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Dec 18 2018

100 Most Popular Foreign Films of 2018 + the Oscar Hopefuls!

Our year in review party begins TODAY.A different list each day!Here's Nathaniel R...

Time for an annual look back at subtitled fare in cinemas.As with 2017andthe year beforeIndia,China,Mexico,and South Korea dominate with a smattering of Oscar contenders and random other countries faring much less well in the American marketplace.Much of the imbalance is due to dedicated distributors who saw a underserved market and focus specifically on it.Here in Manhattan,it's interesting to watch how this plays out.Generally speaking some big multiplexes reserve one or two screens for super specific distributors (Bollywood and mainstream Asian features for example are often at the Empire in Times Square which has 25 screens).Meanwhile the traditional "arthouse theaters"continue to rely on the decades-long practice of programming festival hits,docs,and arthouse style cinema which leans heavily European with a few buzzy Asian titles thrown in;in other words they're Oscar-aligned in their tastes.

For the purposes of the following list we skipped documentaries and animated films to keep the list more focused (and avoid arguments about dubbed versions or whatnot).The numbers are pulled fromBox Office Mojo.

Domestic Box Office Grosses Only - Figures as of March 2nd,2019

The $1 Million Plus Club
(The Success Stories)

01Padmaavat$11.8 (India) Jan 25th
This lux nearly 3 hour medieval epic is about an ambitious Sultan who becomes obsessed with a beautiful Queen.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

02Sanju$7.9 (India) June 29th
Biopic of a famous controversial actor.Available tostream on Netflix.

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Nov 10 2018

EFA Nominations: Poland's "Cold War" Leads

by Nathaniel R

Joanna Kulig in "Cold War"

It was a big morning for Oscar hopefuls in the foreign language film category as a handful of them have been nominated for multiple European Film Awards.Pawel Pawlikowski,whose nun dramaIdawon the Oscar a handful of years back,is leading the EFA field with his new music-filled dramaCold War,about a musician and singer in a long tragic love affair across Europe.It's nominated in 5 categories.The nearest rivals with 4 nominations each are Italy'sDogman,Sweden'sBorder,and Italy'sHappy as Lazzaro(the only one not submitted for the Oscars).亚博主页Two other Oscar submissions also had cause to celebrate: Denmark's police thrillerThe Guiltyand Belgium's trans ballerina dramaGirlwere also nominated for a few awards.

The complete list of nominations and a few more comments are after the jump...

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Oct 30 2018

Podcast: The Hate U Give,Burning,Border, Suspiria

Nathaniel RandMurtada Elfadltalk four new films now in theatrical release in select cities

Index (67 minutes)
00:01The Hate U Giveis heavy handed but moving.Amandla Stenberg and Russell Hornsby are very good in it
27:19 Spoiler warning about our discussions ofBurningandBorder(though in truth we don't get that spoilery.We still speak vaguely but if you wanna go in completely cold,skip!)
28:12Burningstarring Steven Yeun and directed by genius Lee Chang-dong
39:30 Discussion of Oscar's foreign film hopefuls and how they routinely ignores Asian movies
47:00 Sweden's bizarre submissionBorderand its multiple genres
53:15 Luca Guadagnino's remake of Dario Argento'sSuspiria
64:00 Running times and wrap-up.

References / Further Reading
Nathaniel's review ofBurning&Border
Dan's Review ofThe Hate U Give
Chris's review ofWildlife
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Best Foreign Language Film Predictions

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

The Hate U Give and more...

Oct 17 2018

Podcast: First Man,Colette,and A Star is Born

Nathaniel RandMurtada Elfadltalk three new films in theaters.

Index (54 minutes)
00:01 Intro & Festival fatigue
02:00First ManNathaniel is pro and Murtada mixed
14:30 We both loveA Star is Born(but aren't rooting 4 Gaga to win)
35:00 Backlashes at the Oscars and what happens..亚博主页or doesn't
38:00 Best Picture randomness andRoma
42:35 Keira Knightley asColette
48:20 Please look out forBorderandShoplifterswhich are opening soon

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You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Colette,First Man,A Star is Born

Oct 05 2018

Coming Very Soon: Oscar Submissions "Burning"and "Border"

NYFF/TIFF screenings from Nathaniel R

"My what lovely posters!"he said,as he struggled to decide how to review two pictures that are best seen cold,knowing as little as possible."But people don't buy tickets / get excited about movies without knowing something,"he reasoned with himself about reviewing both South Korea and Sweden's Oscar submissions which are opening in US theaters very soon.

"Okay,okay,"the purist in him,responded."I'll say a little something about each but only if I can limit my discussion to the posters!People absolutely shouldn't watch the trailers.""Deal"his practical self muttered rolling his eyes,having been through this existential crisis of movie blogging numerous times."Proceed..."

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