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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Jun 23 2013

Reviews: Monsters University & World War Z

This double feature review was originally posted in my column atTowleroad

Another Month.Another Apocalypse

If the world can be powered by screams,asMonsters,Incand its new prequelMONSTERS UNIVERSITYclaim,then we've surely got a surplus to run on for decades to come.The horror genre in all its shapes,sizes and moods (including children's film) has rarely,if ever,been more popular.Brad Pitt warns a surely soon-to-be zombified family inWORLD WAR Zwho have holed up in their apartment that "movement is life".They should run!But where are they supposed to run exactly?Zombies,werewolves,vampires,serial killers,and monsters are everywhere on film and television.Even outside the horror genre,dystopias (Hunger Gamesanyone?) or apocalypse awaits;at some point every superhero and action movie now blows its (budget) load on laying waste to New York City and/or its counterparts across the Globe.If pop culture is mass catharsis for our intangible mood,than we are all terrified children and in need of much therapy.

Apologies for the armchair psychology but this must surely be why we've made our zombies crush-worthy (Warm Bodiesjust arrived from Netflix as I was typing this,no joke,-Hiiii,Nic Hoult!),our vampires twinkly,and our monsters cuddly.I mean just look at this guy "Art"to your left!He's practically built for wrap-around hugs...

[More on cuddly monsters and Brad-chasing zombies...]

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Jun 04 2013

Best Written TV Shows?

If you haven't read the 101 Best Written Television Series list (voted on by the Writers Guild of America),chances are you've been on a wee internet break for the past 24 hours.But I kinda have been (#sorryboutit) so I've included it here for discussion purposes and with a few notes...

1.The Sopranos
3.The Twilight Zone
4.All in the Family
6.The Mary Tyler Moore Show
7.Mad Men
9.The Wire
10.The West Wing

Mad Men(for many years now the best show on television) has won 11 WGA nominations and 6 wins in its six year run...but what I find fascinating is when groups like the WGA vote for something they didn't originally get behind in a big way;The Wire,for example, makes their top ten all time list despite a measily 3 nominations and 1 win in its entire five year run.

91 more series after the jump

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May 11 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,Resurrection and the Protocol of Promos

Last night the first promotional photo of the cast from the new Joss Whedon series "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."premiered.And here it is in all its *anonymous* 'glory'...

Whedonverse Series #5...Expect That it's More Marvel Universe...So Marvel Universe #1 (Reboot)?

more from the Whedonverse and promo photos after the jump...

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Mar 04 2013

Conversations with Link People

Two must reads
Monkey Seea terrific insightful piece on the current state of the Romantic Comedy and what's wrong with it.Hint: It's not the common complaint that there aren't enough believable obstacles in modern romance.The most surprising bit -- but I totally was sold on it -- was how today's internet sport of actress-hating (see what's happening with Hathaway and what often happens) is part of the problem.
Antagony & Ecstacypicks the ten best Oscar winning performances in each of the categories.I've only previously done thiswith Supporting Actressand boy was that a hard list to make.Tim quadruples that challenge here.

More Stories to Visit/Discuss
Huffington PostJamie Lee Curtis speaks out against Seth MacFarlane's Oscar hosting in a new opinion piece
TowleroadTom Cullen (Weekend) will be joiningDownton Abbey.They do have to replenish the cast since everyone is f'in leaving.I don't get it.That show is hugely acclaimed and it can't be a big time commitment.
Awards Dailywill the Olympics push the Oscars to March in 2014?亚博主页Most people believe so but I wonder if Oscar might try January and really make the precursors wet themselves with fear.
EmpireJesse L Martin,who has an a-ma-zing voice (he sang in bothRentandAlly McBeal)will play Marvin Gaye in a biopic
Studio BriefingNetflix ships its 4th billion disc.I'm so sad that this service will one day end.It's still the easiest way to get a great movie from a huge selection encompassing all eras...true cinephiles should not wish for its demise despite it becoming a media punching bag.
/Filma potential big get for Rebecca Hall who has landed the female lead opposite Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany in Wally Pfister's directorial debutTranscendence.I say "potential"because it'll only be a big deal if Pfister is better with female characters than his frequent boss Chris Nolan
Exploding Kinetoscopetakes up a real challenge.Figuring out what exactly is wrong with Buffy season seven by focusing on its best loved episode "Conversations with Dead People"
NPRlooks back at the wider and wider screens in the 50s with the DVD release ofThis Is Cinerama

Apr 07 2012

Link Window

EmpireNicole Kidman to play Grace Kelly...circa 1961,in the Monaco years
Stranger Than Mostenjoys an unbeatable double feature
Cineuroparemember that Danish filmA Royal Affairthat made a stir at Berlinale?It's now one of the biggest selling Danish films ever.It's already sold to 76 markets.Can't wait to see it.
Cele|BitchyCharlize Theron goes Vogue

Awards DailymesmerizingRear Windowtimelapse video
La Daily Mustoon Jeremy Renner's response to the gay rumors.(The end is priceless)
IndieWirebox office winners and losers of the first quarter in the specialty market.GoA Separation!
MNPPballoon men on Michael Bay sets
The WrapLindsay Lohan's transformation in 60 seconds
Movie|Line9 unbearable theme songs to movies in honor of Titanic's "My Heart Will Go On"
Eric OrchardVeruca the Werewolf fromBuffyhardly gets any attention.

And finally...I don't know how I missed this but this actressexual imitates all 75 supporting actress winners in 6 minutes.

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