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Jun 13 2019

Review: The Dead Don't Die

byChris Feil

A few years back,Jim Jarmusch brought fresh life to the oft-revisited vampire genre with the sexyOnly Lovers Left Alive.This summer,he attempts to do the same with the tropes of the zombie film inThe Dead Don't Die,drolly taking on our mindnumbed obsessions in the modern dissociative era.Should he take on another monster genre soon - who better to find the poetic ennui of a werewolf,truth be told - then he should hope it results in something more akin to his look at bloodsuckers than that of his flesheaters.The Dead Don't Dieis a smug stinker.

The film is set in Centerville,"A very nice place to live!",a town small enough to house a single diner for restaurant options and with its gas station pulling double duty as its comic shop.News reports that the Earth has spun off its axis due to polar fracking is met by the townspeople with the mildest sense of alarm,at least as much as they can muster for a world outside that they just cain't understand.But that small town malaise is devoured once the local cemetery starts sprouting the reanimated dead.

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Oct 15 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Ye Olde Switcheroo Movie

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"-- this Friday the latest iteration of the freak-filledHalloweenfranchise hits theaters,but what of another Freaky Friday that cast the great Jamie Lee Curtis in a pivotal role?In 2003 - yes it turned 15 this past August,if you want to feel ancient) Mark Waters' remake ofFreaky Fridaywith Curtis playing mama (then daughter) to daughter (then mama) Lindsay Lohan hit theaters,and it was a great big hit success with everybody.(I mean Jamie Lee should've snagged an Oscar nom,dammit.) So why don't we all eat a fortune cookie and repeat after me...

PREVIOUSLYWe ventured back toWes Anderson'sRushmorelast weekand y'all took Bill Murray's side in a squeaker (just 53%) - saidlylee:

"Team Blume only because Max is so annoying (even though they're both annoying,and Blume in some ways has less excuse to be so immature)!Really,the beauty here is Olivia Williams,whom I found very appealing in this,if a little softer-edged than in her later roles.She's still one of my favorite slightly-below-the-radar actresses out there today."

Oct 08 2018

Beauty vs Beast: School's Out Forever

Jason fromMNPPhere with our weekly "Beauty vs Beast"-- tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Wes Anderson's filmRushmore,and so you celebrate the battle between Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) and Herman Blume (Bill Murray) we shall.This was Anderson's second film (afterBottle Rocket) and an instant cult hit - it only made 17 million dollars in theaters (itranked 97that the box office,betweenThe Big Lebowskiand54) but I was in college at the time and believe you me,us youngins loved it right out of the gate.

Now it's rightly heralded as a classic - you're not going to hear an unkind word from me on the hermetically crafted direction that Wes started taking his film-making after this (Moonrise Kingdomis my favorite of all his films,after all) butRushmoredoes feel airy in a way that he's moved far far away from (especially with the to the millimeter specificity of his animated efforts) and it might be nice to see him sample some of this looseness again?

PREVIOUSLYI'm real glad that Judith O'Dea got to beat back the zombie horde this one time withlast week'sNight of the Living Deadanniversary edition- poor Barbra has had enough to deal with.SaidNick T:

"Without getting into details,I'd say this answer was a NO BRAINER!!!Hyuk hyuk hyuk"

Aug 30 2018

Showbiz History: Greta Garbo,R Crumb,Bill Murray,Cameron Diaz

6 random things that happened on this day in showbiz history

1797Mary Shelley born.She lived in infamy during her time as a disgraced woman who ran off with an already married man but she'll live forever due to her epistolary novel "Frankenstein: Or,The Modern Prometheus,"which has had countless editions since its first publication when she was only 20 years old.The book has inspired countless other works of art and the classic Frankenstein monster itself has shown up in over 50 films.Did any of you watch theMary Shelleybiopic starring Elle Fanning earlier this year?Murtada interviewed the director right here.

1935Greta Garbo isAnna Karenina,new in movie theaters.Garbo will win the NYFCC prize,the first of two Best Actress wins in a three year span.Surprisingly,that's not all that rare of a trick...

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Jul 18 2016

Ranking the Ghostbusters Orginal Star Cameos

Murtadahere.It's been a full 3 days sinceGhostbustershas been released.The reviews,includingNathaniel's,are respectable but not euphoric.Same with the the box office.It could've been much worse.The Ghostbros still won't shut up,so let's rank how their so called childhood heroes,did this time around.

Ghostbusterstried to blend nostalgia with a new story and characters,the same way thatStar Warsdid successfully last year withThe Force Awakens.While I liked the movie and thought it was the best blockbuster released this lackluster summer season,I would say that its nostalgia blend was not successful. All of the original cast - except for Rick Moranis and Harold Ramis - came back for at least one scene each.But most of the cameos were extraneous to the plot and could've easily been cut.The actors' commitment also left a lot to be desired.

Let the ranking begin!

SPOILERS ahead,proceed with caution...

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