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"I love this show.I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer.It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed"-Raul

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Nov 15 2018

Say it Aint So!Rebecca (1940) is Getting a Remake

by Nathaniel R

Nooooo.Rebecca(1940) doesn't need to be remade.Essentially no Hitchcock picture needs to be,you know.But word is out that Lily James and Armie Hammer are risking the ghosts of Joan Fontaine and Sir Laurence Olivier to star in a new film version of the Daphne Du Maurier story about "the second Mrs de Winter,"her cold bossy husband,a sinister lesbian housekeeper,and an old creepy gothic mansion.The foolish or ballsy director that's going to try to live up to collective memories of Alfred Hitchcock?That'd be Ben Wheatley ofHigh-RiseandFree Firefame.

Hey,let's do a "Cast This!"in the comments for the story's best role: Mrs Danvers,that creepy housekeeper with an obsession for her late mistresses undergarments.(You may recall that The Film Experience spent a lot of time with亚博主页Rebeccaa few years ago fora pass-the-baton retrospective.)

Apr 21 2017

Review: "Free Fire"

byChris Feil

At first look,Ben Wheatley'sFree Fireseems like another Tarantino retread,all snarky hyper-violence with a wink that we've seen dozens of times - and to some degree it is.But the film isn't so much the macho wankfest it will be shrugged off as,nor the cornucopia of gun adoration that the marketing promises.WhereFree Firedelights,even charms,is by finding its thrills in the shady repartee and double crosses between criminals rather than the bloodshed.

Guns do play the central role in the film's "deal gone wrong",but they aren't responsible for what makes things go south...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Mar 18 2017


Leonardo Nam photographed by Ricky Middlesworth for Los Angeles Confidential

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Exit Video
In honor of Sutton Foster's birthday,a great moment fromBunheads,a show we greatly miss (but at least we haveYoungerin its place for Sutton fixes)

May 29 2016

Podcast: The Lobster,Sing Street,A Bigger Splash, High-Rise

With two not-worthy wide releases set to dominate Memorial Day Weekend,Nathaniel,Nick,andJoecatch up on recent quality limited-release movies we hadn't yet discussed together.Catch these in the theaters,please.

Index (42 minutes)
00:01The Lobster(Yorgos Lanthimos)
11:18High-Rise(Ben Wheatley)
15:45Sing Street(John Carney) and a Keira Knightley tangent
22:37 Dakota Johnson & actress nemeses
24:35A Bigger Splash(Luca Guadagnino)
40:03 Venice detour & goodbyes

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

The Lobster & Sing Street

Apr 27 2016

Dark Comedy or Sick Nihilism?"The Mother"and "High-Rise"

Tribeca is over and we're almost done catching up with reviews.Here's Nathaniel on a potential Oscar submission from Estonia and a twisted thriller from the UK.

The festival described this crime comedy asFargo-like and that's true to a degree.It takes place in a small town where everyone seems to know each other...ish.The local customs are amusing or peculiar to the outsider (namely,us).There's also a noticeable undercurrent of'and all for a little money'despair about the human condition that tugs at both the red herrings and the true crime.A young ladies-man teacher named Lauri (SiimMaaten),something of a slacker/dreamer as he had big plans but never moved out of his parents home,has been in a coma for months following a shooting.While his long suffering mother attempts to care for him alone (the father is no help),a parade of visitors including friends,lovers and policemen keep bursting in to bear their souls or search his room on the sly.The directorKadri Kousaar(yay for female filmmakers!) keeps the camera as invasive as the guests,and we're often looking where we shouldn't be behind doors or curtains or seeing things from odd angles.One of the best sustained jokes in this deadpan comedy (it's not really a movie for guffaws butheh-hehtouches) is that no matter how many times there's a knock at the door,the parents are surprised even though their house has become Grand Central Station.

