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Aug 04 2018

Mission Accomplished: Ranking the Mission Impossible Series

By Spencer Coile

Anytime the latest entry in an action movie franchise is released,it is celebrated as 'the best' in the series.No film series has better exemplified this than theMission Impossiblefranchise.What makes this series particularly special is that it set the standard for filmed reboots of classic television shows.It may not have been the first,but it certainly is the most consistent.Perhaps most importantly,it knows when to take a break.

The release ofMission: Impossible – Falloutis a clever reminder in the age of comic book adaptations arriving every month that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) will always be there to save the day.But how exactly has the series evolved over time?And isFalloutactually the best in the series thus far?

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May 26 2015

Review: Tomorrowland

Michael C here.Last week I was here to announce that one of my anticipated 2015 titles exceeded my expectations.This week I need to come to grips how another of my most anticipated could miss the mark so badly.

Like the theme park from which it takes its inspiration,the future in Brad Bird'sTomorrowlandis not a tangible thing,but an idea,a gleaming Jetsons cityscape forever just over the horizon inspiring the better angels of our nature with its promise of utopia.It's not "the future".It'sTHE FUTURE!

Unfortunately,where Disney World can get away with organizing a collection or attractions around nothing but a spirit of uncomplicated hope,a movie needs to build a structure around those feelings,and it's there that Bird's film struggles.It aims to stir the soul but its impact is dulled as it gets lost in its scattershot,thinly conceived screenplay.Enjoyment ofTomorrowlanddepends on one's ability to appreciate its vibe of retro optimism enough to overlook how far short it falls ofits lofty ambitions...

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Apr 10 2015

In the Link Room

A very quick roundup to begin a Netflixy day (Daredevilanyone).Speaking of...Hi,Sissy!

Sissy Spacek photographed by Christian McDonald

InterviewTodd Field (In the Bedroom) interviews Sissy Spacek onBloodlineetc...
NPRtalks to Brad Bird on Tomorrowland.And yes,he is finally working onIncredibles 2(very early writing stages) for which we will eschew our normal eye rolls at animated sequel news and instead cheer wildly.
Tracking BoardLogans Runremake still a slight possibility.This time with female lead?
i09posits thatPractical Magicw/ Bullock & Kidman as witch sisters is a perfect movie
Antagony & Ecstasyfilm criticism for a good cause: Tim takes on the daunting task of reviewingVertigoaka "the greatest movie ever made"as part of his cancer charity drive -- he's raised over $2000 already!
Vanity Fairon Ryan Gosling as a director
Pajibasays "eff it...reboot everything"includingCybill.Hee!
Pajibashould you grow a Mad Men moustache?A handy guide

Today's Watch ICYMI
It gives a whole new meaning to "instant watch"

Mar 09 2015

New Tomorrowland Poster in Hashtags

Manuelhere trying to help the social media-savvy Disney marketing team with their latest poster.Nathaniel discussedfive would-be blockbusterswhile kicking off our We Can't Wait series and one which was conspicuously absent (perhaps because of its constantdate-shifts?) was Brad Bird's Tomorrowland for which we got a brand new poster this past week.While I'm coolly reserved on this May 22nd film,I couldn't help but come up with hashtags while staring at this bad boy:

#LookUp#CloudPorn #MalickMeetsDisney #ClaudioMirandaFilter #Wheatstagram #RememberTomorrow #CanBirdGoFiveForFive #DisneySynergy #MysteryPlot #StillDoNotKnowWhatThisIsAbout #InterstellarFlashbacksAnyone #BlueSkies #NotSoEmeraldCity #Normcore #Overalls #GeorgeMcQueen #LiveActionPixar #WhitherTheLeadGirl #InBirdWeTrust (or would you be an #InClooneyWeTrust kinda tagger?)

Are you excited forTomorrowland?Gotta say,unlessthat new trailer totallyspills the plot,I'm enjoying this "withhold everything"policy Disney & co.have been playing with this property?Might it be all smoke and mirrors,though?

Sep 24 2014

We Hereby Officially Name Today "Best Original Screenplay Birthday Day"

Pedro holding up a copy of his "Bad Education"screenplayToday's Useless Trivia!Not one,not two,not three,but FOUR Oscar nominated writers of contemporary cinema share this birthday: Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding),Pedro Almodóvar (Talk To Her),Brad Bird (Ratatouille,The Incredibles),and John Logan (Gladiator,The Aviator).Only Pedro has won for writing (though Bird is also a multiple Oscar-winner) but it's a neat and weird coincidence,yes?

What's your favorite Almodóvar screenplay (besidesTalk To Herthat is which rightfully scooped up the Oscar)?

Do you think Brad Bird deserved to win Original Screenplay in his years at bat (2004and2007)

P.S.You guessed it: This year's Oscar Chart Updates forBest Screenplay,Original and Adaptedare now available.