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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Jul 30 2019

Lunchtime Poll: Which scene in a movie made you imagine a whole other movie?

by Nathaniel R

Once Upon a Time Hollywoodwas difficult to write about.That's what happens with dense movies.Naturally,then,my reviewleft out something major.It was only after publishing it that I realized I hadn't even mentioned the extended scene that is the movie's most impressive on a filmmaking level.I'm talking about the significant detour when Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) visits Spahn's Movie Ranch.He used to shoot a TV show there a decade earlier but it's now Manson Family territory,thanks to the retired and now blind George Spahn (Bruce Dern)...

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Jun 04 2018

Showbiz History: Dunkirk Evacuation,Suffragette Trampling,and Celebrity Offspring

Happy June 4th,y'all.Here are several things that happened on this day in history that you can be celebrating or thinking about today as you go about your busy lives.Happy birthday if it's your special day you awesome Gemini,you!

1907His Girl Fridayherself Rosalind Russell born in Connecticut.

1913 Emily Davison,a suffragette,purposefully steps in front of a horse at King George V's Derby and is trampled to death.Though the recent filmSuffragette(2015) was not a true story,many of its details were true including this turning point moment in the suffragette movement...

-Never surrender.Never give up the fight!

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Nov 27 2014

Interview: Is Laura Dern Still "Wild"At Heart?

Happy Thanksgiving!What better gift for you on this weekend of celebrating abundance than an interview with one of the most gifted actors in the world.Laura Dernhas been shocking and stirring moviegoers with finely carved and often daringly dramatic or weirdly comic performances for the past thirty years.

Laura Dern as "Bobbi"in Wild

Born into showbiz (her parents are Oscar-nominees Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd) she grew up onscreen and around film sets.Her breakthrough came early at the age of eighteen.Her first hit as a blind girl inMaskwas shortly followed by a revelatory performance as a young girl treading into dangerous sexual waters with an older stranger inSmooth Talk.The very next year she worked with David Lynch onBlue Velvetbeginning a long collaborative and rather genius director/muse duet.Nearly thirty years later she's still delivering buzzy performances.On paper her new character Bobbi inWild,an incongruously positive dying mother who we meet in wisps of memories as Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) attempts a soul searching hike on the PCT,seems far removed from the reckless spirits that made Dern such a fascinating screen presence.But that's not the way Dern sees it,describing this woman as "wild"and "a pioneer".

When we sat down to talk in Los Angeles it had been the third time I'd seen her in the past year,since she was such a regular presence on the Oscar circuit last season for her father's nomination."You were practically his campaign manager,"I say,fondly remembering her indefatigable enthusiasm for his work as we settle in sharing memories of aNebraskareception a year back.

"I mean...I'llalwaysbe."she says,beaming,ever the devoted daughter now promoting her own film that happens to be about a deep parent-child connection.The back-to-back award campaigns seem like a good place to start...

NATHANIEL: Did all that time with your father last year make you hungry for an Oscar yourself?

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Feb 17 2014

13 Days Til Oscar: Matthew McConaughey...And the 2000 Best Actress Race?

[The Oscar countdown continues with new contributor Matthew Eng -he wrote that popular Jennifer Lawrence piece!-- making a fascinating cross gender lines comparison to 13 years back]

Thirteen years ago,the only acting prizeMatthewMcConaugheyseemed likely to ever win was a Razzie*.Or,you know,at leasta Teen Choice Award. And yet,here we are,thirteen years later,all thoseWedding Planners andFailure to Launches gone (but not forgotten),andMatthewMcConaughey just so happens to be:

  1. an Oscar nominee
  2. the indisputable frontrunner ofthe Best Actor race,and
  3. a presumable Oscar winner.

It's the Second Coming of McConaughey,a shockingly successful,rule-breaking career reversal that approximately zero people saw coming.But can you really blame us,especially considering that pre-Magic MikeMcConaughey seemed pretty intent on solidifying his status as a Hopeless Hollywood Himbo,continually submerging his skills behind a pair of wide-eyed peepers,a self-satisfied smirk,and a notorious,Southern-fried catchphrase that may have made for one great Matt Damon impression but which can still send even some of the more willing McConaughey converts up the wall?

It's always nice to see a performer sizably step up their game,to start choosing roles for the challenge,rather than the check.Maybe it's the nature of theDallas Buyers Clubrole or maybe it's the inconsistent reputation of the genre he spent the better part of the past decade residing in,but McConaughey's performance and subsequent awards trajectory have been giving me major flashbacks toJulia Robertsand the 2000 Best Actress Race,which culminated with Roberts' inevitable coronation nearly thirteen years ago.[More...]

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Jan 13 2014

Film Bitch Awards: Actor & Supporting Actor

I haven't forgotten aboutThe Film Bitch Awards,also known as"Nathaniel's Ballot"that once grand internet tradition (14 years now,Jesus!) that has been eroded by my time management problems.But no more.I'm turning over new leaves in 2014,you'll see,and so we begin now with the catch-ups.

And now 43 words it gives me great pleasure to type...

Elyes Aguis Kyle Chandler Bradley Cooper Chris Cooper Bruce Dern Leonardo DiCaprio Paul Eenhoorn Chiwetel Ejiofor Michael Fassbender James Franco James Gandolfini Jake Gyllenhaal Tom Hanks Sergio Hernandez Oscar Isaac Hugh Jackman Jared Leto Matthew McConaughey Mads Mikkelsen Tye Sheridan and Keith Stanfield

And that's just the cream that rose to the top for yours truly when it came time to sort out my thoughts on the best performances by men this year at the cinema.Though supporting actor was lean,the leading men more than made up for it.It was such an unusually rich year that I,the internet's ringleader for actressexuality,am arguably or at least sometimes more excited about Best Actor than Best Actress.This has little precedence.

The whys and the whos on great work from12 Years a Slave,Nebraska,Spring Breakers,toInside Llewyn Davisand beyond...
Three previously posted ballots:ANIMATED FEATURE,CASTING AND ENSEMBLE