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Jan 14 2019

FYC: "A Simple Favor"for Best Costume Design

Please welcome new contributor Mark Brinkerhoff

A simple favor to ask members of the Academy (its costume branch,in particular): don't miss your opportunity to nominateA Simple Favor,simply one of the finest showcases of contemporary costuming in years.How so?Let's examine.

First off,it's only natural to zero in on Blake Lively's character's frankly stunning series of sharply-tailored suits with vertiginous stilettos.But while my own love of ladies in menswear knows no limits there is much more happening front and center (Anna Kendrick) and around the margins (Linda Cardellini,Jean Smart,Lively'sothercharacter) to pique the interest of sartorially-minded viewers...

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Oct 19 2018

Blueprints: "A Simple Favor"

This weekJorgedives into martinis and missing persons,to examine the mythos of a perfect woman in the fall's most delightful surprise.

First impressions are important,and writers usually either build upon or subvert the first thing we see about a character: the clothes that they're wearing,the setting that they appear in,the way they carry themselves,and the adjectives they use.All of these elements can tell us who a character is before they even say a word.

A Simple Favoris all about image and perception.The image we present to the world,and the part of ourselves that we keep hidden.The way we are versus the way we are perceived.In particular,the film is about Emily's image.Not only her physical looks (which are hugely important),but the aura and lore that she has created around her.Theideaof Emily...

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Oct 07 2018

Catch-Up: A Simple Favor,The Children Act, Colette

by Nathaniel R

So as not to get ANY further behind on reviewing and such -- you wouldn't believe my calendar right now -- here are quick takes on four  movies we barely said anything about,the first of which you should absolutely make time to see.

A Simple Favor(Paul Feig)
Synopsis: Mommy vlogger Stephanie's (Anna Kendrick) new best friend,chic enigmatic Emily (Blake Lively) goes missing then turns up dead...or does she?...in this twisty genre mashup.
Capsule: Half comic thriller.Half campy mystery.Half bad girl dress-up fantasy.The math doesn't add up,I'm aware,but it'sallenjoyable.The leading ladies are deliciously inspired,marrying all the disparate tones with as much ease,flair,and detail as the costumes,chic soundtrack,and aspirational production design.Makes a solid case for itself as the year's most delightful surprise...

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Sep 24 2018

Tweetweek: A Simple Flavor,Premature Oscar Predix and more...

So true.

We haven't done one of these in a while but wanted to share these bon-mots.Lots of A Simple Favor enthusiasms,and much more after the jump...

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Aug 08 2018

Prime in August: The Elephant Man,How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Time to playStreaming Roulette.Each month,to survey new streaming titles we freeze frame the films at random places with the scroll bar and whatever comes up first,that's what we share!

Eat me alive.Mommy,mommy

How to Talk to Girls at Parties(2017/18)
We should talk about this movie at some point real soon now that you can all see it.L-O-V-E this entire scene.My favorite in the movie though these screen pulls are random as promised.I want this nominated for Best Original Song though it never shall come to pass...

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Aug 07 2018

Together & Apart: 10 Years with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

By Spencer Coile

Growing up in the early 2000's,it was near impossible to avoid hearing someone talk aboutThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.It followed four best friends who,realizing the difficulty of being apart from each other for the summer,find themselves inexplicably linked by a pair of jeans that magically fit all of them.The first book by Ann Brashares was published in 2001 with four sequels shortly after,so it wasn't long before a film adaptation was in the works.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantswas released in 2005 and its sequel in 2008.With the casting of TV stars Alexis Bledel,America Ferrera,Blake Lively,and Amber Tamblyn,the films brought the same magic that the novels did before them.They were melodramatic and trite,but bursting with themes of loss,love,and friendship.I was swept up in the magic,and with the 10th anniversary ofThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2,felt it was imperative to get nostalgic and explore a series that helped define my adolescence...

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