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Mar 06 2019

Soundtracking: "Watchmen"

byChris Feil

Ten years on and Zack Snyder'sWatchmenis remembered as a overly loyal misfire.But originally our hopes were sky high for this adaptation,a long-awaited superhero take for adults sourced from one of the most lauded tomes in graphic novel history.Maybe when it arrives this year,Damon Lindelof's incoming HBO "continuation"series can satisfy our passion for Alan Moore's original creation - however unlikely it is that is satisfies Moore himself.

Perhaps the single thing that set the film up for failure was the very one that made us think Snyder had pulled off the impossible: it's stunning teaser trailer set to The Smashing Pumpkins' "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning".It was one of the best teasers of an era when that still mattered,and we fans went crazy.But ultimately the song choice was writing checks musically that the film itself couldn't cash...

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Jan 03 2019

After the Coven Comes the Blood

byJason Adams

While we're all sitting on our hands waiting for Timothee Chalamet to hit his mid-20s so they can get around to shooting theCall Me By Your Namesequel already (did you seemy video of author Andre Acimantalking about it?) it looks like film director Luca Guadagnino is finding something else to do,with his hands that is -- Luca has finally (informally) announced what his next movie will be,now that his remake ofSuspiria's out thereknocking our brains and eyeballsfor loops.

It's calledBlood on the Tracksand yes it's called that after the 1975 Bob Dylan record,which will serve as the "inspiration"for the film...

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Oct 13 2016

Linkin' on Heaven's Door

Los Angeles TimesLily Tomlin's classic one woman showThe Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universeis being relaunched in LA as a 12 person play (!)
/FilmRogue Onereleases its final trailer.I'm personally not watching(I like to save something for the movie theater) but it's here if you want it
VarietyJK Rowling will never leave us alone.Five films are planned in theFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themfranchise.
Tracking Boardhere's interesting news.Mark Rylance will team withEmbrace of the Serpentdirector Ciro Guerra for a movie based on a 1980 Nobel prize winning book calledWaiting for the Barbarians
DeadlineNetflix in the lead to getThe Helicopter Heiststarring Jake Gyllenhaal

The New Yorkeron Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize in literature
Interviewtalks to rising star Ben Schetzer (Pride,Goat,Warcraft)
The New RepublicMiriam Bale on both of the new films about Christine Chubbuck,Christine(starring Rebecca Hall) and the experimental documentaryKate Plays Christine.
EWIt's come to this.We know have "power lists"in magazines not of actors or producers but of superheroes.Wonder Woman is currently #1
In Contentionsupporting/lead options open w/ Viola inFences& The Bening in20th Century
Awards DailyAnnette Bening will be honored at AFI
TowleroadKristen Stewart talking up her current relationship with Alicia Cargile
Boy CultureMiley Cyrus on her pansexuality
PlaybillThere will be a live audience forHairspray Liveon NBC- website coming soon with how to apply!

Just 4 Fun
Jezebel"I wore a tail for 1 week and learned nothing"
AV ClubDocumentary Nowhas done a full Talking Heads parody album!

Has the Whole World Gone Insane?
Film Commentare film critics losing sight of film in the rush for content / social media?
IndieWireinterviews the man behind the satire twitter account "Arthouse Donald Trump"which was hilarious and prismatically accurate of loudmouth cinephiles and Trump
Daily BeastBilly Bush is now attempting to drag NBC down with him into the mud after his "Pussygate"suspension - classy!
Gothamista Talking Trump Zoltar machine appears in Brooklyn spewing prophesies
THRthe whole Devin Faraci (Birth.Movies.Death editor) story that blew up this week when a former colleague accused him of touching her without her consent
Awards Daily...airs a different perspective,mourning the loss of Faraci's voice against misogyny in the fanboy community,particularly during Gaming Gate.

Exit Video
Harry Belafonte's company produces this PSA on police brutality.Actors Michael B Jordan and Danny Glover and other luminaries star

Against The WallfromAgainst The WallonVimeo.

Apr 15 2011

Unsung Heroes: Jim James and Calexico in 'I'm Not There'

Michael C.fromSerious Filmhere,eager to dive back into a film I've been meaning to revisit for ages: Todd Haynes' whirlwind Dylan collageI'm Not There(2007).All thisMildred Piercetalkhas given me Haynes on the brain.

I was the ideal audience member for Todd Haynes'I'm Not There.I am a devoted Bob Dylan lover,a big admirer of Hayne's work,and am literate in pop culture to the point that when Haynes paid simultaneous homage to Fellini'sand Pennebaker'sDon't Look BackI had no trouble keeping up.And while I found lots to admire in this hugely ambitious project – and I was grateful Haynes didn't attempt a traditional linear biopic – the film mostly left me cold.I was too conscious of the intellectual constructs at every turn.Dylan's music can be pretty cerebral at times too,but I love it because he combines that obliqueness with the ability to absolutely destroy me emotionally on a consistent basis.

And yet –and yet - right at the heart of the Richard Gere section of the film,the section I found most problematic,there is this amazing scene that I haven't been able to shake since I first viewed it four years ago.

IfI'm Not Thereis a whole movie constructed of tangents then the scenes involving Gere playing a character named Billy the Kid riding a horse around a bizarre Old West town called Riddle may be a tangent too far.I get that it's supposed to represent Dylan's self-imposed exile in Woodstock in the late sixties,and that the sequence is wild grab bag of Dylan references,but these scenes still stop the movie cold with their randomness.

Or at least that's the case until all the townsfolk wander to the center of Riddle to hear Jim James of My Morning Jacket sing a hypnotic cover of Dylan's"Going to Acapulco"backed by the band Calexico.

Covering Dylan is almost a genre of music onto itself and this incredibly soulful take of a relatively obscure track deserves a place along side the all time greats. For a little over three minutes I don't care about Haynes's thesis statement.Nor do I care about making sense of the riot of costuming and set decoration I'm witnessing (love the random giraffe).For those three minutes I don't care about anything but the fact that James,Calexico,and Haynes have managed to tap into that thing I love about Dylan.All those levels of meaning can take a back seat to the visceral experience of the music.

We all have are our favorites movies,the ones we know scene for scene,line for line.But equally valuable are the individual moments,those stand alone gems from those films that otherwise didn't reach us.The "Going to Acapulco"scene fromI'm Not Thereis such a moment for me.I doubt I'll ever unravel the mystery of why it made such an impression on me,not that I have any interest in doing so.

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