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Ready or Not'豪宅表现也很出色。” -Rebecca

“这很奇怪,我还挺喜欢的公寓Richard Jewelland his mom shared? It looked cozy and lived in. " -David

The Lighthouse。Really holds its own as a character along with Pattinson and Dafoe."-Ryan T

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Mar 12 2013

古玩: Liza Love

Alexa的here. Liza Minnelli turns 67 today. (Nathaniel is seeing her in concert tomorrow!). Count me among the disappointed that this year's Oscar telecast, said to be a tribute to movie musicals, didn't at least acknowledgeCabaret。看来他们打算庆祝只是形式的复兴,但尽管如此,我们不能把获得丽莎加入其他天后的数量,而不是把时间塞思·麦克法兰的颂歌胸部?

Oh well, count me amongst the grumbling olds. Suffice it to say that I love me some Liza. I can't wait until Arrested Development Season 4 premieres in a few months since I think Lucille Austero is one of her best roles. In the meantime, here are some curios that celebrate her film life.


EGOTaccessories, and moreCabaretand亚瑟后跳...

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Feb 06 2013

Cabaret Winners!

Two winners
Beedle dee, dee dee dee,

现在是时候宣布的获奖者Cabaretcontest, pulled randomly from your entries which were doubled if you sent along aCabaretinspired photo along with your note about your favorite moment in the 1972 masterpiece.




My favorite moment comes right at the top - the opening shot that pulls back off the reflection of Joel Grey as he turns to the camera/audience and starts singing "Vilkommen." It might be my favorite opening shot, period. The precision and energy of摄影,大厅的镜子扭曲the reflection, in contrast to the reality, which is kind of garish and severe, combined with the music, which is peppy and weirdly melancholy at the same time... That one shot has always felt like a perfect little encapsulation of the movie as a whole, somehow.

KATE IMYwho sent a photo of herself performing "Money Money Money" - how cool is that? She writes:

...过于字面进入你的“启发”的照片challenge. These are from when a friend and I sang the song "Money Money" in our high school Broadway review style show "Knights on Broadway." Thankfully they hide the fact that I was/am an atrocious singer. My friend with the fantastic makeup was actually quite good. So for purely selfish and awkwardly self-promotional reasons "Money Money" has a special place for me in the movie. Especially the "When you haven't any coal in the stove..." bit. So hard to do but so exciting to watch when it's done well (in the movie).


After the jump,我想你可能会喜欢一些更多的失败,但读者的极大参赛。对不起,我没有几十蓝光射线的放弃,但你都赢得了我的心脏并具有计数的东西!

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Feb 01 2013

“Cabaret" Old Chums!

Come taste the wine... Come hear the band... Come right this way start celebrating... ♫


That's Michael York, Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey and Marisa Berenson last night at the Zeigfeld, Manhattan's best movie house for festive events like retro celebrations or new premieres.Cabaret's principle cast was gathered for the second time with TCM for this special screening since the Blu-Ray is coming on Tuesday. The restoration apparently cost Warner Bros somewhere between $1 and 2 million but it's worth it. Spend the money if you've got one of the greatest films of all time in your catalogue. The movie looks beautiful and thankfully they haven't scrubbed it so free of its natural grain that it doesn't look like itself anymore.

More about the eventafter the jump

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Jan 三十 2013


I have two copies ofCabaret,one of my personal top ten favorite films of all time, remastered on Blu-ray™ for its 40th anniversary, to give away to musical-lovin' readers!
Flamboyant and eccentric American entertainer Sally Bowles (Minnelli) sings in Berlin’s decadent Kit Kat Club, even as Nazism rises in Germany in 1931. She falls in love with a British language teacher (York) – whom she shares with a homosexual German baron (Griem). But Sally's insular, carefree, tolerant and fragile cabaret world is about to be crushed under the boot of the Nazis as Berlin becomes a trap from which Sally's German friends will not escape.
Remastered for the first time in over 20 years with new and vintage special features!
新的蓝光光盘附带一本小书,以及... 40页的精辟的照片和文字。(特别版也将提供对DVD下周。)我还没有看过蓝光,我知道,底片需要被清理,但我希望他们没擦洗all晶出来的影片。我爱怎么肮脏Cabaret总是看起来。肮脏和华丽。
1)“like" The Film Experience on Facebookand tell us your favorite moment inCabaret在这里或那里的注释。(你必须为它算一举两得......因为你们当中有些人已经喜欢的页面)
No Facebook 如果你是一个网站无关(我了解一些你的存在),你可以e-mail me your entry insteadwith "Come to the Cabaret" in the subject line.

2) for a bonus entrysend a photo of yourselfinspired in any way byCabaretalong with a bit about your favorite moment in the film that I can share in a "life is a Cabaret" post with your fellow readers right here.



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Jan 20 2013

Raven Haired "Mama"

何塞here. By the time this weekend's over, Jessica Chastain will have finished taking over the world her latest movies in the first and second spots of the box office (help me out here, has this happened before?), which might not mean she's a money-making sensation (at least not yet) but will undoubtedly expose her brilliance to a broader audience. The Oscar nominated猎杀本·拉登,whose commercial success is undoubtedly owed to the torture controversy, dropped to second place, while the horror movie妈妈被设置为一个号码在中间两千万的人物打开


The Guillermo del Toro-produced movie seems to be a good 'ole "mediocre January horror flick" but it's actually not half bad. I saw it earlier today and was shocked upon realizing I hadn't rolled my eyes a single time. The Chastainite in me wants to say the movie owes itself to her, but in reality, the direction and cinematography seem like a breath of fresh air compared to what this genre has given us lately. [More Chastain after the jump...]

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Oct 09 2012

古玩: Articulated Dolls by Pucherito

Alexa的here. If you've taken a figure drawing class you're likely familiar with articulated wood mannequins (Mannyto some). I was lucky enough to spend most of my art school figure drawing classes with real human models, but occasionally as a cost-saving measure we'd have to draw from good 'ol Manny. After awhile I wanted to burn him. Maybe that's why I enjoy the use he's been put to by Pucherito, who has transformed Manny into some cultural idols with a little paint and inspiration.

Here are some film favorites given the Pucherito treatment, with the resulting effect of elongating the likes of Woody, Sly and Liza into同样瘦长比例

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八月 26 2012

Sally Bowles' Father.

Inspired by his experiences as a young man in 1930s Germany, author Christopher Isherwood (who was born on a day like today in 1904) created Sally Bowles as a symbol of the joyful decadence of the era. Sally first appeared in a novella carrying her name and then appeared once more inGoodbye Berlin,Isherwood's most famous work. Although Isherwood created many other memorable characters, (he wroteA Single Man) Sally remains the most iconic of his creations, having won awards and accolades for actresses who played her like Julie Harris (who won her first Tony playing her) and most famously Liza Minnelli who brought her to life in the musicalCabaret