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Apr 29 2014

Tribeca: Do You Hear What You Hear

Here'sJasonreporting on the Joss Whedon-scriptedIn Your Eyesout of Tribeca.

In 2007 when Radiohead released their albumIn Rainbowsdirectly online for fans,asking them to pay whatever they wanted for it,it was kind of a big deal.Made some headlines.Yes smaller acts had done it before,but this was one of the biggest bands in the world (the biggest if you ask me,but I'm monstrously biased) tossing the old models right out the window.At this point six years later it's become pretty old hat for any sort of entertainment - movie-wise if it's not a movie that needs to be seen in IMAX there's a good chance I will end up watching it at home now,thanks to my amped-up home-theater system and an encroaching case of hermit-itis,but also the ease and speed with which these things become available now.

But I have to admit,even with as many movies as I've taken to downloading over the past couple of years,I still got that ol'In Rainbowsthrill when I read the news about Joss Whedon releasing his latest movie (written,not directed,but that really didn't stop people from thinking ofCabin in the Woodsas his either) this way.[More...]

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Mar 17 2014

Beauty Vs Beast - The Boys of Bruges

JA fromMNPPhere with this week's sorta St.Paddys edition of our "Beauty Vs.Beast"series.I say "sorta"because several factors contributed to me wanting to do a face-off between who we're doing a face-off between,and the lusty leprechaun Colin Farrell making my eyes smile is probably the smallest factor on the list (though Colin being lusty is never negligible,of course).

The main factors were that five of the six pairings so far have been lady vs lady and,though I know we all love our ladies up in here it felt right to swing back to the different-chromosomed side of the fence this round;two,we were justogling writer-director Martin McDonaghlast week at our site;and three,I watched Wes Anderson'sThe Grand Budapest Hotelthis weekend,as I'm suremany of you did as well,and every time Ralph Fiennes lost his cool therein I couldn't help but think upon Harry.

It's anIn Bruges-off,people.

Sometime before or after you vote and before or after you hit the comments to tell us why you voted the way you voted I would like you to take a moment to appreciate the fact that I made that list of Pros and Cons without using a swear-word once.It was a f**king task and a f**king half,people.Whoops.

PREVIOUSLY ONLast week's poll has closed,SlayerFest 2014 has come to an end,and which Chosen One is left standing victorious?Oh it's Buffy,Buffy Buffy Buffy,always Buffy.Every vampire in Sunnydale and beyond seemed to fall in love with the quippy Summers girl and we proved no different.S'cool,Faith doesn't need you people anyway.Said JS:

"I voted Buffy but most likely I was simply voting for Sarah Michelle Gellar,who gave an acting masterclass for seven years on that show.Faith is definitely the more interesting character,but Faith's best episode was performed by SMG."

Mar 10 2014

Beauty Vs Beast - SlayerFest 2014

JA fromMNPPhere with this week's new edition ofBeauty Vs.Beast!AsI noted over at my sitelast week,today is the 17th anniversary of the first ever episode of Joss Whedon's televisual masterpieceBuffy the Vampire Slayer- "Welcome to the Hellmouth"aired on the WB on March 10th 1997,and some of us have been whooping it up inside that Hellmouth ever since.

If you're a fan you know what happened on Buffy's 17th birthday - let's just hope we can all make it through today without anybody's ancient Gypsy curse being activated by sexual relations.That Angelus,he was a nasty one...but Glorificus did her damage too,The Master and the Mayor - an endless list of memorable villains.

But it's Buffy's dark mirror that's always revved our engines the hardest...

Welcome to SlayerFest '14!!!

Only one can make it out alive!The too good blonde,the too bad brunette - make your pick and then we'll all skip class and stake some vamps and dance crazy at The Bronze til the sun comes up and dusts our boyfriends.

