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十月 03 2015年


托德海恩斯备受期待卡罗筛选一周前为NYFF请我立刻开始原地踏步P.C.“POST CAROL”这是有影响力的。对于出现无量与力如此微妙它打破东西。卡罗志不一个豪华40something社会妻子(凯特·布兰切特),并不陌生,女同志事务,谁也从来没有恋爱好奇20something摄影师/女店员(鲁尼玛拉)之间的关系。海恩斯的第六个特点是他最好的,因此两者的奇迹之一,因为他已经从电影屏幕不见了擅离职守八年一种解脱。这开始了漫长的干旱电影,I'm Not There,是唯一一个this长期海恩斯狂热doesn't珍爱。


1。Gifts & Gift-Wrapping

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九月 三十 2015年


随着Best ActressBest Supporting Actress(或“最佳女主角铂2”如果类别欺诈势力有自己的方式!)图表更新,所有奥斯卡图表是现在最新的。接下来的更新是...?好了,我们拭目以待。但十月往往是有益的。以下是评论的问题提示你已经签出的图表后。

1。Will it help to be the first FYC screeners out?
布莱斯丹纳(72)谁进行I'll See You in My Dreams和莉莉·汤姆林(76)谁驱动器Grandma已经有安检员出来。我迫不及待地想再次观看两者。我就抱着他们在我手中,以证明我渴望你,但后来我怎么可能类型?正如先前在“要么/或”偏执狂(火星与表达疯狂的麦克斯或与真理聚光灯的情况下),“要么/或”经常是假双输的游戏。但是,这将是有趣的,看看院房间拥有多少恒星老年妇女仍然。说起...

2。Older Titans or Fresh Excitements?
对于高级定,也就是夏洛特汉普林(69)在45 Years但她冒着被最后一个人走出大门,为玛丽昂·歌迪亚尝试(成功)的薄得多场的最后一年。即使奥斯卡决定,今年希望所有新鲜事物的年轻 - 也有很多,其中与西尔莎·罗南和艾莉西亚·维肯特导致特定包 - 并没有持久增辉最终提名清爽是什么让我们有three高级女装在运行,今年他们的名字都没有米伦或斯特里普或丹奇?答:非常!

3。How can we ever stop Category Fraud?
艾莉西亚·维肯特isThe Danish Girl(但是,是的,所以是埃迪·雷德梅尼所以这是一个完美的标题)UPDATE: But the studio has confimed to us that she's running in supporting.The same is true for Rooney Mara谁是100%绝对明确完全不容争辩的铅卡罗(应该有任何怀疑,因为我们的感觉),无论什么运动战略家要求。我坚信,这两个玛拉和布兰切特也被提名,如果被推动在一个盒子套卡罗,一拉Thelma & Louise...如果Thelma & Louise已经感到兴奋床上用品在他们的客场之旅,而不是,比方说,布拉德·皮特对方。浪漫剧,报应或不求回报的,通常需要两根导线...它是野兽的本质。假装玛拉正在支持卡罗就像是假装凯特温斯莱特支持金凯瑞在Eternal Sunshine或莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥在Titanic(或反之亦然),或像假装布兰切特支持芝在Notes on a---哦啊。该死的!


4。Among the actual supporting players/characters this year who could win traction?
类别欺诈往往是几年一个更大的问题时,令人难忘的实际配角出现在年底。和2015年是definitely有这个问题。通常我有这一点的完整列表,我很渴望留住,但它是一个薄弱的一年中全体女的部分。案例分析:这是令人兴奋的认为伊丽莎白·莫斯在与布兰切特现蕾真理,但她只有几行。和 Sarah Paulson is as wonderful as everyone has come to expect in卡罗but as with12年一个奴隶, other much more famous or less famous actresses havelarger roles in her movies.When will a filmmaker give her THE key female role, supporting or otherwise, in a movie?She's earned it.

Jane Fonda has just one scene in Youth (and a flash cut from another scene) but boy is it a doozy.Half of the movie points right at this scene.

