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Soundtracking: Hustlers

"YES,this soundtrack was soooo good!!!The Fiona Apple 'Criminal' dance,instantly iconic."-JWB

"Does anyone remember Demi Moore in STRIPTEASE?They had her dancing to sad Annie Lennox songs.smh."-David

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Feb 16 2018

Months of Meryl: Still of the Night (1982)

Hi,we'reJohnandMattand,icymi,we are watching every single live-action film starring Streep...

#7 — Brooke Reynolds,a Waspy urbanite and unlikely femme fatale with a shady past and a killer blonde bob.

MATTHEW: No actor,not even the oft-cited Greatest Actress of All Time,is immune to the inevitable and indisputable stinker.Seven projects in and just touching the surface of true-blue movie stardom,Meryl Streep finally made her first real turkey...

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Sep 15 2016

10th Anniversary: The Black Dahlia

Davidlooks back at Brian de Palma's wildest film,ten years on from its release.

The Black Dahliais a curious artefact.It is likely to be remembered simply by virtue of being in the catalogue of Brian de Palma,even if the film's quality is negligible compared to his biggest hittersCarrieandThe Untouchables.When compared to the other famous James Ellroy adaptation,the Oscar-winningL.A.Confidential(which celebrates its own birthday,its 19th,in just a few days),de Palma's effort certainly pales.In the career of cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond (the film's sole Oscar nominee),it's likely to be a footnote in the late man's incredible career,coming after his work with Spielberg,Cimino and Altman.The film's stars probably took a year at most to write it off as a failure on all their parts.

Yet the film continues to fascinate - to lure you back into its craven web...

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Jun 08 2016

Make America Link Again

Vague Visageswhy critics often fail when writing about acting
EWForget to link up to the Meryl Streep as Donald Trump thing.Sadly no better video has emerged than this very shaky cel phone
Playbillin the most exciting theater news imaginable The Lovely Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon will co-star in the revival ofThe Little Foxes.The best part?They'll be alternating roles periodically!
TFE...If you missed our Smackdown which featuredThe Little Foxesyou should read it.It is a great play which made for an excitingly cutting movie with killer performance by Bette Davis and Patricia Collinge.Can't wait to see it on stage and see what Linney & Nixon do with those two very different roles.

Slatethe enduring influential portrait of genius and mediocrity inAmadeus
The Tarzan Fileshas images from Total Film's behind the scenes report on the Legend of Tarzan
VarietyNetflix releases some data on how quickly people binge watch but not enough.I mean,I wanna hear how often a viewer DOESN'T complete a show.There must be stats on that and is that how they decide what to cancel?
VarietyGeena Davis producing a documentary on Hollywood's gender inequality
/FilmJK Simmons is working outa lotto play Commissioner Gordon.Doesn't he know Gordon never gets any action beyond telephone calls and holding a gun?
Village Voiceon Brian de Palma and divisive auteurs eventually being labelled masters
Comics AllianceJames Wan talks about why he chose to directAquamanoverFlashas both were offered to him
Pajibaon the worst thing aboutWarcraft.Yup,we have another incredibly good looking actor (this time it's Daniel Wu) buried in makeup and latex until you can't recognize him.
TFE...If you missed the last podcast we talked about this problem with franchise pictures.Why do they keep hiring beautiful actors when they intend to cover up their beauty and make them unrecognizable?
Antagony & Ecstasya rare 10/10 review forThe Lobster

Off Screen
SBSa breakdown of victim blaming using pie charts

Apr 28 2016

April Showers: Carrie

In April Showers,Team TFE looks at our favorite waterlogged moments in the movies.Here's Kieran Scarlett on Carrie (1976).

Brian de Palma's horror classicCarriehas scenes at both the beginning and the end in which our heroine,Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) gets clean.Because of what happens between those scenes,they take on very different meanings.When we first see Carrie White,she is diffident and beleaguered—whether at home with her mother Margaret's (Piper Laurie) stentorian declarations of fanatical Christian values or at school with the focused torment of her peers.It's very clear that Carrie has internalized the harsh words of Chris Hargensen (Nancy Allen):

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Jan 08 2016

The Revenant's Jack Fisk on Outdoor Movies & His Life with Sissy Spacek

Jack Fisk at the Oscars for "There Will Be Blood"亚博主页with his Best Actress wife Sissy SpacekThe Revenant,just nominated foreight (!) BAFTAs, opens nationwide today so here's our last interview of the week to celebrate this wilderness epic.

Jack Fisk,the Oscar-nominated Production Designer (There Will Be Blood) is no stranger to outdoor challenges.Many of his most famous films,due in no small part to his long collaboration with Terrence Malick,feel the spiritual pull of nature as does the man who designs them.He prefers to build on location and with the tools that would have been present at the time,whatever time the movie happens to take place in.

When he signed on forThe Revenant,Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu gave him a copy of Andrei Tarkovsky'sAndrei Rublevwhich he used for inspiration of scale and detail.His longtime collaborators Emmanuel "Chivo"Lubezki (Cinematographer)and Jacqueline West (Costumes)Fisk -- who he had worked with on many projects though only once altogether (The New World,2005) were also on hand to realize this brutal of frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) surviving bear attacks,bloody skirmishes,and mercenary Tom Hardy.

I asked Fisk about his onscreen life with auteur collaborators,his offscreen life with one of the great screen actresses,and his preference for outdoor cinema.Our conversation is after the jump...

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Sep 29 2015

NYFF: De Palma

Brian de Palma.The man behind: Passion,Mission to Mars,Body Double,Scarface,Carrie,Sisters,Blow Out,Dressed to Kill,and many more.Jasonreporting from the New York Film Festival.

Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow's documentaryDe Palmais,at a basic level,just a sit-down walk-throughwith the director Brian De Palma across the length of his entire movie career.The co-directors had previously gotten this tour on a personal level,having weekly dinners with the man,and decided,for awesomeness' sake,to capture for future generations of movie-geeks' sake.I sawDe Palmaonly a week and a half ago,and I feel like it needs to be known that not only have I been forced,literally forced,in the wake of it to go and watch three of De Palma's movies in the time between watching the doc and writing this review,but it's also colored every single thing I've written in the time since,and if you follow my hyperactive blog then you know I write a whole lot in a week and a half.A ton.And Brian De Palma,he done swallowed me whole.I can only see things through his eyes now.

I mean,I'm an easy mark,the easiest of easies: I've vigorously defended the likes ofSnake EyesorFemme Fataleat dinner parties;I've drunkenly slurred out verbal love-letters to Fiona Shaw's three miles passed the mark performance inThe Black Dahlia;I've had more nightmares scarred by Angie Dickinson's elevator experience than most people have had nightmares,period.

Paltrow,de Palma,and Baumbach

I love sleaze and I love Hitchcock and in Brian De Palma the twain they meet and they meet like fireworks bursting over a triumphantly dead Nancy Allen,and it's like roadhouse whiskey to me -- I like it,I like it!!!

He is New York's Verhoeven -- fun and dirty and adult,dumb and genius in equal gasping measure.I'll go down with his ship,lapping up every red drop.AndDe Palma,The Film,captures the the man's madness in glorious measure.It is indeed like sitting down to dinner with the man who could dream up both Holly Body's cum speech and "Say hello to my little friend"and poking him in the belly for more.He is ready able and willing to spill more or more still for us,and it's this geek's idea of paradise.I could've watched fifteen full hours ofDe Palma.

De Palmais screening at the NYFF on Wednesday,September 30th and will eventually be distributed by A24.Previous NYFF reviewshere.For more Jason De Palma love,you need to visitMy New Plaid Pants.