"previously on..."
Before y'all hit the comments and give us your reasonings though,a look back at last week's (literal) face-off- we were talking the spray-painted ladies ofDeath Becomes Her,and sure enough,confounding nobody's expectations - MERYL WON.Team Madeline blew a shotgun hole through Goldie's Helen with about 2/3rds of the vote.(As if we needed to puff up Meryl's chest anymore!) As Rob put it in the comments:

"Hel does have a special place in my heart for eating frosting out of its container with her fingers while rewinding the footage of Madeline dying on film but over and over again.But,in the end,gotta go with Madeline,because FLAWLESS."

Nov 15 2013

Links with an Invisible Glass of Moët

Inside MoviesAndrew Lincoln looks back at "to me you are perfect"fromLove Actually
MNPPwants to watchOnly God Forgivesagain.Are you also experiencing these deviant feelings?
Ultra Cultureanatomy of mostBlue is the Warmest Color"reviews"

In Contentionwonders if Will Forte can win Best Supporting Actor traction forNebraska- well the category is amorphous still...
BuzzFeedsaw fit to rank every episode ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer.Such a mammoth project so even if you quibble with the ranking -- and boy do I (love "Beer Bad") --you have to respect
Gawkerweeping throughThe Best Man Holiday
Pajibahow to prepare yourself for the release of Nicolas Cage's nude photos

And while I was in Los Angeles earlier this week theMoët British Independent Film Award nominationswere announced.I love little weird awards groups like this (the corporate titling not so much) because you can't tie them to "ooh,they're trying to influence the Oscars"亚博主页which is just about the most boring thing you can possibly do if you're a group thinking of handing out awards.No matter what your group is,if it has no character,personality or purpose outside of predicting another groups awards,QUIT - the world doesn't need you!But's a complete list of nominationsin case you missed them as I did.They were big fans of the bleak with the violentStarred Upand Clio Barnard's festival gemThe Selfish Giantleading the nominations.They also approved ofMetro Manilawhich isthe UK's Oscar submission.But they also found room for more mainstream senior Brit efforts likePhilomenawith Judi Dench andLe Week-Endstarring Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan.

What a World: Ralph Fiennes & Kristin Scott Thomas are co-stars again.But this time he's sleeping with her screen daughter.Here's why I spit out my Moët,though.They ignored12 Years a Slavein "International Film"and had a reaction to Ralph Fiennes'The Invisible Womanthat I find not only puzzling but deeply lazy.They nominated it only for Best Actress (Felicity Jones,whose appeal still escapes me like crazy) and Best Supporting Actress (Kristin Scott Thomas).Now y'all know I am an über fan of KST but if you're handing out acting prizes tothatmovie and you DON'T start with Joanna Scanlan,who plays the unloved wife of Charles Dickens,you're on autopilot with stars in your eyes.To which you might counter if you haven't yet seen the film "But KST is a great actress!!!"Well,yes,dear reader and BIFA voters,she is...but Joanna isthismovie's MVP.And by a significant margin,too.

Of course the movie is marginalizing Scanlan,too.She doesn't appear or barely appears in the ads and none of the film's promotional stills include her;P&A has never been a meritocracy.

Jul 17 2013

Teen Wolf in...a Hospital ☑ a Bank ☑ a Motel ☑

Lydia freaks out well and oftenWould you forgive me for continuallynotwriting upTeen Wolfepisodes if I gazed off into the distance like I was seeing something invisible and horrific,as psychic Lydia does,and let out a bloodcurdling scream?Because thatisactually what I do each morning on my second cup of coffee when I realize I have about 45 minutes of free time for the next 12 hours of deadlines and demands and I've already wasted 15 of it on the first cup.

Let this post serve as my train-of-thought apology to those of you watchingTeen Wolfwhich I hope you will accept and do,respectively.It won't be the last time I go "damn,I wish I had time to write upTeen Wolf!"but ...yeah.Moving on so we can catch up.

Deucalion barks a lotThis season began,memorably,with an episode called "Tattoo"(written to accomodate star Tyler Posey's new tattoo...thus rationalizing the hilariously dumb 'how do werewolves get tattoos when they heal so fast?' C-plot).Since then it's settled into three repetitive mysteries.The first is about when a team of hateful alphas who want Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to kill his pack will attack?Answer: Every episode.mystery solved![more]

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