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Jan 25 2019

"Custody"and "Sink or Swim"Lead the César Nods

by Nathaniel R

"Sink or Swim"leads the César nominations

Apologies that we're late in sharing the news of the César nominations!They arrive so hotly on the heels of the Oscar nominations that it's easy to miss them in the golden rush.This year,Custody(the critically beloved movie that France passed over for Oscar submission this year) andSink or Swimlead the nominations with ten each but the English language westernThe Sisters Brothers,from reknowned French auteur Jacques Audiard is close behind with 9.It flopped hard in US theaters but it's reception in France is apparently much rosier.Famous people nominated include Isabelle Adjani,Adele Haenel,Audrey Tatou,and Johnny Depp offspring Lily Rose-Depp but fans of French cinema will recognize a lot more of the names than just those.

Nominations and commentary follow...

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Apr 25 2018

April Foolish Predictions: Let's talk Cinematography!

by Nathaniel R

We didn't forget about the April Foolish Predictions.They just got all tangled up with Tribeca screenings,Cannes news,Avengers mania,and everything else going on in April.So herewith another prediction batch.First charts are now up for all of the visual categories,barring Costume Design which will get its own post tomorrow just because.

Cinematography is always one of the most exciting contests as there are so many genuinely gifted DPs out there doing great work over and over again but only one Oscar to hand out each year.At the moment I'm wondering about the futures of these four DPs in particular...

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Apr 09 2015

Every Thing Will Be Fine.Plus: German Oscar Contenders

Team Experience is adding two new members this week.Please welcome Sebastian!- Editor

Sebastianhere,with my first dispatch from the outskirts of Germany,where I spend my dayswatching moviesand occasionally writing about them.You might have seen my post aboutthe unique waysBirdmandeals with suicide and depression.Born in 1982,I've lived in Germany all my life.Currently residing inTrier(birthplace of Karl Marx;not affiliated with Lars von),I've dabbled in various pursuits ranging from photography to education,but movies remain my biggest passion,which is why I was thrilled when Nathaniel asked me to contribute to The Film Experience.亚博主页

Let's start out with a few thoughts on Wim Wenders' latest dramatic effort,and a brief look ahead at some of the films aspiring to be submitted as Germany's entry for Best Foreign Language Film this year.

With his Oscar-nominated documentaryThe Salt of the Earthstill in theaters in the US,Germany has already seen the release of Wim Wenders' follow-up picture,Every Thing Will Be Fine,which I saw here last week.[More...]

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