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"I watchedWhere'd Ya Go Bernadette,it was entertaining enough but what did it all add up to in the end,not sure.I also watchedAngel Has Fallen,which was silly,made no sense in parts but who cares,it was a fun movie."-Rami

"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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Nov 14 2018

Homecoming: Season 1

By Spencer Coile

With the recent wave of bona fide movie stars making their way to television,it should come as no surprise that someone as prolific as Julia Roberts would do the same.Her extensive career has proven time and again that she can master multiple genres,complex characters,and still be the best part of any ensemble (looking at you,August: Osage County).

That is what makes her performance inHomecoming,the latest Amazon Prime series fromMr.Robotcreator Sam Esmail,all the more exciting.Based on the popular podcast that came before it,Roberts takes on the role of Heidi Bergman,previously played by Catherine Keener.Working for the Homecoming Transitional Support Center,Heidi's job is to assimilate soldiers back into civilian life.However,unease and intrigue begins to set in,as Heidi soon realizes that her role is more sinister than she had initially thought...

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Aug 18 2016

John Turturro Set To F--- With The Jesus

In the 7-10 split of having your cake and eating it too,John Turturro is trying for a spare.Which is to say,after nearly two decades of zealous celebration over his scene-stealing (and very small) performance inThe Big Lebowskias the crotch-swaddling bowling-ball licker Jesus Quintana,he's doubling down on that legacy and directing a feature film that stars Jesus at the wheel.After a few years of Turturro'stitters,he's finally making his ownspinoff movie,Going Places, and he's already in production.

Currently starring in HBO'sThe Night Of,a very different kind of crime story,Turturro reprises his role as Jesus Quintana alongside a cast including Bobby Cannavale,Susan Sarandon,and Audrey Tautou.Notably absent from this project are the original creators of the role themselves,the Coen Brothers,but perhaps they'll attach their names as producers as they have for their last grand-brainchild,FX'sFargo.

If you could give any iconic supporting character their own standalone movie,who would you choose?

Jun 16 2016

Keep your Swiddlestons and Hiddleswifts...

Despite whichever exotic beach you may find yourself on,it's simply impossible for anything remotelyI Saw The Light-adjacentto win the crown for hottest celeb couple snapshot this week.Compare yourself to Rose Byrne – studio comedy'sreigning queen of deadpan and broad gesture alike– and her hammy man Bobby Cannavale,exuding effortless shimmer at Sunday's Tony Awards,and you can't help but look like someone's demented aunts on vacation – no matter who you are.Behold.

Aug 07 2015

Too Tired To Link

Gothamistthe first look teaser at Martin Scorsese's new HBO seriesVinylstarring Bobby Cannavale (just how many tv shows are going to be about the music business postEmpire?it seems like there's at least 3 new ones on the way from reports.This,Baz's,and Lee Daniel's second).Speaking of...
Coming SoonEmpireSeason 2 has a teaser
i09Agent Carter's villain in seaon 2 will be Madame Masque -- and get this...they're modelling her on movie siren Hedy Lamar!

PlaybillShoshana Bean singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings"- she's starring in the pre Broadway stage musical adaptation ofBeaches
Yahoo"Kirsten Dunst is tired,you guys"
THR What if Werner Herzog directed Ant-Man?HAHA
FSR44 Fantastic Foursomes because theFantastic Fouraren't
Signs and Sirenshas a mean girl astrological note to Jennifer Aniston
VarietyJosh Trank blames studio forFantastic Four's abysmal reviews
E!Awww,matching foot injuries for Kelly Ripa and Marc Consuelos
Coming SoonBlack Massjust got a bunch of character posters
Playbilltalks to Mamie Gummer about working with her mother and her recent stage appearances
THRWhat if Werner Herzog directedAnt-Man?!HAHAHA

He can lift things 100 times his body weight but what does this achieve but to increase his burden,his capacity for suffering?"

Edward Norton Once Turned Green When You Made Him Angry...
He is also angry about Oscar turning green.I know I know.I did not say anything aboutEdward Norton's rant against the monetization of awards seasonat IndieWire and surely you expected me too.So here we go.

While there is definitely too much politicking / campaigning and Oscar might do well to cut off a few of its competitors at the knees with tighter rules about campaigning,do we really want to lose a great deal of the Oscar coverage in the world?Again,as a reminder,it's the only time of the year when the media pays attention to films made for adults.I believe that the media frenzy would die down if there were less money to be made.And then were would movie culture be?Superheroes,dumb comedies,franchises and summer blockbusters already hog movie culture for the rest of the year.It's nice to have four months where people think about dramas and dramedies and ambitious auteur vehicles and traditional star vehicles and such.(Some of us -- the craziest ones -- would still obsess without money to be made as we have always...but most outlets would reduce coverage on these films if there were less money in it).