I'm currently predicting Jane Fonda in青年, Julie Walters in布鲁克林, and Jennifer Jason Leigh inHateful Eightfor the more traditional type of strong candidates, making big marks in well liked movies either by way of the script blazingly focusing on them or by way of scene stealing or by way of being the key woman in a man's movie.All three of these are risky bets for different reasons (Leigh mostly because people haven't yet seen the film ...和 because she has historically proven easy for the Academy to ignore even when she had juicy big roles) but the supporting actress race is looking like the last of the four acting competitions that will come into proper focus.

5.Who do you think we're underestimating and which chart position do you think is spot on?
Sound off.

6.Remember thatNew Best Actress Hierarchywe published in February?
Jane Fonda (#6), Cate Blanchett (#11), Maggie Smith (#12) and Kate Winslet (#18) could all move up a rung or two this year if Oscar voters embrace their latest roles.

九月 24 2015年

This is a rhetorical question, right?

We'll come tonight if you'll be there,卡罗.Jeezus.

On a scale of 1-20 how sick are you of waiting for the new Todd Haynes masterwork*?I finally get to see this on Cate is just teasing me with this gif (with its "Sunday" nonsense) which I stole fromThe Tracking Board**

For the record icymi:卡罗has an earlier release date than it once had and now arrives in limited release on November 20th.It screens as part of the New York Film Festival in October.

*presumed, but it's Todd Haynes so such presumptions are historically based.

** The Tracking Board lists Carol as a movie they'll skip in theaters and watch on Netflix later.They are either a) insane or b) have never experienced a Todd Haynes movie on the big screen and either way we feel terribly for them.

九月 07 2015年

Best Actress Updates, Or: Get Right With God.Stop Category Fraud!

News, or shall we say "scuttlebutt," recently broke in regards to Todd Haynes long-awaited卡罗that Cate Blanchett would campaign for Supporting Actress and Rooney Mara for Lead.Speaking at length to someone who has seen the picture they say, and I quote, "...either demotion absolutely insane. Even moreso thanNotes on a Scandal." referring of course to the last time that Cate Blanchett pulled out the category fraud stops to get nominated for a lesbian drama. Only this time she's the title character, making it even more ridiculous.

Then Cate's agent denied it.

Which is all along way of saying...that discussions and are still forming.But why should they be when it comes to Supporting/Lead campaigns?why should they be?

If it were to go that way the reasoning is clear: to have Cate avoid competing with herself for真理, the Rather-Gate movie in which she plays Mary Mapes to Robert Redford's Dan Rather, and defer to Rooney Mara since Rooney took Best Actress at Cannes.If you remove all concerns about ethics, this is just fine and makes sense...butreally now.Shouldn't power players within Hollywood have some ethics and set good examples?Cate has two Oscars already.It's time for actors, particularly those of Cate's magnitude, to stop with the greed and start standing up for what's right: let actual character/supporting actors have a shot at Oscar nominations in the category designed to honor them rather than pretend you're not huge star in a leading role just so that you can be feted again.(See also: Julia Roberts inAugust Osage Countyrecently who also had no excuse for the greed, and whose very stardom ruined the property's ending by insisting on a cutaway closeup that dampened the meaning)

和 yes stars do approve their campaigns.They are not blameless though the strategies come from elsewhere.

On the other hand this particular卡罗proposition would not likely be the type of Category Fraud that voters would go along peacefully with.Especially not with Cate having top billing, being the title character, and getting 3/5th of the movie poster for her face.Every once in a while they do balk at fraudulent campaigns as when they "promoted" Keisha Castle-Hughes to her true category (Lead forWhale Riderdespite a supporting campaign) or when Kate Winslet greedily attempted a double nod by pretending she was supporting inThe Readerto clear the way for her lead campaign inRevolutionary Road.Instead AMPAS voters just ignored the latter and "promoted" her for the Holocaust drama to the category she belonged in anyway.For now I'm demoting both Rooney & Cate on both charts until we see further evidence that anyone beyond SAG (who are required to vote by how the studio submits)is going to buy this 'Carol is the supporting player in卡罗'business.

