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Jun 26 2019

"The Prom"gets a starry cast for its film version.

by Nathaniel R

Two girlfriends in the midwest just want to go to their prom in "The Prom"

The Prom,running through August 11th at Broadway's Longacre Theatre,has defied expectations more than once in its short life.That starts with the plot synopsis which reads like a lecturing social justice message play (Broadway stars fight against discrimination to get a young lesbian to her prom when her school balks at the idea) but is in reality a sweet often hilarious comedy which has more targets than just homophobes in its sights.The musical began previews last October on Broadway and while it wasn't expected to be a big hit (given the sad state of Broadway where branding is all important - it came with no bankable stars,no jukebox score,wasn't based on a movie) it managed to stay open for months,snag high profile Tony nominations,and secure both touring and movie adaptation deals.(It is also a total delight,as Dan told us in his review which we co-sign.)

As you've undoubtedly heard,Netflix snapped it up some time ago.Originally we thought it was going to be a straight to streaming situation,given what Netflix is planning for the newBoys in the Band(with the all-gay Broadway cast reprising their roles for the camera),but it turns out they have an Oscar run in mind.And with that a starrier cast and some degree of a theatrical release in 2020 (so we'll have at least two musicals in the mix that year given Spielberg'sWest Side Storyremake).

But areThe Prom's days of defying expectations over?

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Apr 01 2019

Stage Door: "The Prom"is a delight

byDancin' Dan

The Promcaused a big splash at the Thanksgiving Day Parade last year,giving us the first same-sex kiss ever aired as part of the parade broadcast.The uproar that followed almost single-handedly justified the musical's existence,proving that maybe the world does "really need"a musical about a bunch of past-their-prime Broadway stars who travel to Indiana to help a young gay teen who isn't being allowed to bring her girlfriend to prom.If that plotline makesThe Promsound insufferable,a hopelessly pandering piece of liberal agitprop designed to make the Broadway audience feel oh so very good about themselves for having the same morals as the show's creators,well...that's not exactly the case.The Promhas more up its sleeve than that,and it all comes down to the show's tone.

It's clear fromThe Prom's first scene that the musical's main target is not the people of Edgewater,Indiana,but rather the vainglorious Broadway stars who insert themselves where they don't belong...

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