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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Oct 29 2017

It's Halloween-time at the Box Office

by Nathaniel R

Weekend Box Office (October 27th-29th)
800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
1.JIGSAW$16.5new 1..LET THERE BE LIGHT$1.8 on 378 screensnew
2.BOO 2!A MADEA HALLOWEEN$10 (cum.$35.5) 2..THE FLORIDA PROJECT$539k on 145 screens (cum.$2.1)REVIEW 1,REVIEW 2
3.GEOSTORM$5.6 (cum.$23.5) 3.LOVING VINCENT$449k on 114 screens (cum.$2.1)
4.HAPPY DEATH DAY$5.0 (cum.$48.3) 4.GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN$330k on 213 screens (cum.$633k)
5.BLADE RUNNER 2049$3.9 (cum.$81.3)REVIEW|SHORTS|"BESTS" 5.THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER$221k on 33 screens (cum.$392k)REVIEW

Moviegoers were in a horror mood -- what else is new?-- which is appropriate for Halloween time.Three of the top five were specifically seasonal while It logged what is probably it's last week in the top ten with another 2 million for its historical box office winnings.It's the highest grossing horror film ever now but only #4 of all time (not adjusted for inflation) in terms of R-rated films.It won't be able to overtake any of the top three:The Passion of the Christ,Deadpool,andAmerican Snipersince it will surely lose a huge swath of theaters next weekend when everything at the multiplexes has to make room forThor: Ragnarok...

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Oct 15 2017

What did you see this weekend?

by Nathaniel R

Weekend Box Office (October 13th-15th)
800+ screens
excluding prev.wide
1.HAPPY DEATH DAY$26.5new 1.THE FLORIDA PROJECT$401k on 33 screens (cum.$623k)REVIEW 1,REVIEW 2
2.BLADE RUNNER 2049$15.1 (cum.$60.5)REVIEW|SHORTS|"BESTS" 2.TIL DEATH DO US PART$319k on 400 screens (cum.$3.2)
3.THE FOREIGNER$12.8new 3.THE STRAY$300k on 430 screens (cum.$1.2)
4.IT$6 (cum.$314.9)REVIEW|5 TAKEAWAYS 4.A QUESTION OF FAITH$155k on 228 screens (cum.$2.1)
5.THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US$5.6 (cum.$20.5)REVIEW 5..AMERICAN SATAN$132k on 55 screensnew
6.AMERICAN MADE$5.4 (cum.$40.1) 6.MARK FELT$123k on 89 screens (cum.$257k)
7.KINGSMAN 2$5.3 (cum.$89.6) 7.STRONGER$115k on 174 screens (cum.$4)REVIEW
8.LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE$4.3 (cum.$51.5) 8.JUDWAA 2$110k on 106 screens (cum.$1.4)
9.MY LITTLE PONEY$4 (cum.$15.5) 9.GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN$55k on 9 screensnew
10..VICTORIA & ABDUL$3.1 (cum.$11.3)REVIEW 10.HUMAN FLOW$47k on 3 screensnew

= new or significant expansion

numbers (in millions unless otherwise noted) frombox office mojo

It was a rough weekend for awards hopefuls that weren't namedVictoria & Abdul.Dame Dench's new vehicle moved into the top ten in its fourth weekend when it finally went wide.Other movies seeking adult audiences had a rougher go of it.The biopicsMarshallandProfessor Marston & The Wonder Womenboth opened outside of the top ten despite plentiful screens.(I took inProfessor Marstonand though it's a niche subject,it's surprisingly good with yet another excellent performance from the ever reliable Rebecca Hall.) More biographical awards hopefulsGoodbye Christopher RobinandBreathealso failed to attract much interest in their platform debuts.It's a tough world out there for non-genre titles that would like adults to go to the movies again!

The weekend's best per screen averages went to the documentaryHuman Flowand A24'sThe Florida Projectwhich added 29 screens in its second weekend.WHAT DID YOU SEE THIS WEEKEND?

Jul 03 2017

Andy Serkis's Directorial Debut Arrives This Year

Chrishere.WithWar for the Planet of the Apesarriving in theatres next weekend,we're already seeing the reawakened thinkpieces about an honorary Oscar for Andy Serkis that comes with what seems every motion capture performance from the actor.But now we can add another level to his multi-hyphenate talent as the risk-taker is now taking up the directing reigns with this fall'sBreathe.

The true story tragic romance stars recent Oscar nominee Andrew Garfield as the polio-stricken Robin Cavendish,withThe Crown's Claire Foy as his wife Diana.This is technically Serkis's second directorial effort,with his take onThe Jungle Bookfilmed prior and now in CGI-heavy post-production.Jungleis maybe a more expected journey for the motion capture virtuoso,soBreathemakes a somewhat more intriguing choice despite it's quite familiar plot.Perhaps it's the film's spirit of innovation that calls to him,as Cavendish helped create a wheelchair equipped with a respirator.

Breathe will open the London Film Festival and open stateside on October 13.Take a look at the trailer andtell us your thoughts in the comments!

Apr 07 2017

First Look at Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy in "Breathe"


While we wait for Nathaniel's first Oscar predictions of the 2017 season (soon) let's discuss one of the films that might contend,Andy Serkis'Breathe.The new drama announced an October 27th release date in the UK with a US plan still forthcoming.A laThe Theory of Everything(2014) it is the true life story of a marriage altered by disease.Based on the life story of its producer,Jonathan Cavendish's parents,Breathe,is about a man who is struck by Polio in his late 20s...

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