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Al Pacino to return to Oscar 27 years later

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"Al should have at least four Oscars.亚博主页He  has given some of tne GREATEST performances in film history!"-Linda

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Aug 27 2014

Linkman & Emmywoman

First Things First: at Movie City News the "Gurus of Gold"have begun (yes,I'm a part of it again) andas David Polandpoints out there are seven films that made almost every list:Birdman,Gone Girl,Boyhood,andUnbrokentied at 1st place withFoxcatcher,Selma,andInterstellarjust behind them.Most pundits are feeling these as Best Picture threats.Look at the whole chart though to see how everything fared.The highest ranking films that were not on my list (we were asked to submit 15 films) areWildandInherent Vice.

Early rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival fromThe Telegraph,VarietyandTHRand a couple positive but not ecstatic reviews fromThe GuardianandThe Film Stageare up and surely bode well for the film.  I'm holding off on reading them as I want the movie fresh when I see it.But others may want to dive right in.

Anger Making
Yahootalks to Tyler Perry.TheMadeafranchise star/director claims he didn't know who David Fincher was when he signed on toGone Girland he wouldn't have done it if he knew how "mainstream"he was.What the F'in hell?Yes,Tyler Perry a bastion of "edgy"cinema.He's also been a voting member of the Director's branch of the Academy since 2009 which means he's been asked to judge and vote on Fincher's work twice.Way to be a conscientous voter!

Other Linkage
The Playlist10 overlooked greats from the 1970s.I gladly support the inclusion ofGirlfriends(1978) but I haven't seen the others
HitFixDeborah Ann Woll talks about moving on toDaredeviland the difficulty of leavingTrue Blood's Jessica behind
PajibaRidley Scott is 76 years-old but his plate is super full.How many more films is he planning to make exactly?
Cinematically Insanewill layoffs and monetization at Turner Broadcasting affect TCM?
My New Plaid PantsSuperman takes the ice bucket challenge
The DissolveMike D'Angelo looks back at "Best Actress"of 1989 -- we all know that shoulda been Michelle Pfeiffer but others are discussed,too.
VFNeil Marshall (The Descent) wants to direct a Black Widow movie.Also talksGame of Thrones

Emmy Hangover
The NibLiza Donnelly's caricatures from the evening
Pajiba's liveblog with Courtney Enlow icymi
We Recycle Movie's "lateblog"with Anne Marie and Margaret
Towleroadicymi it on Emmy night,Billy on the Street's Emmy dash was the most hilarious of few hilarious things that night
Showtrackerwonders ifGame of Thronescan rise in Emmy estimation withBreaking Badmoving out of the way
Salonwhat the Emmys revealed about the broadcast vs cable war on television

VultureMark Harris has a long read on "The Making of Foxcatcher"- so much Mark Harris to read.(I'm reading "Five Came Back"very slowly because I am learning so much about late 30s/early 40s Hollywood on every page.)
Funny Or DieMark Duplass and Ted Danson go to couples therapy over Prince's Purple Rain suit

Fun Interview
Assignment Xtalks to one of our favorite British thespians,Olivia Williams about her new series,films (very briefly),makes fun of her own accent work and this,my favorite part,on her stellar role in Joss Whedon'sDollhouse:

Joss legendarily starts to adapt your character as the series goes on to how you really are,and I started off as sort of a calculating bitch and ended up being rather motherly and a bit of an alcoholic,and I can't think where he got that from.


Jul 16 2014

Lukewarm Off Presses: Colin,Emma,Birdman and Thor

You might have thought you were done discussing these but I'm just getting around to posting about them,so don't shut your trap just yet.Here's five stories that we didn't get to in anything like a timely fashion but so what?Time is a flat circle.

I was going to wait to post about this until it was official and not just "in talks"but since the internet moves with the speed of everything casually mentioned as fact that everyone is aware of and will be old tomorrow,it should be noted that it looks like Colin Farrell will be the leading man ofTrue Detective Season 2(possibly Taylor Kitsch beside him).Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey will be tough shoes to fill but as I relayed on twitter,he's a smart idea because people will be surprised when he's greatbecause they haven't noticed that he often is.It's very Matthew McConaughey if you think about it.An actor who was always talented and then only through a unique set of career moves did people admit it and suddenly acted like he was a brand new actor.And then they overpraised but that's another topic.

Colin has been utterly amazing a couple of times (TigerlandandIn Bruges) but even in his less heralded successful or more divisive pieces where the performance arguably feels more strained (A Home at the End of the World,Alexander,Saving Mr Banks)he often feels like he's reaching for greatness.He doesn't phone it in...which is more than can be said for many actors who get paychecks that big.

