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"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Dec 02 2018

BIFA ❤️ "The Favourite"10 Times

by Nathaniel R

Best Supporting Actor Alessandro Nivola

The 21st annual British Independent Film Awards were held today in London with sexy Russell Tovey hosting andThe Favouritewinning *GULP* 10 awards (that has to be a record at BIFA,doesn't it?).But the most wonderful surprise news around these parts is the Best Handsome win -- excuse us,Best Supporting Actor win for Alessandro Nivola.We were certain that he'd make it through the whole season with no hardware for his (typically) excellent work inDisobediencebut BIFA happily proved us wrong.Nivola is of course something of an honorary Brit since he's married to a very fine British actress (Emily Mortimer) and has often worked in British cinema.

The BIFA winners and a few more notes after the jump...

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Nov 01 2017

BIFA Nominations: Lady Macbeth and Three Billboards Boosts

by Nathaniel R

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool received 4 nominationsHot on the heels of the Gotham Awards,the British Independent Film Awards have announced their 2017 nominations.Though they don't tend to get much press in the US due to the the first two words in their title,they're worth noting.And,we'd argue,they're worth noting precisely for their limited jurisdiction.Awards groups with their own identity / purview are all too rare.Lady Macbethled the field (15 nominations) with gay romantic dramaGod's Own Country(11 nominations),political satireThe Death of Stalin(13 nominations),I Am Not a Witch(12 nominations) and one big tragicomedy Oscar hopefulThree Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri(11 nominations) also super popular

I think the nomination I'm happiest to see (just because it was no sure thing) is Jamie Bell inFilm Stars Don't Die in Liverpoolfor Best Actor.He's just brilliant in the film as I've mentioned before but it's the type of role -- nuanced / romantic / skewing "feminine"in its appeal -- for which male actors are rarely honored no matter how good they are.The complete list of nominees is after the jump...

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Dec 13 2016

Interview: Babak Anvari on British Oscar Submission 'Under the Shadow'

ByJose Solís.

At first glance,Babak Anvari'sUnder the Shadowseems to announce itself as a fine Iran-set social drama,as we meet Shideh (Narges Rashidi) a young mother who discovers her political past - she protested the war against Iraq - has deemed her ineligible to return to medical school.When her husband (Bobby Baderi) gets sent to a battle zone for work,she is left behind with her daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) trying to make sense of her life,while their city is under the constant threat of Iraqi missiles.If that wasn't enough,strange things begin to occur in their home as Dorsa is convinced there is a presence that wants to take her away.

Even though this is Anvari's first feature film,he displays a mastery of horror techniques that would put others to shame...

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Nov 02 2016

BIFA Nominations focus on a small handful of films

We claim no expertise on the British Independent Film Awards but this year's slate seems especially teeny-tiny.Not in the size of the films,mind you  -- some are quite least with their length -- but in the small handful that received nominations.Most of the titles were nominated in five or six categories including the UK's Oscar submissionUnder the Shadow,though Ken Loach's Palme D'Or winnerI Daniel Blakejust barely leads with seven citations...

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Jun 16 2016

Hamilton Mania,Pixar Short,Gay Rage,New Musical

VarietyZac Efron possibly joining headliner Hugh Jackman in the new PT Barnum movie musicalThe Greatest Showman on Earth
Universal StudiosWicked,the movie has a release date.More on this tomorrow
PlaybillTony Kushner writing an adaptation of West Side Story for a remake by Steven Spielberg!Since that's my favorite movie of all time I feel very weird about this.Strangely the article stays that Kushner is "currently adapting the screenplay of August Wilson's Pulitzer-winning dramaFences"which would be really bad news for the movie since it's already done filming;)
My New Plaid Pants...reacts to the news with a shout out to PT Barnum look-alike Jim Broadbent

THRThe British Independent Film Awards,which helpedEx Machinaalong last awards season,and are adding award categories this year will try a new system to coincide with what voters have seen and where there are conflicts of interest.Interesting.
EWTyler Hoechlin will play Superman for the CW
The StakeBatman v Superman gets a new trailer for its expanded DVD edition.It's LONGER now?!?Jesus Christ.
THRThat Noah Galvin interview we discussed is still prompting news stories.Apparently ABC is coming down hard on him.Guess they're sensitive aboutModern Family!
NYTShe Loves Mewill be the first Broadway show streamed live.One night only June 30th.It will cost you $10 instead of the normal $100+
Vanity Fairon the making of the new Pixar short "Piper".The buzz is true.The short is super adorable / impressive after a patchy run for the most recent Pixar shorts
Awards DailyOscar nomination frontrunners thus far?
Facebookif you missed Jeffery Self's live feed "It's Awesome to be Gay"with lots of LGBT actors and performers all five parts are available to watch!I haven't finished watching it but there's much talking,funniness,and even some musical numbers.Loved Jordan Firstman singing "Smile,"Brian Jordan Alvarez's story about Kevin Spacey,and Drew Droege and Sam Pancake talking about playing gay characters on TV,Darryl Stephens unconventional queer awakening via Prince'sUnder the Cherry Moonand more...

