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The Farewell: Personal and Universal

"This is a lovely review (the best review I've read on this site lately).The right balance of review + personal."-Anonny

"This movie is (and will be) at the top of my "favorite lists"this year.It's incredible."-Eli

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Feb 12 2019

Would you rather?

You realize this weekly poll fun is just to share our fav instagrams of the week,right?Still,you should always confess in the comments!

"She got good at Instagram so fast"Would you rather...

...wait to get glammed-up w/ Glenn Close?
...head to Fashion Week w/ Lana Condor?
...admire art while bathing Russell Tovey? completely over it w/ La Pfeiffer? the "artiphon"w/ Neil Patrick Harris?
...celebrate Jennifer Aniston's bday w/ Kate & Gwynnie?
...celebrate Mexico alongside Salma,Marina & Yalitza?
...kiss a bunny w/ Constance Wu?
...let Charo teach you disco ball therapy?
And for your final options a little 'Bohemian' party
...stay in bed with Ben Hardy and Joseph Mazello?
...or dance the night away with Mazello?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide...

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Feb 25 2015

Links.And Not *Just* Oscar Post-Mortems

The PlaylistJessica Chastain joins the increasingly star-studded cast ofThe Huntsman- pretty soon no one will remember this started as aSnow Whitefranchise (which is probably why they keep adding big stars).
Vanity FairKatey wonders if Netflix can stay in the original programming business when its obsessed with nostalgia
EmpireCalista Flockhart and Laura Benanti join TV'sSupergirlfor the fall as boss and mom respectively (sigh).Benanti is so mega-talented and freaking hilarious.Doesn't anyone want to build a series around her?
US WeeklyAHS's "Meep"actor Ben Woolf has died after being hit by a car
My New Plaid Pantsyou're probably giving Bryan Singer some side eye for casting yet another super twink beauty inX-Men: Apocalypse.Meet Ben Hardy.
i09looks at the troubled comics history ofAquamanand the challenges Warner Bros faces in resurrecting him
i09Something hilarious you've never thought of.The designers on Guardians of the Galaxy spent a lot of time worrying about Groot's crotch.

Oscar Oscar
Slateon Graham Moore's problematic but well intentioned acceptance speech for Best Adapted Screenplay
IndieWirewhy the Spirit Awards need to stop mimicking the Oscars亚博主页
LA TimeswasBoyhood,an unusually quiet unfolding drama,undone by the usual outsize Oscar campaigning?
The Carpetbaggerbids the season "adieu"
Awards DailyI'm with Sasha on this one.Patricia Arquette has been treated horribly after her speech with people willfully misunderstanding.Our outrage culture is doing no one,least of all the progressives (who are so easily outraged and willing to turn on their own) any good.A real pity since Patty has been a wonderful activist over the years.The people leading the hate brigade would do well to step back for a little perspective: guarantee you she was fighting for trans awareness and other social causes before they were.
In Contentionsings the praises of Fox Searchlight and New Regency.They've got two back to back Best Picture winners now.And that aint easy to do.
The Dissolvejust two days after the Oscars,亚博主页theAmerican Snipertrial ended with a guilty verdict for the man who killed Chris Kyle
VultureMichael Keaton stashing his acceptance speech when his name isn't called *sniffle*
VarietyIñárrituon his own Oscar wins

And this just in...
The stunt-casting veers away from Oscar winning/nominated beauties of a certain age to...

Apparently they are promising a major renovation to theAmerican Horror Storybrand this October.I hope said renovation is giving up that infinitely tired and kinda misogynistic in its relentlessness storyline about the faded vain beauty who wishes she was still in her prime.Is this Gaga peak,Is that enough for you to make reservations after this season's expected downward spiral?