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Oct 11 2014

YNMS: Tomorrowland,American Sniper,Black Sea

Tonight is the "Closing Night"of the New York Film Festival (Birdmanand I'm happy to report that it's wondrous) though there are screenings tomorrow making the title only honorary,really.We'll wrap up soon withInherent ViceandBirdmanthoughts and things we learned at the fest.All the screenings and the first wave of Oscar seeking interviews (coming at'cha soon) have left us seriously behind on the matter of movie trailers / teasers so here are three which you may well have seen already but let's discuss in abbreviatedYes No Maybe Sofashion.

Yes- This does what teasers,hell trailers themselves,should do: intrigues but doesn't give the game away.If only full trailers would follow suit.Come on studios: Help moviegoers rediscover a little something called curiousity.
No- It's not really fair since he's had a couple of low key years but I'm feeling Clooney fatigue for some reason.Was it the wedding?
Maybe So-According to the vague summaries the story,about a futuristic utopia created by technology,is actually led by Britt Robertson (seen here discovering it via a magic pin) with Clooney in co-lead position as a former whiz kid she enlists to help her get back to this magical place and something something.Like I said: Vague.That's the best kind of pre-release info.

Yes- Trailers that are essentially one scene clips with flourishes round the edges to convey a movie are big "yes"moments.This scene,a sniper trying to decide whether to kill a woman or child is properly lose-lose upsetting.
No- that tagline "the most lethal sniper in US history"paired with "12.25.14" is gross.Thanks for the coal in the stocking,Warner Bros!Merry Christmas to you,too.
Maybe So- It's a Clint Eastwood film.As you know his aesthetic is way too dreary for me to fully enjoy (even the recent musical was dreary!) but this kind of film can get away with dreary and probably should.Don't know about the banal easy juxtaposition of "American family life!"shoved aggressively into this Middle Eastern war zone via all those inserts but I like how mundane Bradley Cooper's voice sounds in this context.

Yes- Two obvious things.1) Submarines and ocean settings in general often make for fine thrillers given the claustrophia or 'all alone in the world' madness.And 2) Jude Law,for all of the unevenness of his career,is always watchable.Isn't it great that "he's a liability"is voiced over our glimpse of Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom,The Place Beyond the Pines)?He's anythingbuta liability in movies but of course he is just that in context since he's so good at playing shifty/dangerous characters.Scoot McNairy is also in it.
No- A cuisinart presentation of the whole movie,albeit without grotesque spoilers just general spoilers that the men turn against each other.But we kinda figured that with the pitch in the first minute.Still,where is the hook to care about this?Or is it assumed we will through that blaring music and fast-cutting.
Maybe So-  Kevin Macdonald.Is the jury still out on him (The Last King of Scotland,The Eagle,State of Play,How I Live Now) or does everyone just expect a range from *shrug* to 'quite watchable' but never great?

Aug 08 2013

Stop Trying to Make Link Happen

Next Moviecan you recite all ofMean Girlsin half an hour?This guy in a pink shirt can.
AV ClubNetflix knows you're lying about all those highbrow films you claim you watch!
Pop Mattersthis is a pretty great interview with Courtney Love about her short but fascinating career as an actress withThe People Vs Larry Flyntas its focus
The PlaylistWoody Allen needs the right idea for his eventual "shot in Sweden"film -- he's already done his Bergman riff (Interiors) so what could he do?
Dark Horizonson how they're filming Quicksilver (Evan Peters) super-speed for the new X-Men flick

PlaybillIt looks like Clint Eastwood's A Star is Born has been shoved aside for a different musical he's interested in since he's set to start filming his take onJersey Boyslater this month.Several cast members have been plucked from the stage show including Tony winning John Lloyd Young
Empirea new Legolas still fromThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug(I shudder every time I type that title.Such a horrible title)
EsquireWhat I've Learned: Woody Allen Edition

YouTubeyou've heard that 8 year old Nicki Minaj-addict Sophia Rose Grace got the Little Red Riding Hood role inInto the Woodsright?This furthers my wariness about the movie.That's actually kind of a tricky part which is usually cast older since uh...her whole plot is kind of a sexual metaphor
Coming Soonfilming began today onBlack Sea,the latest from Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) an treasure-hunt thriller starring Jude Law
In Contentionreminds thatThis is Martin Bonnercomes out this week.I thought it was already out but no matter.Go see it.It's good.
MovieWeba television series based onThe Exorcistmay be on the way.No word on what happened to the previous series based onThe Exorcist(fromMartha Marcy May Marlene's Sean Durkin) that was supposed to be heading our way.