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"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Jan 02 2019

Soundtracking: The Best Musical Moments of 2018

byChris Feil

We have had another banner year for cinematic variants of musicals - from the classic (A Star is Born,Mary Poppins Returns) to the modern (Hearts Beat Loud,Vox Lux) to the unfortunate (Bohemian Rhapsody).But there's more than just musicals that have made an impact!As ever,I've had my ear towards all sorts of needle drops and clever cues where movie music has been concerned this year.You know,the kind of stuff that makesSoundtrackingtick.

We've already discussedwhat Oscar might hold for the Original Song categorythis year,but 2018 was largely defined for me by songs familiar and unexpected.Join me likeCharlize Theron doing Carly Rae Jepsen karaoke inTullyand sing along to the year's best musical moments...

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Dec 18 2018

100 Most Popular Foreign Films of 2018 + the Oscar Hopefuls!

Our year in review party begins TODAY.A different list each day!Here's Nathaniel R...

Time for an annual look back at subtitled fare in cinemas.As with 2017andthe year beforeIndia,China,Mexico,and South Korea dominate with a smattering of Oscar contenders and random other countries faring much less well in the American marketplace.Much of the imbalance is due to dedicated distributors who saw a underserved market and focus specifically on it.Here in Manhattan,it's interesting to watch how this plays out.Generally speaking some big multiplexes reserve one or two screens for super specific distributors (Bollywood and mainstream Asian features for example are often at the Empire in Times Square which has 25 screens).Meanwhile the traditional "arthouse theaters"continue to rely on the decades-long practice of programming festival hits,docs,and arthouse style cinema which leans heavily European with a few buzzy Asian titles thrown in;in other words they're Oscar-aligned in their tastes.

For the purposes of the following list we skipped documentaries and animated films to keep the list more focused (and avoid arguments about dubbed versions or whatnot).The numbers are pulled fromBox Office Mojo.

Domestic Box Office Grosses Only - Figures as of March 2nd,2019

The $1 Million Plus Club
(The Success Stories)

01Padmaavat$11.8 (India) Jan 25th
This lux nearly 3 hour medieval epic is about an ambitious Sultan who becomes obsessed with a beautiful Queen.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

02Sanju$7.9 (India) June 29th
Biopic of a famous controversial actor.Available tostream on Netflix.

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Dec 09 2018

LAFCA Winners (and other critics organizations)

The Los Angeles Film Critics Organization is presumably the most crucial in terms of Academy Awards influence since they're the hometown critics of Hollywood and the industry actually hears what they think on a regular basis.This year,like virtually every organization,they threw their weight behind Alfonso Cuarón's Mexican memoir dramaRoma.They got idiosyncratic (but smart) in only one category this year,Supporting actor,where they honored Steven Yeun who is remarkable in Burning.Otherwise they underlined actors who are already in the thick of the Oscar discussion.Sadly,two women who really needed their endorsement (Toni Collette and Elizabeth Debicki) were left in "runner up"position,a nice nod in their direction,but not helpful to their causes.

The full list of winners and lists from LAFCA and three other critics orgs who voted today are after the jump.It was a very good day for Olivia Colman,Steven Yeun andBurning,andRoma...

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Dec 04 2018

"Shoplifters"wins the APSA.On its way to an Oscar nod?

by Nathaniel R

Hello awards-enthusiasts!Since Glenn Dunks is returning to hisDoc Cornerseries later today after his annual duties at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards,we realized we'd forgotten to list the winners and it's quite a good batch.Big prizes went to three currently buzzy foreign film Oscar hopefuls:Shoplifters(Japan),Burning(South Korea)and Capernaum(Lebanon).The first two are in theaters now in the US right now andCapernaumopens on December 14th.They're all terrific films and have to be considered very real threats for Oscar nominations.But it's true thatthat particular categoryis super competitive so virtually any high profile title might miss the shortlist.[Before we hear who nabbed the 5 nominations on January 22nd,the Academy will narrowthat huge 87 film listdown to just 9 contenderson December 17th.]

The list of APSA winners along with a few acceptance speeches after the jump...

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Nov 20 2018

Murtada Gives Thanks

Team Experience members were invited to give thanks this week so you'll be hearing from a few of us.Here'sMurtada Elfadl...

It's that time again when we tell you lovely readers of The Film experience what we've appreciated from all the stuff we watched in the past year.亚博主页But first things first,I'm thankful for Nathaniel and The Film Experience.亚博主页For the readers and those who engage in the comments,for this lovely oasis of a community.

And now for the movies,and the people behind them,who made me whoop with joy,cry silently in my seat and sometimes shake my head in amazement and awe.

• YouTube making "The Shallow"always available just a click away so I can watch as many times as I want and not just 200 like Andrew Dice Clay.Because just listening is not enough,I want to see Gaga and Bradley!

• The gut punch to the heart that Carey Mulligan gave me this year.On stage inGirls and Boys.On screen inWildlife...

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