Finally, there is no reason to believe that both Rooney and Cate couldn't be nominated in Best Actress if they ran a truthful campaign as it's happened before, and not just once either.One could argue that the only reason it doesn't happen anymore is that its only very rarely attempted it.In supporting where it's frequently attempted it happens frequently.

Spotlight's ensemble features Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo in the largest roles.But technically they could go any which way with campaigning, even trying "all supporting" like The Departed did

在其他奇怪的分类新闻我忘了dd Jason Segel (in another two-hander same-gender film) to the Supporting Actor chart last time round forEnd of the Tourso there he goes.All Acting Category Charts are now updated:

LEAD ACTRESS- lots of strong contenders
LEAD ACTOR- lots of strong contenders
SUPPORTING ACTRESS, - very vague at this point.多 will still happen
SUPPORTING ACTOR- starting to take shape

九月 04 2015年

Location Location Location: Telluride Fest, Hell's Club, White House

VarietyDean Jones, Disney star of the 60s and 70s, dies at 84.RIP
VarietyNational Medal of Arts recipients this week at the White House include Larry McMurtry, Stephen King and Sally Field!
This is Not PornPeter O'Toole playing cricket duringThe Lion in Winter
Boston GlobeSienna Miller cut fromBlack Mass- oh the indignities of how many miniscule roles she gets
Many Rantings of JohnthinksGame of Throneswill beatMad Mento the Drama Emmy.Agree?I think I do.I've managed to keep myMad Menexpectations tamped down (but for Jon Hamm who is deserving times a thousand) and four Best Drama trophies for an 8 year series (F*** you F***ing two-part finale TV/movie trend) is nothing to complain about, you know?
Varietyraves Tom McCarthy'sSpotlightwith the "heftiest roles" belonging to Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo.Move it up your Oscar charts

AV ClubAnne Hathaway on losing roles to early 20somethings-- hey she isn't talking aboutSilver Linings Playbookis she?
Comics Alliancelooks at those unboxedStar Wars: The Force Awakenstoys.If you're into that sort of thing
Pajibatries to recastGalaxy Questwhich is going to become a TV series now.Honestly, in some cases why recast?Missi Pyle needs to be a regular!
MNPPmore new pics fromA Bigger Splashwith Tilda Swinton.It looks more and more scrumptuous the more we see
MNPPalso believes that Jake Gyllenhaal nudity has been removed fromEverest.Boo!
Kenneth in the (212)Henry Cavill apologizes for his boner
TowleroadCandis Cayne'sCurb Your Enthusiasmexperience.(I've never told you this but IloveCandis Cayne -- sinceWigstockin 1995 -- and am so glad she's getting more press via "I Am Cait".)
EmpireI somehow missed the news thatNeighborsis getting a sequel (already filming) but maybe I blocked it out since Selena Gomez and Chloe Moretz are the antagonists this time for our hapless marrieds played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne?
Varietyon a new biography "Can I Go Now?" on outrageous superagent Sue Mengers agent to Barbra Streisand who is having quite a posthumous revival of late
Time Out LondonJoaquin Phoenix onIrrational Man和 why he turned downDoctor Strange

When I was younger I was probably a bit of a snob about [taking on blockbuster roles].But they’ve gotten better.I’ve flirted with several of those films, having meetings and getting close, but ultimately it never felt like they’d really be fulfilling.There were too many requirements that went against my instincts for character.I’ve been spoiled.I’ve never had to make those compromises.I’ve not met a director yet with one of those films where we go through the script, they say: ‘You know what, fuck this set-piece, let’s focus on the character!’ I understand, but it’s best I don’t do it.

