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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Jul 28 2019

Review: Once Upon a Hollywood

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column at Towleroad...

We want see this movie so we can talk about it.

[Spoiler-free review]Here's the best way to know that you're inside an auteur's movie.It's impossible to imagine it having been made by anyone else.Quentin Tarantino's 10th feature film (creatively referred to as his 9th,presumably to give him a retirement out after his various "I'll quit after 10 films!"proclamations) is a fable about Hollywood.The movie begins in 1968 and ends in the summer of 1969 when the very pregnant actress Sharon Tate,Roman Polanski's new wife,and her house guests were all brutally murdered by the Manson family.Any number of filmmakers could have made a movie about that infamous year in California,but only Tarantino could have madeOnce Upon a Time … in Hollywood.

Historical events,real ones at least,have never been as sacred to Tarantino as the history of the movies.Whenever he's dipped into "history"--Django Unchained,Inglourious Basterds-- it's been as emotionally loaded prefab worlds from which to spin his own idiosyncratic yarns.  In this regardOnce Upon a Timeis no exception.To this viewer,though,his latest movie feels closer in spirit toPulp Fiction...

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Jun 06 2019

The one that got away from Bruce Lee: Season 1 of "Warrior"

by Lynn Lee

Did you know that the 1970s TV show "Kung Fu"was based on an uncredited pitch by Bruce Lee?  According to Lee's widow,Warner Brothers liked (and poached) his idea of a martial arts master wandering the American West but passed him over for the lead role in favor of David Carradine.Warner Brothers claims they'd already had the concept for "Kung Fu"in the works when Lee proposed his own series (called "The Warrior") to the studio in 1971.  But even if you believe them,it's hard not to wonder what a version of the show that starred Bruce Lee might have looked like.

Nearly half a century later,Lee's daughter Shannon,director-producer Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow,variousThe Fast and the Furiousinstallments),and writer-producer Jonathan Tropper (This is Where I Leave You,"Banshee") have created a Cinemax TV series that attempts to realize his original vision while updating it for a new generation...

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Mar 20 2019

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" Teases

by Nathaniel R

After two absolutely hideous photoshopped posters (we can't even post them they're so ugly) we were beginning to worry about Quentin Tarantino's Manson-era Hollywood tale starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt (as a famous actor and his stunt double) and Margot Robbie as Roman Polanski's late wife Sharon Tate.But the teaser has restored hope...

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Aug 17 2018

You better link (link),link about what you're trying to do to me...

NYTAretha Franklin RIP.Wesley Morris on her power but did we "Respect"it?
VarietyEstonia has selected the single parent dramaTake It Or Leave Itfor the Oscars亚博主页
TFEOur updated Oscar Foreign Submission charts
Boy Culturebecause Madonna is awesome she has released her 2018 Met Gala performance to her fans as a charity fundraiser for her orphans in Malawi.Each $25 will givea child food,schooling,and healthcare for a month

UproxxA little info on Mike Moh,who has been cast as Bruce Lee in Quentin Tarantino'sOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood(for those of you wondering why Bruce Lee is a character in the movie -- he worked with Sharon Tate prior to her murder)
Playbilltwo time Oscar nominee Janet McTeer talks about playing legendary pre-cinema stage actress Sarah Bernhardt in a new play on Broadway calledBernhardt/Hamlet
Vanity FairRuth Wilson requested to leaveThe Affairbut she's not at liberty to say why for some reason
VarietyThe Alienisthas been renewed for a second season,meaning it's no longer a limited series but it gets to keep its limited series Emmy nomination
Gr8er Dayswe forgot to note last week here at TFE that Charlotte Rae ofThe Facts of Lifefame passed away

And did you see that the cast ofGrease(1978) reunited at an Academy event to talk about the movie for its 40th anniversary?(Is this where we mention that the film only got one Oscar nomination,which it lost,for Best Original Song "Hopelessly Devoted to You")  Here's John Travolta and Olivia talking about her being cast in the movie...

Jul 20 2018

Showbiz History: Sandra Oh,Operation Valkyrie,and yet more Batman?

Since the right now is so depressing let us look back into showbiz history for (mostly) easier things to think about then the here and now.

wee Natalie Wood with cat

11 random things that happened on this day (July 20th) in relation to showbiz history...

1930 Sally Ann Howes born in London.She starred as "Truly Scrumptious"inChitty Chitty Bang Bang.She's one ofthe 200 oldest living screen stars.Happy 88th,Scrumptious!

1938 Natasha Gurdin born in San Francisco to immigrant parents.Five years later she makes her screen debut as "Natalie Wood"and becomes one of the rare child stars whose fame only grows as she ages...

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