day

The great illustratorGlen Hansoncame up with my favorite image -- as hundreds flooded facebook profiles this week -- in support of Marriage Equality.ObviouslyDiana of the Amazons would approve of sapphic unions!

Season 1...remembered vividly.If you're not here to make friends...
It's funny but I just realized now,readingJoe Reid's ranking of the 27 Season of The Real World,which he amusingly calls his "life's work"that one of the reasons I've never been a reality show person is I do actuallyliketo make friends and don't actually relish watching people being assholes or,the great lying rationalization,"keeping it real".Unless some kickass screenwriter is writing the assholery,I find it a bore.ANYWAY...I honestly had no idea this show was still airing.But Joe's huge-ass loving ode to its highlights and foibles was a good read.For the record I only watched Season 1 religiously (even taping and rewatching -- unthinkable now) though I saw the bulk of S2 (instant hatred...the worst fall from grace I've ever experienced on television,turning instantly from interesting social experiment to utterly manufactured cash grab) and S3 (compelling but by then I was deeply suspicious and never watched again).Or did I?.Joe's details bring backveryvague memories from Seasons 4-10 that I had convinced myself that I hadn't even seen one episode of.Oh,the shame of it all!

Jan 22 2013

Dear Sundance: You Make Me Want To...

Sopleasestop telling me that Richard Linklater'sBefore Midnight,which gives us athird precious day in the lives of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) & Celine (Julie Delpy),isperfect.It's like dangling a morsel of deliciousness outside my cage.

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Sep 06 2012

Thoughts I had while staring at the first official photo from "Before Midnight"


I realize now that that was more singular."ThoughtI had"...whilst drooling.(An exclamation pointis soa thought.At least the way I do it.)

In all seriousness,my only wish is that that wondrous trio of soulful romantillectual conversation (Ethan Hawke,Julie Delpy and Richard Linklater) do not drop this ball.Please do not drop this fragile perfect ball.

(As to the sordid topic of Oscar,will the third time be the charm?They did give the last one a Screenplay nomination.)

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