But who is responsible for the shooting and why iseveryoneacting so suspicious or guilty about their history with Lauri?While the story revolves around the mystery surrounding the son,the mother is the star of the picture (in case the title didn't clue you in).Despite a difficult character to dramatize with Elsa being barely verbal and moving throughout like a resentful silent martyr to her drudgery,Tiina Mälbergis terrific in the role.And it's her first movie!She makes the character alternately funny and intriguing and,in the odd moment here and there,when her mostly surpressed emotions bubble up Mälberg earns the reveals and keeps the character cohesive.Grade:B/B+

P.S.The Estonian film industry is tiny,producing a couple handfuls of films a year so we have to take any release that makes its way to American festivals seriously as a potential Oscar submission.The country enjoyed its first nomination in the foreign language film category withTangerinesin 2014 (a joint production with Georgia).

Another film where the laughs land uncomfortably -- because boy is this nihilistic -- is Ben Wheatley's adaptation of J.G.Ballard's "High-Rise".The allegorical satire takes place (almost) entirely within a high-rise apartment building where the 1% (Jeremy Iron as the architect) lives at the tippity top and everyone else is more or less at his mercy and subject to suffer for his follies if things don't work quite right in the building.Doctors like Tom Hiddleston's Laing,a brain surgeon,are somewhere around the floor and so on down to lower floors where families (Elisabeth Moss & Luke Evans) with seemingly endless children struggle to get by.The eventual societal breakdown is revealed from the very first image which is rather an odd choice;it kills what might have been gut-churning momentum.We already know the downward spiral will have the adults goingLord of the Flieson each other and Laing will be living in shambles  as one of the society's only survivors.

If you can get past the nihilism and poor treatment of animals,the film has plentiful pleasures including a smart performance from Hiddleston and rich filmmaking from every department.Clint Mansell contributes another intriguing score but the MVP is the eye candy from fascinating production design through to the very attractive cast.A crisp white shirt has never looked so pornographic as it does here on Tom Hiddleston but he's also wearing a lot less,which his fellow resident (Sienna Miller - yes her again) notices and appreciates straightaway immediately spinning the interpersonal web of craziness that will grow and grow from the moment Laing moves in on every floor.Ballard's novel was written in the 1970s but the film never plays it like a period piece really despite the flare of some clothing and hair and prop details,which helps keep it out of time and universal;the film isn't going for realism but allegory anyway.Not all of this works,the pacing is a particular sore point since the film gets mired down on its way to where we know its already going and he doesn't quite stick the landing,but I left convinced that director Ben Wheatley is someday going to make a great film.Grade:B

Feb 22 2016

New High-Rise Poster

Manuelhere.Can it really be true that we haven't yet discussedHigh-Risein any depth here at The Film Experience?亚博主页For yes,while we're all avowed actressexuals we sometimes do follow certain actors near and far (takeMr.Ruffalo who were just discussing).Enter Tom Hiddleston,the greatest hat actor of our generation.The fan favorite Marvel actor has yet to find a property that helps him break out of his Loki role:Crimson Peakhad its fans but it wasn't the hit (or the cult fave) many thought it could be;I Saw the Lightlooks to join the long list of forgettable biopics,andOnly Lovers Left Alivewas a critical hit (it's so good!) but barely made a blip in mainstream moviegoers' radars ($1.9 million gross).

WhileHigh-Rise,Ben Wheatley's filmed adaptation of the J.G.Ballard allegorical novel about class got sort of eviscerated at TIFF ("an ambitious failure,"with "aberrant creative visions"),its marketing department is revving its engines and doing a damn good job of piquing our interest.

After some gorgeousteaserone-sheetsthey've just released the final poster and it's beautifully retro and modern at the same time.(Much better than thoseeye-soars we looked atfor those other 2016 releases last week at least!) And really,how could you go wrong with Hiddlestone in a slick suit,Luke Evans in a pornstache,and Sienna Miller looking like Kate Beckinsale?That's to say nothing of the stylized trailer which,yes,has yourfair share of naked Tomto entice you.Seriously,that minute and fifteen seconds all but call out for aHit Me With Your Best Shot,so full of eye-catching shots,from Tom in that mirrored elevator,to that slo-mo air stewardesses dance break.Take a look for yourself:

But what say you?Any Ballard fans looking forward toHigh-Rise,if only to see Elisabeth Moss on the big screen?