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Al Pacino to return to Oscar 27 years later

"I don't think there is any audience for this 3-hour Netflix film,so talking about Oscar nominations seems like a waste of time."-Huh

"Al should have at least four Oscars.亚博主页He  has given some of tne GREATEST performances in film history!"-Linda

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Feb 18 2015

Podcast Pt 2: Oscar Predix Finale

In case you missed part one of this finale,that's here.Let's wrap up our final pre-Oscar prediction discussions: Joe pretends he'snotanInherent Vicefan,Nick sadistically hopesImitation Game"getsUp in the Aired",and Nathaniel goes full blurb whore onMr Turner.

Oscar Prediction Finale Pt 2
41 Minutes

00:01-Production Design & Costume Design.Into the Woods spurs dark memories and self parody.But canGrand Budapestactually win both and will Wes Anderson career tribute be the cause?
08:40-Cinematography.Beautiful across the board
13:12-Screenplays.Are these the two most difficult categories to predict?Consolation prizes,career tributes,or Best Picture heat?
21:45-Acting Races.Whose running second behind Julianne Moore?
27:32-Best Director & Best Picture.Who would we vote for and what about the Academy: will it be Richard Linklater andBoyhoodor Alejandro G Inarritu andBirdmanor some combo thereof.Either way long-standing theories of everything get disproven and the Academy gets dinged.
36:10-Exit Game: Who would last year's winners vote for?We read the minds of Blanchett,McConaughey,Leto,and Nyong'o.

Supplemental Material for this Podcast:
Prediction Finale Part 1
Nick's Top Ten List (in progress)
Joe Reid ranks all 60 Oscar nominated films

Please to enjoy and continue the golden conversation in the comments. You can listen at the bottom of the postor download from iTunes.

Oscar Prediction Finale Pt 2

Feb 14 2015

Best Cinematography: Can Chivo Do a Back-to-Back?

If Oscar were a beauty pageant (we know it feels like that sometimes but it's not) the previous winner in each category would have to hand over theirtiaraOscar to the next winner.In that case let's hope the world's favorite DP is ambidextrous since he is probably passing the statue to...himself.After years of worthy nominations without winning,the genius DP Emmanuel "Chivo"Lubezki,who won last year forGravity,could well win again for another virtuoso turn that's also an aesthetic triumph.But how common are back-to-back wins exactly in the cinematography categories?It used to happen on occasion when there were two cinematography categories (black & white,and color) and thus twice the number of winners but once the category was fused in 1967,it's only ever happened once: John Toll did it in the 1990s withLegends of the FallandBraveheart.

Still it's hard to imagine Lubezki losing on the 22nd.Budapestsurely won't sweep and it's the only other Best Picture nominee in the category.Mr TurnerandIdawould make very worthy winners but they seem unlikely for reasons of size,popularity,mood,country of origin.As for Roger Deakins.His nominations each year are becoming Streep-esque.It's not thatUnbrokenisn't handsome looking but it's hardly one of his tiptop achievements.Deakins still trails the late George J Folsey (Meet Me In St Louis) for most nominations without a win in this category (13/0) but he'll tie him the very next time he's up to bat.If Unbroken had been better loved he could have made a run for it.

The Nominees:

Birdman- Emmanuel Lubezki
Grand Budapest Hotel- Robert Yeoman
Ida- Ryszard Lenczewski & Lukasz Zal
Mr Turner- Dick Pope
Unbroken- Roger Deakins

Will Win:Birdman
Could Win:Grand Budapest Hotel
Should Win:BirdmanorMr Turner

My ballot for this category

Feb 08 2015

Podcast: Jupiter Etcetera

Remember us?It's been a month.How did that happen?Nathaniel,Nick,KateyandJoeare finally reunited.We had intended to talk Oscar nominations but we're so far past Nomination Morning that the conversation has a mind of its own and just goes where it may.Nathaniel keeps trying to bring upNightcrawlerand Ben Affleck,Amy Adams,Magic Mike and Djimon Hounsou's agent work there way into the conversation,too.

