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Nov 17 2018

Golden Horse Winners (including "Shadow") and Fashions!

by Nathaniel R

Ang Lee and Andy Lau cheering on the winners

The Golden Horse Awards had a truly spread the wealth kind of year with no film dominating - all five of the Best Film nominees won multiple times.Though it didn't win the most statues,the four hour dramaElephant Sitting Stilltook Best Picture.Zhang Yimou took Best Director forShadow(reviewed)and the film won three other technical prizes,leading the win tally.It probably helped that Yimou had his long time former muse,the goddess Gong Li,presiding over the jury but you can excuse those Huppert judging Haneke at Cannes style situations when it comes to the greatest director/muse pairings and Gong Li and Zhang Yimou are certainly on the all-time list.If you're unfamiliar with their work together watch any of their eight collaborations -- I'm most partial toJu DouorRaise the Red Lanternpersonally -- and be floored.

Best Actress Gowns!

The winners,a few gifs,and red carpet fashions are after the jump...

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Apr 26 2015

A.I. "2046"

Who's ever fallen in love with an android?"

So wonders the train captain,jovially dismissive of his staff of beautiful female robots aboard a train leaving the futuristic district of2046.The answer,as we know from the annals of cinematic and literary history,is many a man,and Tak (Takuya Kimura) is merely the latest.

Dave continues our artificial intelligence celebration after the jump...

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Feb 05 2014

More Kudos for The Grandmaster

The awards journey of Wong Kar Wai's long-gestating martial arts history epic continues.ThoughThe Grandmasterdidn't win aBest Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination,it nevertheless became one of thoserare subtitled pictures to become a multiple Oscar nomineeevenwithoutthat honor.Though it's not likely to win either of its Oscar nominations,more trophies might be coming its way.Itlost the Golden Horsefor Best Picture,Asia's most prestigious film trophy,but now it leads the Hong Kong Film Award nominations with 14 nominations.Its nearest rival isUnbeatable,a fight tournament movie with 11 nominations which is really much closer to a Hollywood style inspirational sports drama likeWarrior.(I reviewed the latter at TIFF last year.)

Eddie Peng and Nick Cheung in UNBEATABLE

For those who,like me,are confused at the amount of different film awards for the Chinese film industry,I have asked and it works out something like so.There are three major regions (Taiwan,China,Hong Kong) and they each have film awards;TheGolden Horseare from Taiwan and are considered the most prestigious because they have the widest open playing field (all three major regions are eligible for prizes plus places like Singapore -- which took Best Picture forIlo Iloif you'll recall) and they are the oldest and thus an institution;the Hong Kong Film Awards concentrate on Hong Kong cinema and China's Golden Rooster concentrates on mainland China...though in all three cases certain films work around the rules.It was ever so in film awards from anywhere,yes?

The nominee list,with more commentary,isafter the jump

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Jul 06 2011

Man vs. Link

GrantlandMolly Lambert's incisive piece on Shia Labeouf's star persona "Tears of a Fighting Clown"
Super Punch"Zombie Snow White MacBook Stickers"Eeek and Yay!
i09wonders which DC characters could save DC's miserable movie track record.I voted for "Aquaman but only if James Cameron directs it"because James Cameron is awesome.The end.
PopMattersmuses on Marvel and whether or not they can sustain their own coherent movie universe.
The Awl"30 Ways to Say 'I Want You'"

xinmsnTony Leung Chiu-Wai and Carina Lau are trying to get pregnant.A fan snaps them having lunch with Faye Wong.I personally think Wong Kar Wai should film all such too-starry lunches.
TowleroadReason #21,318 to Love Brad Pitt.He's still fighting the equality fight with mouth and money.
Critical Conditionwould like to know what you think of this new serenity in the face of death as seen inRestless,The Big C,50/50and the like.

And the season premiere ofMan vs.Wildis nearly upon us (July 11th) with Jake Gyllenhaal hitting Iceland with Bear Grylls.

Jake's technique is looking good.His body is relaxed which means his trailing leg is hanging well down,making it easier to keep his balance.