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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Mar 11 2017

5 x 5: Buffy's 20th

One of the most exciting things about great art in modern culture is that it inspires so much other great art as well as criticism with everyone having access to the conversation and their own platforms with which to engage.With the internet celebrating Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th anniversary,we can't totally bypass the opportunity to celebrate with them.After the jump five links you should definitely read and five tweets we enjoyed...

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Mar 10 2017

On This Day: Globes for two goddesses.Plus a non-jolly green giant

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1892One of Old Hollywood's most undersung but talented 1930s directors Gregory La Cava is born.Classics includeStage DoorandMy Man Godfrey
Famed abolitionist and American hero Harriet Tubman dies of pneumonia.So glad she's getting biopic treatment soon.And twice over!
The 10th annual Oscars are held with亚博主页The Life of Emile Zzzzzolawinning Best Picture and Louise Rainer taking her consecutive Best Actress prize but the most enduring anecdote was of coursethe theft of Alice Brady's Oscar forIn Old Chicago.
1958Sharon Stone is born in Pennysylvania

The 1959 Golden Globes (and more) are after the jump...

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Aug 27 2016

Tweetweek: Braindead Marquees and Out-of-the-Box Casting

I don't know if I like the sound of this double feature...

After the jump funny tweet games,supportive boyfriends,The Night Ofcasting,a dissolve fromThe Godfather,a proposed franchise for Hugh Jackman,FYC Ellen Burstyn,and a little webslinging...

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Dec 14 2015

I link.I die.I link again!

Daily MailTim Burton's type is hilariously permanent.Now he's on to Eva Green who fits it like a T
New YorkerThe brilliant Emily Nussbaum on sexual consent and PTSD on Jessica Jonesand itsBuffy The Vampire SlayerSeason 6 reflections
DGAChris Nolan interviews Quentin Tarantino aboutThe Hateful Eightwhich will now enter wide release on January 1st instead of the 8th.
Slatereflects on what theStar Warsfranchise is given that it's not "sci-fi"
Varietyhas a few old FYC and congratulatory ads forStar Warsfrom the 70s.Good stuff
Vanity Fairtoday's celebrities all want to be Han Solo

The Black ListIf you've got some free time you can wade through Hollywood's favorite unproduced scripts.List was just announced today.
Mad Max Fury Roadmay return to theaters in a black & white version -- Miller's original intention before they opted for super saturated color.
VarietyBrad Pitt's satireWar Machinewraps shooting in the United Arab Emirates.
Tracking BoardWarner Bros is moving forward with aSpeedy Gonzalezfeature,date TBD.(He was my second favorite of the Looney Tunes as a child,after Pepe Le Pew...but they both have cultural stereotyping issues.How will they walk that line?)
VarietyMelissa McCarthy is nearly free ofMike & Molly

List Mania
Slantpicks the 25 best films of the year from45 YearsthroughChi-Raqand on toMad Max: Fury Road.But sinceCarolis way down at #19...What?
Los Angeles TimesBrooklyntops Kenneth Turan's otherwise alphabetical top ten
Indie Wirecritics poll for the year with Mad Max & Carol fighting for supremacy.Fassbender & Rampling take the acting prizes
Pajibacelebrates the best 'comfort movies' of the year - not particularly challenging but great watches from your couch in your jammies:Cinderella,The Intern,and more...
AV Clubon the best film scenes of the year includingCreed's continuous shot boxing match and lots of interesting and unexpected choices -- yay for including "Summer in Ohio"fromThe Last Five Years

Today's Watch
If you've got a free two hours you can watch all six previousStar Warsmovies at once?  It's an art installation.Click on the image if you wish to do this craziness.

Apr 24 2015

A.I. 'Buffybot'

Some say it's better than the real thing."

With those words we are introduced to Buffybot,a robotic replica of everyone's favorite Pointy-wielding,banter-spewing blond vampire slayer...

Manuel continuing our Artificial Intelligence theme week.

Joss Whedon'sBuffy the Vampire Slayerremains one of the best examples of how to use superpowers,monsters and villains as generative metaphors for such varied things as puberty,high school,sexual assault and the systemic misogyny that pervades our contemporary world.This latter issue is at the center of "Intervention"the 18th episode of Buffy's fifth (and I'd argue best!) season.[more]

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