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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Feb 03 2019

Annie Awards swing giddily into the "Spider-Verse"and might predict Oscar's Animated Short winner

by Nathaniel R

The directors of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had a great great night at the Annie Awards

Though Disney dominated the Annie nominations with huge tallies for bothIncredibles 2andRalph Breaks the Internetit was Sony Animation's all time biggest hit that proved the ultimate champ withSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Versehogging the big prizes at the event.Other big winners wereDisney's Mickey Mouse,and two series from Netflix:HildaandBojack Horseman.The winners list and commentary including a few full winning short films and notes on Oscar's animated short race after the jump...

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Nov 22 2018

Nathaniel Gives Thanks

Team Experience members were invited to give thanks this week so you'll be hearing from a few of us.Here's your hostNathaniel R...

2018 was an unusually hard year for your host,given that he wasstarting over in his offline lifeafter a painful breakup so first things first.I'm so goddamn grateful for The Film Experience.亚博主页Thank YOU all for reading (especially those who donate to keep us on life support- see sidebar) and for being such a faithful community.This labor of love site is a continual source of pleasure and stability for me personally and I always aim to make it so for you,too.Before I get to the individual entertainment gratitude I also want to thank the Team Experience regulars: Murtada,Chris,Jason,Glenn,Jorge,Lynn,Eric,Dancin' Dan,Spencer,John & Matthew,and those we don't hear from much at the moment (life issorude like that) but who we're always happy to work with like Nick,Ilich,Salim,Tim,Deborah,Séan,Daniel,Ben,Katey,and Joe.And both warm hugs to those who've moved on and nervous waving at those yet to come;they're out there somewhere and must make themselves known soon!

I will now attempt to give entertainment thanks without completely repeating my esteemed colleaguesin their fun postseven though I love several of the movies they already spoke of.Okay in 2018 I was ever so grateful for:

• The continual shapeshifting ofA Simple Favorfrom comedy to noir to mystery to camp spectacle to romcom to satire.It was such a great film to take friends to since it was so funny and surprising and memorable with it genre juggling.And Blake Lively's ultra modern wardrobe paired with Old Hollywood star charisma was something else...

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Nov 07 2018

goodness gracious,great links of fire

VarietySusanne Bier to direct Nicole Kidman in the miniseriesThe Undoingabout a therapist whose husband goes missing
PasteKyle Turner on the "literary drag"ofCan You Ever Forgive Me?
DeciderJulia Roberts 'queen of comebacks she never had to make'
Pajibaan ode to Missy onBig Mouth(also my favorite character on the show)
AV ClubEmma Thompson wore sneakers to her damehood ceremony
IndieWireit's foolish to bet against James Cameron even if you think the idea of four moreAvatarsis insane

Remezclawhy was the Cuban submissionSergio & Sergeileft off the Oscar Foreign Film list?
THRwill Netflix caving on an exclusive theatrical window forRomamean more films will get that treatment?
Vultureon the extreme closeups in this season's awards contenders
i09interesting piece on why we need more utopian fiction (it's all dystopias out there currently)
Vultureunexpectedly good article "in defense of the medicore music biopic"onBohemian Rhapsody,Great Balls of Fire,The Doors,and more...
PeopleIdris Elba named "sexiest man alive"for 2018
GizmodoMoviePass didn't kill the dream of subscription-based moviegoing.A new competitor Sinemia has lots of tiered pricing options and a $24 monthly charge if you want unlimited one non 3D movie a day.
/FilmNothing ever stays dead onscreen.Breaking Badwill now get a film version with Aaron Paul expected to return (as a sequel to the series)
Broadway WorldAngela Bassett and Cicely Tyson named honorary chairs of the 60th anniversary gala of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Post Election Blueishness
Slateoffers a practical optimistic way to look at the election results yesterday
New Yorker"Putin Loses Control of the House"- funny piece!

Oct 27 2018

Can You Ever Link Me?

In ContentionAlfonso Cuarón could tie Walt Disney's record this year for most nominations for a single person in one year (six).And he could break the record for most nominations for a single person from a single film (four)
/FilmKatherine Langford (Love Simon,13 Reasons Why) added to the cast ofInfinity War's sequel
VarietyExtremely sad to report that Filmstruck is shutting down next week.It had become the go to streaming place for cinephiles once Netflix started having such crappy movie selections
Next Best Pictureif you're not sick of hearing me rave aboutCan You Ever Forgive Me?yet,I'm the guest on this podcast doing that again.

TFEin case you missed it,our podcast on the same movie
The Daily Beasthateful conservatives now targeting Netflix's brilliantBig Mouthseries which is all the more reason why all of you should watch it.It's awesome.
/Filmthis is kind of non-news given the caginess of the statements but TriStar is still hoping to mount aLabyrinthsequel with Jennifer Connelly reprising her role 30+ years later
MNPP13 moustaches of Halloween - fun series,now with more Sam Elliott and Vincent Price
/Filmto celebrate Dario Argento a ranking of his features.His most famous film,Suspiria,is NOT number one!
Next Best Pictureon recent under 15 minute performances nominated for Oscars with some possibilities this year like Sam Elliott and Daniel Kaluuya亚博主页

Off Screen or Behind the Scenes
Wall Street Journalthinks there is an atmosphere of fear at Netflix with their quick firings
VarietyBoy George interview as Culture Club releases their first album since 1999.It's called "Life"-- ftr I think "Colour By Numbers,"their 1983 album is one of the most perfect albums ever recorded
Playbill10 plays and musicals that only require 2 actors
PlaybillWickedis about to turn 15.Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel are sharing two things they added to the musical that weren't in the original script/score.
Fast Companyexamines the state of Hollywood's middle class.Turns out the proliferation of content isn't good for everyone and the reasons why aren't all that apparent from the outside (shouldn't more content mean more job opportunities?).Note: this website has annoying ads that are confusing to get out of in order to read the article (hint) scroll downwithouthitting that scroll down sign!

Oct 18 2018

Gotham Nominations: "The Favourite"and "First Reformed" Lead

by Nathaniel R

It's the first official awards announcement of the season!The Gotham Awards,the East Coast's answer to the Independent Spirit Awards,have announced their nominations with the palace intrigue tragicomedyThe Favouriteand the existential heavy drama ofFirst Reformedsharing the lead with 3 matching honors each: Best Feature,Best Screenplay,and one acting citation (a special ensemble prize for the former and Ethan Hawke for the latter).One assumes that they'd have both been nominated for director,too,but one of the quirks of Gotham is that they don't have a Director category,only a category for brand new directors and we love the nominees there,especially Bo Burnham forEighth Gradeand Ari Aster forHereditary.

Other films receiving much needed good news since they were released before the fall glut and needed awards bodies to be reminded of them over the next few months:Leave No Trace,The Wife,Sorry to Bother You,andThe Rider.The complete nominations and a few more comments after the jump...

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