Video of the Day
Check out thisincrediblemashup of movie characters in "Hell's Club" starring Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, and John Travolta.I especially like theCollateralonCocktailstaredown and unobtrusiveBoogie Nightsappearances

Telluride Lineup
The high altitude festival kicks off today with the following 27 film lineup.TFE never attends Telluride because it is against our "deeply held religious beliefs" to pay for the privilege of giving a festival free publicity (unlike most A list festivals you have to pay for a press pass).Titles in red are also playing at TIFF some of which have already played Cannes or Berlinale and some of which will also play NYFF.Titles in blue are playing NYFF but not TIFF which is a roundabout way of saying we'll be seeing most of them within a month, just not this very weekend!They'll also be giving awards/holding tributes to director Danny Boyle (Steve Jobs), Rooney Mara (Carol) --Nick made a funny-- and documentarian Adam Curtis (Bitter Lake) so Oscar Campaign Season has officially begun.Speaking of Rooney, here's the new poster for卡罗.Unimaginative but pretty!

  • CAROL(d.Todd Haynes, U.S., 2015)
  • AMAZING GRACE(d.Sydney Pollack, U.S., 1972/2015)
  • ANOMALISA(d.Charlie Kaufman, U.S., 2015)
  • BEAST OF NO NATION(d.Cary Fukunaga, U.S., 2015)
  • HE NAMED ME MALALA(d.Davis Guggenheim, U.S., 2015)
  • STEVE JOBS(d.Danny Boyle, U.S., 2015)
  • IXCANUL(d.Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala, 2015)
  • BITTER LAKE (d.Adam Curtis, U.K., 2015)
  • ROOM(d.Lenny Abrahamson, England, 2015)
  • BLACK MASS(d.Scott Cooper, U.S., 2015)
    Why anyone would be seeing Black Mass at either fest when it opens on 09/18, I cannot say!
  • SUFFRAGETTE (d.Sarah Gavron, U.K., 2015)
  • SPOTLIGHT(d.Tom McCarthy, U.S., 2015)
  • RAMS(d.Grímur Hákonarson, Iceland, 2015)
  • MOM AND ME (d.Ken Wardrop, Ireland, 2015)
  • VIVA (d.Paddy Breathnach, Ireland, 2015)
  • TAJ MAJAL (d.Nicolas Saada, France-India, 2015)
  • SITI (d.Eddie Cahyono, Indonesia, 2015)
  • HEART OF THE DOG(d.Laurie Anderson, U.S.2014)
  • 45 YEARS(d.和rew Haigh, England, 2015)
  • SON OF SAUL(d.Lázló Nemes, Hungary, 2015)
  • ONLY THE DEAD (d.Michael Ware, Bill Guttentag, U.S.- Australia, 2015)
  • TAXI(d.Jafar Panahi, Iran, 2015)
  • HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT(d.Kent Jones, U.S., 2015)
  • TIME TO CHOOSE (d.Charles Ferguson, U.S., 2015)
  • MARGUERITE (d.Xavier Giannoli, France, 2015)
  • TIKKUN (d.Avishai Sivan, Israel, 2015)
  • WINTER ON FIRE: UKRAINE’S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM(d.Evgeny Afineevsky, Russia-Ukraine, 2015)

Off Screen
Vulturesmart negative review ofMiley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz.I like the album quite a lot more than this but salient points made
Broadway BuzzKathleen Turner to costar in "Would You Still Love Me..." Off Broadway.It's about gender reassignment surgery.But not her characters (sorry,Friendsfans).Her child is considering it in the play.
NYTa profile of a "fit-model".I include this because I had never heard of this job until I became friends some years ago with a girl who is one!(Hi, Jenn!) People get this job not from magazine-beauty but from having ideal/average proporations/measurements for clothes-sizes.It's always neat to realize that each industry has jobs you've never imagined that people can actually earn livings from.
Gothamiston the best non Broadway theater companies in NYC
i09novelist Don DeLillo to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Book Awards this fall

Showtune to Go
Sincewe were just talking about Lucille Ballhere's a comic number "Jitterbug Bite" fromDance, Girl, Dance(1940)

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