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"These are all wonderful choices!Especially thrilled for Lynch.A competitive Oscar is sadly too much to hope for now,but I'll always cherish that Mulholland Dr best director nomination.Feels like a tiny miracle"-Brad

"I think everyone involved withLast of The Mohicansdeserves an honorary Oscar since they should have received them at the time!;-)"-Dave

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Nov 20 2018

Jason Gives Thanks

Team Experience members were invited to give thanks this week so you'll be hearing from a few of us.Here'sJason Adams...

For all of the hairs on my head and the hours of sleep that I've lost in 2018 I do feel,just a little bit,  as if I've traded them in for a couple of worthy life lessons this year.Enough to make up for the state of the world?Not for all the hair and dreams that have ever been or ever will be.But I will say that feeling in a near constant state of emergency has made me a smidge bit of a better writer,and it's nudged me ever so gently towards getting some of my shit together.To paraphrase Ryan Gosling's schtick -- one small step for me,one giant leap (into the abyss) for mankind.Helluva trade.Here's some of the great stuff I'm thankful for the nudges from...

• Moviepass burned high and too too bright this year,echoing our migraines,but I'm thankful to the service at its height for letting me see Luca Guadagnino'sCall Me By Your Namein the theater a personal record shattering 18 times - in a crazy world those six summer weeks learning about love and peaches with Oliver and Elio and Elio and Oliver were the only thing that made any sense to me.For a film so warm and sunny I'll weirdly forever associate it with walking through cold weather in Central Park to get to or from the Paris Theater,"Love My Way"by the Psychedelic Furs blasting in my ears.(I rounded up most of my writing on the filmright at this link.)

• Funny enough the end of 2018 belongs to Luca too,as the only music haunting my ear buds this Autumn has been Thom Yorke's by turns gorgeous,terrifying score forSuspiria.I'm thankful for that whole unholy beast of a film,bursting with ideas and emotions and Tildas...

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Oct 12 2018

Posterized: Timothée Chalamet

by Nathaniel R

fan posterby sexysapiens'Surely young Timothée doesn't deserve a retrospective "Posterized"episode ?' you say.

'Ah but the young people are much quicker subjects,' say I who likes the prospect of only having to collect a handful of posters this week.

The 22 year-old star Timothée Chalamet was raised in New York with summers in France (his dad is French hence the accented name and his bilingual-ness).As a professional teen actor his first screen gigs were  recurring roles on Season 4 of "Royal Pains"and Season 2 of HBO's then enormously popular "Homeland"series,both in 2012.He hopped over to the movies very shortly thereafter.Though his feature film debut (Men Women and Children) flopped hard it wasn't long before he becamethe third youngest guy ever nominated for the Best Actor Oscarjust last awards season.His new filmBeautiful Boyabout a father and son's torturous battle with the son's drug addicition hit theaters today in very limited release with expansions to follow soon given the starpower.

Chalamet turns 23 in December.Will The Academy give him a belated birthday gift in February forBeautiful Boy?The one they should have given him earlier this year?We don't (currently) think so but you never know.

His filmography in poster form is after the jump.How many have you seen?

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Jun 19 2018

Boss Us Around: Which Streaming Titles Must We Discuss?

PSA:Call Me By Your Nameis just 99¢ on iTunes this week.So if you haven't yet seenthe 4th best movie of 2017,get on that!We've written quite a lot about the filmhereso we don't feel the need to revisit yet but there are a lot of other practically free rentals to consider.

In an effort to better serve you let's handyouthe reigns for a bit.Please sound off on the following polls after the jumpand we promise to saysomething-- though how much who knows -- about the top 2 movies you pick in each poll...

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May 06 2018

GLAAD Media Award Winners 2018

GLAAD,The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation,announces their annual awards in two parts each year.Earlier this month they handed out a slew of awards in Los Angeles with Britney Spears and Jim Parsons honored and this weekend they finished out in New York horing Ava DuVernay and Samira Wiley (though we haven't yet seen videos of the New York ceremony).Melissa Etheridge and Adam Lambert performed a new arrangement of Etheridge's classic hit "I'm the Only One"to mark the 25th anniversary of her quadruple platinum "Yes,I Am"album which was a watershed moment in LGBT visibility in rock and roll.25 years...wow.Remember Juliette Lewis giving one her best performances ever in the video to "Come to My Window"?The latter song also won Melissa Etheridge her final Grammy Award though she's been nominated several times since.

But back to the now or the recent now.This is probably the last time you'll hear about awards forCall Me By Your Nameas the world moves on to whatever 2018 and 2019 have in store.A complete list of the GLAAD awards is after the jump.And,because we like to go the extra mile for you,we've included links to anything we could find in the journalism realm that won an award so you can read or watch the winning articles or docs or fiction...

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Mar 28 2018

James Ivory & the controversy that won't go away!


If you thought that after the Oscars you'd never hear about亚博主页Call Me By Your Name,think again.The movie is now out on DVD but that is not why it's in the headlines once again.Oscar winning screenwriter James Ivory would just not let his displeasure with the non-nudity in the film die.We are all for a true legend like Ivory to say whatever the fuck he wants,whenever he wants.So we are all in for his recent interview that's making the rounds now.

In the CMBYN cultural wars of last Oscar season there are two camps.The first think that it lessens the power of its story by shying away from explicit nudity in its sex scenes.The second think that was the right aesthetic choice for the story and that the film is not "coy"because it shows Armie Hammer wiping cum from his chest.This is a short and reductive way of briefly explaining the different POVs;each camp of course has more nuance...

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Mar 22 2018

Film Bitch Awards Finale - The Medal Ceremony

by Nathaniel R

Cue trumpets and confetti!The 18th annual Film Bitch Awards have finally reached their conclusion with the "best scene"page fully up and complete with nominations and medals for BEST KISS,BEST ACTION SCENE,and BEST MUSICAL SEQUENCE and the like.

64 movies were honored over our 40 regular categories for the 2017 film year.Lady BirdandGet Outled this past year's crop with 13 nominations each and 10 and 9 medal wins respectively.Other top ten entries that scored multiple medals wereCall Me By Your Name,Baby Driver,andAtomic Blonde.The films that made the strongest showing without scoring in headline categories or the top ten list were:Phantom Thread,The Greatest Showman,andBlade Runner 2049.

Some curiousities:The Florida Projectwon only gold medals,never a silver or bronze.Oscar's best picture winnerThe Shape of Waterwas nominated in six categories but only took home one medal (gold for Production Design).And the film that Oscar completely ignored that performed strongest here was --  no surprise I suppose -- France's Oscar submissionBPMwith 8 nominations,1 gold,1 silver,and 4 bronze medals.

Part 1- Film,Director,Picture
Part 2-Acting Categories
Part 3- Visuals
Part 4- Music and Sound
Part 5- Non-Traditional Acting Categories
Part 6- Character Prizes
Part 7- Best Scene Work

...and in case you missed it,the top ten list write-up.We hope you enjoyedall our 2017 coverage.Now on to 2018 as Spring begins!

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