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Sep 26 2017

The Martyr Mothers of Darren Aronofsky

by Jorge Molina

With his latest filmmother!,Darren Aronosfky immerses us in a hellish landscape of biblical allegories,nightmarish house parties,and scenery-chewing performances.It's his most polarizing film so far,and he takes the audience to emotional and visceral places he hasn't before (hello,newborn baby).

And yet,something remains hauntingly familiar about it.Aronofsky has mommy issues.Throughout his filmography,mothers are figures of unflinching and painful devotion.Women who lose themselves in the love they have to give,a trait which ultimately becomes their doom.They are designed to bestow upon...

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Sep 12 2017

Top Ten: Black Swan's Best Shots

by Ilich Mejía

TFE is highly anticipating Darren Aronofsky's upcomingmother!.The film welcomes a reunion between Aronofsky and American cinematographer Matthew Libatique,shortly after they last collaborated on 2014'sNoahand 2010'sBlack Swan.A lot of parrallels have already been drawn across the latter andmother!,including similarities between theircracked-doll postersand doesn't thisbloody rugremind anyone of a certain mirror-sharded dress?

To show how desparetely we can't wait to see what new images Aronofsky and Libatique will sear into our psyches whenmother!premieres,we're going to look back and pick our ten favorite shots fromBlack Swan.Libatique's gorgeous,dark cinematography earned him his first Academy Award nomination.Presumably,the Academy was as impressed as we were by his interpretation of the film's theme's of duality and control.

Let's dissect our favorite frames from the psychological drama after the jump...

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Aug 19 2016

Posterized: Natalie Portman

by Nathaniel R

Natalie Portman in a new photoshoot for Diorskin ForeverWhat odd careers child stars eventually look back on.Natalie Portman was an instant sensation when she appeared inThe Professionalas a junior assassin.When the film was released late in 1994,Natalie was just 13 years old.She became an instant favorite for directors filling their prestige ensembles and by the time she was 18 she was a leading lady and also the mother of Luke & Leia (though theStar Warsprequels contain her worst acting by far).By 23 she was a Golden Globe winner and by 29 an Oscar Best Actress champ.Afterwards she receded as so many actresses who win Oscars in their twenties do (what is there left to strive for?) presumably enjoying their riches and in some cases their new domesticity.亚博主页Pregnant during herBlack SwanOscar campaign,Portman & her ballet world husband Benjamin Millepied are now the parents of a five year old and she's not seen in public nearly as often as she once was.

(Fun Trivia: did you know that Portman,Millepied and their son Aleph all have birthdays in a single week every June?)

After the jumpposters from all of her theatrical releases,except the ones where she played herself or only appeared in cameo or in a section of an omnibus film,and a few notes on her filmography.

How many have you seen?

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Apr 15 2016

Pfeiffer + Aronofsky = !!!!!!!!!!!

Pfeiffer in Beat-Up Little SeagullJust so everyone knows,I am indeed still alive.After briefly passing out.I was on a flight when news broke that Michelle Pfeiffer had signed on to the cast of the new untitled Darren Aronofsky film due in 2017 with filming to start this June.

La Pfeiffer has been MIA from the movies in a significant way sinceWhite Oleander(2002) her last Oscar worthy performance (she has famously never won despite multiple breathtaking star turns)  and the last onscreen appearance without significant breaks thereafter.She flirted with a comeback in a brief flurry of activity around 2007-2008 (Stardust&Cheribeing the highlights) but it's been relatively quiet since then.But no more?...

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Apr 05 2016

(tfw you dont comment)

Oct 27 2014

The Honoraries: Maureen O'Hara in Black Swan (1942)

Drum roll please...

Welcome to our miniseries "The Honoraries".From now until November 8th when the Governor's Awards are held,we'll be celebrating the careers of the three Honorary Oscar recipients of 2014 (Maureen O'Hara,Hayao Miyazaki,Claude Carriere) and the Jean Hersholt winner (Harry Belafonte).Because I am behind  schedule and sniffly and sneezy we'll start with a reprise repurposing of a look back to the super entertaining swashbucklerBlack Swanstarring matinee idol extraordinaire Tyrone Power (who so deserves a biopic) and the woman we've campaigned to receive a Honorary for years and years now.The Academy finally listened and Maureen O'Hara,Queen of Technicolor,we'll finally get her golden due on November 8th.

Herewith a look back atBlack Swanwhich the Portman/Aronofsky drama was NOT a remake of. Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara don't see themselves in mirrors or have hallucinatory mental breakdowns scored to Tchaikovsky in this swashbuckler.But cinephiles with good taste in Old Hollywood beauties may feel likethey'rehallucinating when looking at Tyrone Power or Maureen O'Hara in Technicolor.[more...]

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