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"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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May 01 2019

John Singleton (1968-2019)

by guest contributorAlfred Soto

Few young filmmakers get their scripts approved and direct a film in which most things go right,and John Singleton did withBoyz n the Hood.The 1991 depiction of life in blighted South Central L.A.starring a mesmerizing Ice Cube became the kind of phenomenon that absorbs cultural currents and creates new ones;for a few years pop music and MTV took their cues fromBoyz n the Hood.It made $60 million and,in one of the Motion Picture Academy's occasional gob-smackingbeau gestes,earned Singleton a Best Director nomination,the youngest in history and,more crucially,the first nomination for a black director.

Please consider the times...

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Jul 12 2016

Boyz n the Hood Turns 25

Lynn Leerevisits the John Singleton classic on its 25th anniversary.

Four young boys walk along a railroad track,idly chatting but in search of something specific.They find what they're looking for: a dead body.A group of older boys arrives and harasses them.The most pugnacious of the younger group fights back in a way that foreshadows his destiny as an adult.

Stand by Me?No,Boyz n the Hood,which opened in theaters 25 years ago today.And the parallels are no mere coincidence.Writer and drector John Singleton was intentionally referencing the earlier Rob Reiner film – perhaps as much for the differences as the similarities between the two narratives of boyhood and the cultural spaces they occupy...

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Sep 23 2015

In Appreciation of Regina King

Kieranhere to take a moment to praise the talents of the great underappreciated,enduring and (as of Sunday evening) Emmy-winning actress,Regina King.It was truly a wonderful moment when Taraji P.Henson,still reeling from that moment of Terrence Howard creepery,excitedly announced Regina King as the winner.The Emmys can often feel like a yearly recitation of the same list of names,but wins like Regina King's are what make awards shows that honor acting great.Like Melissa Leo or Octavia Spencer,it's always heartening to see hard working,talented and enduring character actresses finally get recognition.

My earliest memory of King was inBoyz N the Hood(227is a little before my time) where she brought a welcome side-eye skepticism and levity to that male-centric outing,great as it was.I haven't seen the film in a couple of years,but her lines easily remain the most memorable and quotable.I feel similarly about her performance inRay,a film that suffers from its trite biopic structure but comes to life most when King's Margie is on screen.She's consistently great,shoring up projects and roles that often don't deserve her,frankly.

King has worked steadily for the past three decades but prior to her nod forAmerican Crime,she had never been nominated for an Emmy.Or a Golden Globe.Or a solo Screen Actors Guild Award (she was nominated with the cast ofRayin 2004).Or an Oscar.Given the breadth and longevity of King's career,this is a little shocking.She's clearly under-appreciated,even by me.I failed to cite her as one of myten favorite Emmy nominees,though she was great onAmerican Crimeand wholly deserving of the win.

Hopefully seeing Regina King win an Emmy will prompt directors and producers,many of whom I'm sure she's already worked with (seriously...check out her IMDb.The woman never stops working) to unlock their imaginations about what she's capable of.She's shown her versatility in a wide range of genres and in roles of all sizes.The time has long passed for King to have her moment in a great leading role worthy of her talents.

What's your favorite Regina King performance?What director would you like to see her paired with?Discuss in the comments.

Jul 30 2013

Goodbye Peacock.And Other Links

Los Angeles TimesAMPAS elects their first African American president in Cheryl Boone Isaacs
on how newcomer Annie McNamara landed a supporting role in the otherwise starry cast ofBlue Jasmine
FilmonicJohn Williams will score the newStar Warstrilogy
Maps to the Starson the Cronenberg exhibit at TIFF this year
Fashionistathinks Claire Danes has lost a leg in this photoshoot
IndieWireon the 25th anniversary of Midnight Madness at TIFF this year

Empireanother big get for rising star David Oyelowo who was so good inMiddle of Nowhereand also eye-catching inThe Paperboy- he joins the increasingly crowdedInsterstellarfor Christopher Nolan
The Backloton HBO's new gay series starring Jonathan Groff.Is it "special"?
In ContentionA Most Wanted Mancould put Philip Seymour Hoffman back in the Oscar race
/Filmoh dear god.they can't leave well enough alone.Dextermight get a spin-off series after 8 looooong seasons
SalonBeforeFruitvale Stationthere wasBoyz n the Hood
Cinema Blendnew teaser poster forGravity

Finally,you have undoubtedly heard that the fine comic actressEileen Brennanpassed away earier today at 80 years of age.I have to admit a weird unfamiliarity with the most acclaimed turn in her filmography (unlike me I know!) as I never saw her Oscar-nominated work inPrivate Benjamin.I remember people beingreallyinto it when I was a kid but it was rated R and I somehow never caught up with it when I was old enough.I'll personally remember her most fondly as Peacock inCluewith her frazzled manner,soup sipping,and ungainly hat.Others will cherish her work inThe StingorThe Last Picture Showor any number of TV appearances including time onLaugh-Inwith her futureBenjaminco-star Goldie Hawn.What will you remember her for?RIP Mrs Peacock.