[42 Minutes]
00:01 We're back.DGA Awards &Birdman
10:54 Eddie Redmayne vs Michael Keaton vs Bradley Cooper
19:30 Original Song:Selma,The LEGO Movie
23:11Beyond the Lights& Gugu Mbatha-Raw
27:20Seventh Son&Jupiter Ascending

American Sniper Conversationfrom the podcast "Fighting in the War Room"

Please to enjoy and continue the rambling conversation in the comments.You can listen at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.

Jupiter Ascending & More

Feb 08 2015

DGA Chooses Birdman.But Who Wins BAFTA?

It's tough to call this a "surprise"exactly,given thatBirdmanrecently took hom both the PGA's top producing honor and SAG's Best Ensemble but now the celebrated intricate metashowbiztragicomedywhatsit has won the DGA.Alejandro GonzálezIñárritu was previously nominated for Babel.But this isn't actually his first DGA win.

More on Birdman's DGA and BAFTA Predictionsafter the jump

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Feb 01 2015

How Many Oscars Will ______ Win?亚博主页

This weekend was a biggie in terms of below the line awards.The Imitation Gamewon theUSC Scripter Prizewhich goes to movies adapted from literature (and the source material author also wins this prize). TheArt Directors guildchoseBirdmanfor Contemporary Film,andThe Grand Budapest Hotelfor Period (as well asGuardians of the Galaxyfor Fantasy).Meanwhilethe Editorsgave their "Eddies"toBoyhoodfor Dramas andThe Grand Budapest Hotelfor comedies (in addition to prizes forThe LEGO Moviein Animated andCitizen Fourfor Documentaries)

All of this has me wondering if itsThe Grand Budapest Hotelrather thanBoyhoodorBirdmanthat will take home the most Oscars on February 22nd if not Best Picture.亚博主页It's got a decent shot at four or five statues: Costumes,Production Design,Screenplay,Score,and Makeup & Hair.Of those Screenplay is the longest shot sinceBirdmanvsBoyhoodwill be tough to squeeze between to nab the Original Screenplay gold.

Perhaps it will be a spread the wealth kind of year with every Best Picture winning something.Like so...

How many oscars will The Grand Budapest Hotel win?亚博主页

  • Boyhood (4 or 5) Picture,Director,Supporting Actress,Editing (and maybe Screenplay?)
  • Grand Budapest (3 or 4) Costumes,Production Design,Makeup & Hair (and maybe Score?)
  • Birdman (2 or 3) Screenplay,Cinematography (and maybe Actor?)
  • American Sniper (2) Sound Editing and Sound Mixing
  • Theory of Everything (1 or 2) Actor (and maybe Score?)
  • The Imitation Game (1 or 2) Adapted Screenplay (and maybe Score?)
  • Whiplash (1 or 2) Supporting Actor (and maybe Adapted Screenplay?)
  • Selma (1) Song

(As you can see I'm stumped about who might win Best Score.I can see it going any which way.)

Not that there's ever a year whereeveryBest Picture nominee wins something now that we have so many Best Picture nominees.Someone or someones usually go home empty-handed - even if they have come into the big night with a ton of nominations.But there's a first time for everything and it could happen.

What'cha think?

Jan 25 2015

SAG Open Thread

I wish I had the energy and window of time to live-blog the SAG Awards but I'm not really catching the full thing,peeking at them inbetween Sundance stuff.I apologize for not planning properly to get you live blogged coverage in my absence but did you enjoy the show?

Feature Films
Lifetime AchievementThe Unsinkable Debbie Reynolds
Supporting ActressPatricia Arquette,Boyhood
Supporting ActorJ.K.Simmons,Whiplash
Lead ActressJulianne Moore,Still Alice
Lead ActorEddie Redmayne,Theory of Everything

Actress in a Movie or MiniseriesFrances McDormand,Olive Kitteridge
Actress in a Drama SeriesViola Davis,How To Get Away With Murder
Actor in a Drama SeriesKevin Spacey,House of Cards
Ensemble in a Drama SeriesDownton Abbey
Actor in a Comedy SeriesWilliam H Macy,Shameless
Actress in a Comedy SeriesUzo Aduba,Orange Is the New Black
Ensemble in a Comedy SeriesOrange is the New Black

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