That said,I do understand why actors get frustrated;It's a huge chunk of their year when they would surely rather be acting or vacationing on their private island or whatnot.But there are easy solutions to that one like not showing up ateveryevent but picking and choosing key ones.Everyone seems too afraid to miss anything which is silly because there are only a few essentials.Everything else is like cumulative effect and going to 7 things instead of 10 won't kill people's interest in you or your film or your chances at winning gold.That's my belief at least.

Yes No Maybe So
Here's the red band trailer toDeadpool.I don't have the strength for aYNMSbut perhaps you do for the comments section?I think I've been burned by Ryan Reynolds too many times and anything originally born from that awfulX-Men Origins Wolverinerisks being inexcusable from conception but bless him/them/someone for that joke atGreen Lantern's expense

Mar 22 2015

Link Slippers.They're Surprisingly Comfortable

DefamerJessica Lange throwing shade Lady Gaga's way in anAmerican Horror Storypress event
White Noisewonders why Hollywood can't get hackers (and computers in general) right?
SalonExcellent interview with Daniel Franseze (Mean Girls) about his breakoutLookingcharacter,a complete rarity for TV,and HIV prevention
Playbillhas an updates on the musical version ofMean Girlsthat Tina Fey is working on
CHUDBobby Cannavale says that there's a lot of comic improv in the Ant-Man film this summer
Pajibalooks at "Jonathan"(aka Danny Strong) and how the Buffy super villain surprisingly became such a success story after the series.

Comics AllianceCaptain America: Civil Warwants to start shooting in a couple of while while the various Avengers actors are still deep in promotion duties forAge of Ultron.(Marvel has definitely moved into "rush everything!"mode.It wouldn't seem to impossible if all the Avengers weren't in it but they seem to be.)
PressPlayhas a video essay on what it means to be an auteur
PlaybillLiza Minnelli has reentered rehab after a recent back surgery
Black Mariahas some recommendations on Warner Archive.I keep wondering if I should join this but I already spend so much $$$ on movies.Have any of you tried them out?
The Dissolveis horrified by forthcomingRobin Hoodadaptations from Hollywood.Yes,there arefiveof them in development and they all sound quite dumb!
Pajibaomg you guys,did you see the Miley Cyrus wax figure?Yikes.
The Film Doctorlooks back atNightcrawler's "atrocity montage"
Women and Hollywoodcheck on these horrifyingly sexist casting ads.Like this one...ugh:

There's something unnerving about her.Maybe she's read too many books?

Oscars are so far away but Oscar talk never is亚博主页
Gold StandardGlenn Whipp on why the Academy shouldn't go back to 5 Best Picture nominees.Did I share this already?I might have shared this already.
Awards DailyOne of our most high profile documentarians,Alex Gibney,has a possible contender this year inGoing Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Beliefwhich hits HBO at the end of the month.(Seems like wishful thinking,Oscar-wise,to me since Hollywood has a lot of Scientologists that will undoubtedly be offended by it.

Cinderella is still spinning
i09in our Cinderella retrospective we forgot about this oddity.Fairie Tale Theater's version with Matthew Broderick as Prince Charming!
Guardianattacks the newCinderellafor not being more likeFrozenand selling feisty girlpower and for its "pinkification"...whatever that word means in this context.Sigh.This article and line of thought make me angry.Listen,I'm all for feisty girlpower but you know what's even better for men and women alike?diversity in representation.It's not good for boys to only have heroes that are physically intimidating and it's not good for girls to only have heroes that are anachronistic 'you go girl!' athletic types.There's more than one way to be an admirable film character that kids can look up to.I think this adaptation does wonders keeping the princess-to-be true to the material while also transforming her into a better role model.A protagonist that emphasizes fine-tuning your inner moral compass and positively affecting change through compassion and forgiveness is a protagonist that's still mighty heroic and worth emulating if you ask me.Not every "hero"needs to be able to kick ass.

Aug 27 2012

From the Wilds of Woody-land

JA fromMNPPhere.I was looking up pictures of Peter Sarsgaard on Tumblr - don't tell me you haven't yet seen that shot ofhim jogging in shorts shortsmaking the rounds - when I stumbled uponsome pics from the setof Woody Allen'snew moviecurrently filming in San Francisco that seemd worth sharing.

What continues being delightful even when Woody's moviesdon't- yes I'm looking at youTo Rome With Love- is seeing him mix up all the famous actors he gets to play with in surprising ways - why sure,I'd love to see Judy Davis play Allison Pill's mother!How astute of you,good sir.(TRWLneededmorecast interaction - imagine if Greta Gerwig and Penny Cruz had fallen under Roberto Benigni's haphazard charms while managing their own plots!)

Seeing Sally Hawkins and Bobby Cannavale and Cate Blanchett and Louis CK all standing around gives me hope this next one will toss some of Woody's specific sort of thespian frission our way.Woody gets whoever the heck he wants in his movies - make use!(And hire Diane Keaton next time,dammit!)