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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Nov 01 2018

Netflix in November: Doctor Strange,16 Candles,Children of Men, etc...

Time to play Streaming Roulette.Each month,to survey new streaming titles we freeze frame the films at random places with the scroll bar and whatever comes up first,that's what we share!

Here's what's new on Netflix...

When you leave,you should forget me.

The English Patient(1996) won 9 Oscars.亚博主页Nine!As much as that's a wonderful movie -- and my god it hurts to look at these two (Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas in they're prime) they're so superhumanly gorgeous -- 9 is a lot.I'm glad Oscar has recently moved away from giving all the statues to one movie.It's been 10 years since we've had that kind of overkill (Slumdog Millionaire with 8)...and lately things have been winning closer to 3-5 which is more than enough for most movies,even the great ones...

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Aug 26 2017


Two truths.

After the jump: cool cats,controversial fav Scorsese,eclipse jokes,Emmy jokes,niche actressexual polls,and much more...

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Feb 04 2017

22 Days til Oscar.Scorsese Trivia, Anyone?

22 is today's magic number.Two working directors,Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese,are ever inching up the statistics of "Directors who've guided the most Oscar-nominated performances"with 18 and 22 performances,respectively,thus far.William Wyler and Elia Kazan are still the champs but Martin Scorsese could eventually topple Kazan's record.This year's Scorsese pictureSilencedidn't manage an acting nomination (it's nominated only in cinematography) though some were rooting for Issei Ogata's sly supporting role as The Inquisitor.So Scorsese's number remains 22.

Most Performances Nominated From Their Films

  1. William Wyler (36...with 14 winners)
  2. Elia Kazan (24...with 9 winners)
  3. Martin Scorsese (22...with 5 winners)
  4. George Cukor (21 ...with 5 winners)
  5. Fred Zinneman (20 ...6 winners)

It seems unthinkable now that the first two nominated performances Marty directed were by women,since he never again directed a female-focused picture afterAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore(1974) but it's true.The Scorsese list of 8 supporting actresses,7 lead actors,5 supporting actors,and 2 lead actresses follows...

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Nov 13 2016

Podcast: Arrival,Loving,and Cape Fear

We're back to weekly podcasts!This weekNick,Joe,andNathanieldiscuss two new Best Picture hopefuls and one bold remake

Index (43 minutes)
00:01Arrival -thinky empathetic sci-fi just when we're starved for understanding in the real world + Amy Adams!
19:35 Slight spoilery territory onArrivaland comparing it to other movies
27:05Cape Fear's 25th anniversary.One of our favorite Scorsese's.
33:30Lovinga quiet civil rights drama
41:11Almost Christmasand goodbyes

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Loving and Arrival...