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Aug 21 2015

i'm just a link machine...a bloggin' writin' fiend ♫

MNPPpicks five favorite shots from his favorite movieRosemary's Baby
Village Voicewonderful insightful review of Lily Tomlin asGrandma
Comics Alliancedid you know we almost got aJurassic Parkanimated series before Spielberg changed his mind?
Coming SoonChristian Bale to star in a biopic about Enzo Ferrari directed by Michael Mann
THRmight we have another documentary theme nominated in the Original Song category?Lady Gaga & Diane Warren's "Till It Happens To You"from the campus rape documentaryThe Hunting Groundis a buzzy one

Coming Soonspeaking of Lady Gaga,here's our first look at her inAmerican Horror Story: Hotel
OutCheyenne Jackson talks about her,too.She's all up in my internet today!
Pajibaon the expanding cast for that Netflix Brad Pitt movieWar Machine
PlaybillCarrie The Musicalbeing revived again...in Los Angeles this time in October.It never truly dies
The Film StageJames Gray has begun production onLost City of Zstarring Charlie Hunman,Robert Pattinson,Sienna Miller,and Tom Holland.(They don't mention it in the article but this is the first time he's made a movie WITHOUT Joaquin Phoenix since his 1994 debutLittle Odessa.)
The Film Stagealso shares Bong Joon-Ho's 10 favorite films: Recent entries likeZodiacappear alongside stone cold classics likePsychoand South Korean classics likeThe Housemaid(1960) which you might remember was recently remade.
VarietyHugh Jackman may make anOdysseymovie.
Final Girltop 20 horror movies of the 21st century.I read stuff about horror by smart horror fans way way more often than I am willing to watch horror.Why is that?Don't know!But it's true.
Varietywonders whyThe Americansstill can't catch a break with Emmy voters
Varietyis the Emmy race for Drama down toGame of ThronesversusMad Men?
i09ewww Buffalo Bill's creepy house fromSilence of the Lambsis for sale (basement not included which makes the news far less creepy)

Off Cinema For Fun
Bad Lip Readingtakes on the First Republican Debate -heh
Zimbio"it turns out posing Nicki Minaj's wax figure on all fours was a bad idea"- ya think!?

Showtune to go...
Congratulations to Tony winner Victoria Clarkon her recent wedding!Beautiful wedding photos and if you've ever seen her perform you won't soon forget.Her acting and her gorgeous voice are ideally fused together and she gives splendid rich and nuanced musical performances.Lately she's been relegated to featured roles as mothers and grandmothers but she is one fine leading lady.Here she is doing Sondheim's classic "Losing My Mind"from the recent revival ofFollies(Bernadette Peters played the role in NYC but Victoria took over for Los Angeles)

Photographed by Julia Wade

Jan 28 2014

We Can't Wait #7: Snowpiercer

[In the We Can't Wait series we're looking at our top 14 most exciting film prospects for 2014.Previously:Nymphomaniac,Boyhood,Big Eyes,The Last 5 Years,Gone Girl,Can a Song Save Your LifeandVeronica Marsplus movies thatjust missed the cut.Here'sAnne Marieon a 2013 offering that was delayed.-Editor]

Joon-ho Bong's much-discussed scifi masterpiece (?).A train powered by a perpetual-motion machine cuts through a snowy post-apocalyptic earth.Onboard,a caste system has developed.All is thrown into chaos when the lowest classes revolt and fight their way,car by car,to the front.

Joon-ho Bong brings together a versatile cast including Tilda Swinton,Chris Evans,Ed Harris,Jamie Bell,Allison Pill John Hurt,and Octavia Spencer.

Why We Can't Wait
Joon-ho Bong (The Host,Mother) has been rightfully called one of the greatest directors in Korean cinema,an area filled to brimming with great directors.Even if you don't know Joon-ho Bong's work well,the idea of a post-apocalyptic train heist movie starring Tilda Swinton should be reason enough to get any self-respecting sci-fi fan excited.Still not convinced?The film has done over $50 million internationally and has been officially selected as the best Korean film of 2013.Snowpiercerhas been hailed as a newMetropolis,using its extraordinary world to tell an intelligent story of class struggle and humanity.

But We Do Have To Wait
Unfortunately for Americans,Harvey Weinstein thinks we're too unintelligent for this movie.Since Weinstein picked up the film's US distribution rights last year,he has been garnering lots of bad publicity for hisdecision to cut 20 minutesout of the US release.His reasoning?He doesn't think it would play well in middle America.Instead of 20 minutes of exposition,he's added voice-overs to cover the lost information.(Anybody else gettingBlade Runnerdeja vu?) Joon-ho Bong has publically stated he's against it,but Weinstein has yet to relent.No official US release date has been announced,but folks may want to skip it anyway and wait for the uncut film to be released on Bluray and digital download,whenever that may be.

Oct 07 2013

Free Bong!

JA fromMNPPhere.I assume you guys been following the burgeoning brouhaha surrounding the new movieSnowpiercerfrom South Korean director Bong Joon-ho?The film is Bong's first English-language feature (you should definitely seek out some of his previous work likeMotherorMemories of Murder,if you are unfamiliar) and stars Chris Evans,Jamie Bell and Tilda Swinton amongst others,and is set in a post-apocalyptic future on board a train barreling through the wintry wilderness.The film's gotten some seriously positive reviews at some film festivals (and if any of you have actually seen the movie out there,please do share) over the past few months...

...which apparently means little to The Weinstein Company,who snapped up the distribution rights to the movie for half of the globe only to immediately decide that twenty minutes or so needed to be lopped off of it.There's been some back and forth about it in the press,and Bong's tried to remain diplomatic about it.Until now,that is -Variety's reporting that he's furious,and telling audiences now that the cut that most of the world will end up seeing will not be his cut.

I'll point out that it's impossible for me to hide my tone here - I've spent years watching Harvey Weinstein snap up horror movies with magnificent festival buzz only to hide them away and botch their release,so I've had some time to build up these resentments.They are deep and I can't be counted upon for a level head here.I'm just glad we live in a connected world of technological wonder where I'll be able to see Bong's film the way it was intended as soon as it's released in South Korea,and therefore bypass putting a penny into the Weinstein's pockets.That said,I recognize I haven't seen the film - maybe Harvey knows best?What do you guys think about this?

Jan 17 2013

The First Still from Snowpiercer

Amirhere.When I was compiling my list of 2013'smost anticipated filmsa couple of weeks ago,one of the titles that slipped under my radar wasSnowpiercer.With the first official still from the film released yesterday the internet is awash with news about this sci-fi and I might have to adjust my list a little bit!

Snowpiercer,adapted from a French graphic novel titledLe Transperceneige,marks the English language debut of South Korean director Bong Joon-ho.He's dabbled in different genres but is best known for his two most recent efforts: the monster flickThe Host,which became a smash hit in its home country;and the internationally acclaimedMother,for which Kim Hye-Ja won a bunch of best actress titles including from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

first poster and plot concept after the jump

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