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MINDHUNTER (s2 episodes 1-2)

"I am also a big fan of this show,because of Fincher and the detective work,even if the show skirts very close sometimes to murderer fetish..."-Jono

"I love this show.I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer.It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed"-Raul

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Jul 25 2019

Review: The Lion King (2019)

by Tim Brayton

The refrain echoing through many of the negative reviews of Disney's new remake ofThe Lion King– and even a few of the not-as-enthusiastic positive reviews – has been that the film is "pointless."Which,yeah,it is: a scene-by-scene,line-by-line,and frequently shot-by-shot remake of the 1994 classic that is weaker on essentially every possible point of comparison.The only reason to watch the new film while the 1994 film exists is because the new one is in theaters and thus is bigger.

So let's not belabor that.Instead,let's try,as much as possible,to take the film on its on terms.Let's pretend,if we possibly can,that this is a brand new story told using cutting-edge technology,and freed from the shackles of memory and nostalgia.Sad to say,even if that might mean thatThe Lion Kingisn't pointless,it's still not very good...

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Nov 16 2017

Stages of Grief: "Difficult People"

By Spencer Coile

After three hilarious seasons,Hulu has cancelledDifficult People.

The show starred Julie Klausner (also its creator) and Billy Eichner as best friends who will stop at nothing to become famous.We covered the show'sthird season-- the non-stop jokes,the banter,and the beating heart underneath all of the cynicism.Needless to say,this news has been shocking for many of us here and will continue to sting months after...

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Oct 07 2017

Difficult People S3 E9-10: LA,Ayahuasca,and Aimee Mann

ChrisandSpencerwrap up their chat on this season ofDifficult People!

In "Sweet Tea"we finally get the much teased Big Lebowski sequence and some major shakeups...

S: "Sweet Tea"is the episode of some big changes!We have Julie giving up acting to start a career in crafting,Billy being sick of New York,and Arthur quitting his job at PBS… although Arthur decides to return back to PBS.

C: This season's been kind of fitful in trying to create long-game plot points,but this felt like it was actually developing something that could have lasting implications.

S: Julie referring to Etsy as a cult is one of the most relatable lines fromDifficult PeopleI have ever heard.But then she turns around and uses weed baggies as her own new product,the "dream baggie."I'll take 20.

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Sep 30 2017

Difficult People S3 E7-8: Sitcoms,Sleepovers,& "Yes And"

In Episode Seven,"Fuzz Buddies",Julie lies her way into a Nick Jr.writer's room,Billy gets a decades late response to fanmail from Monkee Micky Dolenz,and Marilyn finally celebrates her Bat Mitzvah.

CHRIS: So the theme of this episode was delayed adolescence.Billy got a childhood fan letter to Micky Dolenz returned and ends up getting roped into helping him with a one-person show.

SPENCER: What does it say about me that I don't know who this person is?

C: I can't imagine you're the only viewer thinking that.Even byDifficult Peoplestandards,this guest appearance is specific and completely bizarrely random.But fitting for the theme to have an old school teen idol.

S: Teen idol?I'm listening (while also googling Micky Dolenz)...

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Sep 17 2017

Difficult People S3 E5-6: Golden Toilets,Jane Krakowski,and Gay Get Out

ChrisandSpencerare back for moreDifficult People!In "Cindarestylox,"Marilyn asks Julie to freeze her eggs,Julie indulges in some Botox (to fit on a golden toilet seat,naturally),and Billy teaches an acting class for adolescents.

CHRIS:The Ramble has been transformed into an outdoor yoga studio?!Is nothing sacred anymore!

SPENCER:And yet that Leather Queen who climbs out of the tree still wages the war against the women!Love that whole bit where people are telling our pal Julie to smile.Now that is real.

C:So Billy starts teaching acting classes to help pay for his Madonna standup tickets.Strangely,Madonna as a standup comic was a joke that didn't work for me - watch any interview with her and she's an excellent shadestress!She'd make a decent insult comic.

S:Do you remember that one short clip where a fan brought her flowers and she mocked him for it?I mean… the shade is insurmountable,but it is equally hilarious...

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Sep 03 2017

Difficult People S3 E3-4: John Cho,Rabbits,and A Dybbuk

ChrisandSpencerare dishing this season ofDifficult People!

In "Code Change",Julie uses AA to fight her addiction to her mother,Arthur fails valiantly to satisfy Julie in bed,and Billy comes to the separate rescue of his brother and sister-in-law.

SPENCER: Why had I never thought of a church as a place to charge my phone,first of all?Let alone a Synagogue!

CHRIS: And there's free coffee.I feel like we spoke too soon last time about the show's guest actors only being asked to just play wacky because Rosie O'Donnell was maybe the show's most straight-faced character ever.

S: I know,right?It was almost jarring — but definitely in a good way.Her reference to Billy being gay… she's totally in on the joke.

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