Hamilton Mania
I was finally able to see the insanely popularHamiltonon Broadway last night.For this I must thank the very talentedRory O'Malley(who broke through with Book of Mormon five years back) that's us on stage after the show to your left) who plays King George III.We met because ofInto the Woodsand this blog and long story.

King George III is such a fun role with perfect little comic interludes to comment on all the chaos in America.(That's the role Jonathan Groff originated but he had to leave the show early due toLookingand other commitments).Otherwise the original cast is still with the show -- for another couple of weeks at least.Good news: they'll be filming it soon for posterity!There will also be a Hamilton mixtape of cut songs and covers and a documentarylater this year since people are insatiable.

We had excellent seats -- I nearly smacked the actor Josh Charles in the face (who happened to be sitting next to us) before the show while trying to send a selfie with too little wi-fi.The show lived up to the hype.Great energy,fun,and memorable music and an incredibly finessed marriage of content,form,and theme.

Tis the season.With the recent tragedy in Orlando it's hard to not focus on politics,and how broken the GOP is,basically serving only as meat puppets for the NRA who are holding us all hostage (and executing thousands of people each year) via lax gun laws.So here are a few political pieces worth reading/watching:

BETan amazing open letter to straight people from Dominick Pupa which was banned from Facebook -- I guess because it upset sensitive straight people who don't like being reminded of the existence of gays?Not sure how Facebook can justify removing it
The Daily Beast"Admit it..."a thought provoking piece on religion and mass killings and theocratic community's culpability
Gawkerthe essential Rich Juzwiack on Anti-Gay hatred and gay resistance

Dec 07 2015

News: BIFA,Carrie Fisher, Creed

GothamistGood Morning America tries to interview Carrie Fisher.She is not as cooperative as they're used to.Hilarious.She mostly wants to talk about her dog Gary.Also...
Carrie Fisher's Dogis on twitter
/Filmbest and worst of Ryan Gosling onSNL
Shailene Woodley,to whom I am mostly allergic,will unfortunately co-star with Nicole Kidman inBig Little Lies
Boy Culture
Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn has died at 69
i09in case you can't wait until Christmas,they've released 8 clips fromThe Hateful Eightto tide you over
Pajiba8 sets of celebrity dopplegangers

Today's Watch
Director Ryan Coogler talks aboutCreed's amazing continuous shot boxing match.So gutsy that this bravura bit comes so early in the movie and he still manages to top it later on.

List Mania
VultureDavid Edelstein's top ten list is quite adventurous as it zigzags fromRoomtoChi-Raqbut his top 10 and best performances list is....Steve CarellThe Big Shortas #2 of the year (say whaaaa?)

Saoirse Ronan has arrived.Finally...
The Moet British Independent Film Awards ceremony happened yesterday during all thecritics award madness stateside.The winner by a significant margin was Alex Garland's haunting sci-fi triangleEx Machina.The prizes...

British Independent Film:Ex Machina
Director: Alex Garland,Ex Machina
Actress: Saiorse Ronan,Brooklyn
Actor: Tom Hardy,Legend
Supporting Actress: Olivia Colman,The Lobster
Supporting Actor: Brendan Gleeson,Suffragette
Screenplay: Alex Garland,Ex Machina
Documentary:Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story of Dream Alliance
International Independent Film:Room
Debut Director: Stephen Fingleton,The Survivalist
Producer of the Year:Paul Katis & Andrew De Lotbiniere,Kajaki: The True Story
Discovery Award:Orion: The Man Who Would Be King
Achievement in Craft: Andrew Whitehurst for VFX,Ex Machina
Short Film:Edmond
Promising Newcomer: Abigail Hardingham,Nina Forever

Kind of a surprise to see Ex Machina dominate so thoroughly though we do love it here at The Film Experience亚博主页