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Sep 08 2019

Who will win the Emmy for Supporting Actress in a Comedy?

By Spencer Coile

It really is a blessing and a curse when the Television Academy gives us eight nominees for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - a trend they can't seem to depart from.It's a blessing because we see a rich field of actresses getting their dues.Yet it's a curse because,more than any other category this past decade,the previous year's winner seems to repeat at least once.Between McKinnon,Allison Janney forMom,and my arch nemesis Julie Bowen forModern Family,the winner pool isn't as rich.

With last year's winner Alex Borstein still very much a part of the conversation,are we going to see another repeat victory?

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Aug 12 2019

Review: GLOW (Season 3)

By Spencer Coile

Despite its criminal underperformanceat the Emmysthis year (only scoring 5 nominations),the second season ofGLOWwas a marvelous piece of television.After an equally impressive first season,season 2 found the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling coalescing into a tighter ensemble.It was no longer just a vehicle for stars Alison Brie,Betty Gilpin,and Marc Maron.Each gorgeous lady had a rich history waiting to be told.Against the backdrop of grungy L.A.,set to a mix of 80's synth pop,GLOWpulsated with life,energy,and plenty of risks waiting to be taken.

Season 2 ended with an offer for the ladies to adapt their syndicated show to an act in Las Vegas.Starship's triumphant "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"begins to play as they board the bus that will land them in completely uncharted territory.With this notable shift in scenery,doesGLOWseason 3 pack the same punch?Pun intended...

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Jul 13 2019

Review: Stuber

byDancin' Dan

Stu is a nice guy.Far too much of a nice guy,in fact.After he clocks out from his job working a big-box sports store,he cleans his car and clocks in to Uber,enduring all the assholes and drunks that use the car service in and around Los Angeles.He does this to get the money to help his best friend Becca open an all-women spin center,because he's also hopelessly in love with her.So after a rash of particularly bad (and mostly unfair) Uber reviews puts his precious star rating in jeopardy,and taciturn cop Vic Manning gets in his car,Stu is willing to do just about anything to make sure he gets a five-star rating.The problem is,Vic is reeling from the death of his partner,has just gotten a lead on his killer,and just had Lasik eye surgery.He can't see,and needs someone to drive him.Let the sparks - and laughs - fly.

Yes,the plot ofStuberis pretty boilerplate buddy comedy stuff.But it gains a lot from its casting...

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