The Fall Film Festivals are approaching which means before too long I will be having weekly nervous breakdowns trying to keep up with all the news and discuss all the Oscar buzz.I'm waiting on my TIFF credentials now but it's exciting to hear thatVenice will open withBirdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorancestarring Michael Keaton and Emma Stone.(I had never quite processed that it had a longer title than just "Birdman"though we've already discussed the brilliant trailer) Websites are already speculating on which films will show up at which festivals but I prefer not to try and guess.Half the excitement of festivals is all the "another present?for me!?ABUNDANCE!"elation that comes with discovering the goods.And since I can't afford to go to them all I don't want to worry about the films I'm missing at the other ones.

It's probably worth mentioning that Marvel has announced that we'll have a female Thor for awhile (in the comics.Don't worry for Chris Hemsworth's career just yet) and she'll be wielding Mjölnir.Superheroes are replaced more often than the layman thinks within comics (and actors are replaced in movies too -Bruce Banner holla!) but it almost always reverts back to the original guy.

Besides messing up all of our favoriteThor/Dr Horriblejokes...

...this news bugs me for two reasons.

  1. A female hero (Yay!) but she'll just be a glorified substitute (Boo!) for the real thing (a man,natch).What kind of message is that sending?
  2. This is in the comics where there have been several female superheroes given their own books over time.What we need is a female superhero at the movies.That would still be revolutionary which is a pretty pathetic thing to type in2014.Female characters have been carrying stories in virtually ever medium for as long as any of those mediums existed.And yet the studios are still assuming that female superheroes can't carry movies...don't they realize that two of our top ten grossers this year thus far are essentially female superhero movies (Divergent&Maleficent) but not by name and in entirely different genres.

soon every movie will be a bit expensive one episode season of a tv seriesStory 4 FRANCHISES WILL BE THE DEATH OF US ALL
There's some speculation happening in the superhero-crazed internet (when isn't there?) that Sony is rethinking that wholeAmazing Spider-Manreboot thing now that the movies are underperforming and just as they were announcing a whole set of spinoff movies around them.Release Emma* & Andrew into the wild again,I BEG YOU!

"Underperforming"is a sad word when these movies should have bombed spectacularly.Shouldn't you at least have to wait for another generation to arrive before you yell "do over!"?All the movie studios want to essentially make movies into multiple TV series that release one big expensive 2 hour long episode each season so there are22 superhero films on the wayin the next 4 years andUniversal is now going to try an interconnected Classic Monsters Universe.Um,none of those monsters except for the Invisible Man ever went away?Talk about long running franchises.I guess,in keeping with tradition,we should start complaining now that the Bride of Frankenstein is never going to get her own solo movie so it's another universe that will utterly fail the Bechdel Test.

Tell me something that will give me hope for the future in the comments!

* Story 5: EMMA & WOODY
Since Emma Stone was already name-checked twice in this post ...let's note that she is also filming her second Woody Allen movie in a row (Untitled 2015) beforeMagic in the Moonlighthas even landed so expect media stories about Emma as Woody's new muse in  3...2...1...

Do you think she'll pull a Scarlett and make a third?Her romantic interest isn't Colin Firth this time.

Jun 13 2014

Yes No Maybe So: Birdman

How did we end up here?In this dump.You were a movie star,remember?

Surely one of the year's most intriguing features in concept and casting alone,is Alejandro Gonzáles Iñárritu'sBirdman.The director collaborating with the great cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (fresh off his Oscar win forGravity) trains the movie camera on the best Batman (I'm with Seth Rogen's inNeighborson this one) as he plays a has-been movie star famous for playing a character named "Birdman".Now he's on stage years later trying to rejuvenate his career.

Concept and casting alone were enough for a "maybe so"tilting yes.And then came advance word from test screenings that the film really delivers across the board in performance so "yes".And then came the teaser which begins with a 41 second continuous shot like its asking me to marry it.So now I'm at 'Yaaaaas!I will.I will.I do!"

Making the traditionalYes No Maybe Soa more lopsided formality than is healthyafter the jump...

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Jan 04 2014

Amir's Most Anticipated, 2014

Amirhere,taking a break from the relentless torrent of lists,think pieces and twitter catfights about everything 2013 to look ahead at the new year.

Making a list of the year's most anticipated films is always a risky task and there's little payoff in raising one's expectations of any film.Predictably so,there isn't always overlap between what we anticipate and what we actually like when the final product materializes on the screen,but that's the beauty of the whole thing.There will undoubtedly be disappointments,but in their stead,there will also be pleasant surprises.Of the films that shapedmy lineup last year,only three ended up amongmy top 25 films of the year,but at this moment a year ago,I hadn't even heard of something likeMuseum HoursorThe Broken Circle Breakdown.

10Noah(Darren Aronofsky)
Because: the director.The director,I say!The trailer for this biblical epicwas mostly disappointing.The CGI looked unconvincing,the dialogue was gratingly cheesy and,as a non-religious man,I find the basic premise of this oft-told story laughable.But who am I kidding?I'm still going to be there on opening day.Darren Aronofsky has (almost) never disappointed and something tells me he'll find an interesting angle on the most famous of all tales.Plus,I have a fondness for Russell Crowe few can match.

Nine more possible great onesafter the jump...

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