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"I am also a big fan of this show,because of Fincher and the detective work,even if the show skirts very close sometimes to murderer fetish..."-Jono

"I love this show.I binged 7 of the 9 episodes and could have finished but I wanted to savor it a little longer.It's such an engrossing show and beautifully filmed"-Raul

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Mar 21 2016

The Furniture: Brooklyn and Carol's Dramatically Different Department Stores

It's our new Production Design series,"The Furniture."Daniel Walber kicked things offlast week with the bedroom in The Exorcist.Now a different era and public spaces - Editor

Thanks toBrooklynandCarol,2015 was a banner year for the 1950s department store.Both Eilis and Therese spend a fair amount of time as New York City shopgirls,selling to housewives and dealing with stern floor managers.Yet,despite the ostensibly common setting,Brooklyn's Bartocci's andCarol's Frankenberg's could not be more different.

The staff areas are a good place to start.Bartocci's has a simple enough space for its employees,with open coat lockers to keep their belongings.It's not beautiful,but the wood lends it a cozy quality.Production designer François Séguin (The Red Violin) and art directors Irene O'Brien (This Must Be the Place) and Robert Parle (Riddick) have a subtle,but assured touch.[More...]

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Mar 18 2016

The BFI's 30 Best LGBT Films of All Time

Have you seen the British Film Institute's 30 Best LBGT Films of All Time yet?The list was compiled in honor of the 30th London LGBT Film Festival and features a delightfully wide range of global cinema,classics,and new favorites.

There have been complaints of recent films performing so high on an All Time list,but it's important to remember that LGBT film has become increasingly more common and less niche in recent years - such a list is naturally going to be drawing from a larger pool of candidates from the past 20 years.

The BFI's number one is the most recent andwe might have had a few things to say about it hereat The Film Experience.亚博主页Yes,the belovedCaroltook the top spot.Say what you will about this months-old film winning an All Time title,at least our beloved has finally won something!It's also exciting that they awarded a film directed by an LGBT person,as our stories are historically rewarded when told by straight persons.

Following right behind is another gay romance: Andrew Haigh'sWeekend.The film is recent to the world,but an even more recent release in Italy where it is just now opening five years after its debut.It even drew unusually large crowds,too -despite pushback from the Vatican.

The Full List after the jump...

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Mar 01 2016

The 88th Oscars' Biggest Losers and Classics That Shared Their Fate亚博主页

Davidherewith some commiserations.The winners have been duly celebrated but what of those valiant souls who came,who sat,and who meekly applauded while silently ripping their pocket speeches to pieces?Are they over it by now?

Sometimes being the biggest loser can make you more famous than being a winner - just ask Leonardo DiCaprio,who may well just cease to exist now that his one purpose in life has been fulfilled and the internet's long love affair with affectionately mocking memes has come to an end.Can we assume that Roger Deakins is up next for this treatment…?

The record for the biggest loser on Oscar night is jointly held by 1977'sThe Turning Pointand 1985'sThe Color Purple.SinceThe Revenantwalked away with 3 gongs from a possible 12 andMad Max: Fury Roadgloriously swept the technical categories for 6 out of 10,no film came close to the record - unlike recent failuresTrue GritandAmerican Hustle,which both saw 10 noms come to sweet f' all.(The Color Purple's director Steven Spielberg was saved from indignity again with Mark Rylance's sort-of-surprise win forBridge of Spies.)

Yet some of 2015's biggest movies still ended the night empty-handed.Since time has a habit of remembering movies differently to Oscar,let's see what hallowed company Sunday's biggest losers are joining in the hall of infamy.How might they fair in the collective memory in twenty years time?(Please forgive my Photoshop skillsafter the jump)

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Feb 28 2016

Film Bitch Awards ~ The Grand Finale

Another film year closes.Tonight when the Best Picture prize is handed out (it'll be a nailbiter down to the wire,even ifThe Revenantis taking lots of craft prizes) it's all over but the post-mortem party and then we're on to 2016's movies.At last!But first,if you haven't checked Nathaniel's own annual tradition theFilm Bitch Awards(the name came from friends in college before the site existed -- yes,i was giving out imaginary prizes every year since,like,junior high -- and it stuck for better and SEO worst),please do.

Nominations and gold,silver,and bronze medals in 18 traditional categories and 22 "extra"fun ones have all been announced.Consider this a yearbook of TFE's most beloved screen adventures and obsessions from the 2015 film year.I wish we could have an awards show (perhaps a video show for 2016?though we'll need more funds first.Hint hint.Subscribe!) or forge actual medals.But for now these annual prizes will have to do!

PAGE 1Picture,Director,Screenplay
CarolandMad Maxbegin their huge medal runs.Which will emerge victorious?

PAGE 2Acting Categories
Prizes forSteve Jobs,45 Years,Love and Mercy,Creed,and more...

PAGE 3Visual Categories
Ex Machinarefuses to leave empty-handed despite fierce competition

PAGE 4Music & Sound Categories
Sicariogets much of its punch from its ear candy.Or ear poison,rather,because that shit is sinister.

PAGE 5Extra Acting-Related Categories
*JUST ANNOUNCED*Nominations and Medals in the Limited and Cameo categories including honors forMagic Mike XXL,Grandma,lesser known actors fromSpotlightand more...

PAGE 6Memorable Characters
Prizes forInside Outand more...

PAGE 7Best Scenes
Here's where films of all genres and target audiences tend to rise up to joust with each other.Notices for a huge swath of high and lowbrow achievements:50 Shades of Grey,Avengers: Age of Ultron,Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation,Tangerine,Diary of a Teenage Girl,and many more...

Please enjoy and discuss.It's more fun when movie-love is communal!

Feb 27 2016

Live Blog : Independent Spirit Awards

Welcome to the Independent Spirit Awards Live Blog!Your usual host Nathaniel is otherwise occupied.I'mMurtadahoping to take you through the next couple of hours in good spirits and minimal puns.

Refresh periodically for updates!

The show hosts today areSaturday Night Livestar Kate McKinnon andSilicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani.They gave a fun interview to Vanity Fair where they both admitted to being obsessed with awards shows growing up.Do you think they read The Film Experience?亚博主页


"I have this notebook.I'm about 12 and I've got a notebook,and I watch all these shows and write down the winners in all of the categories.In every category at all the Oscars,亚博主页the Globes,the Emmys....Because I was really so interested in the entertainment industry."


"I loved the Oscars and I had V.H.S.亚博主页tapes for the Oscars,亚博主页and I used to watch them over and over.There was probably one year where I watched it like 20 times or something."

Read itwhen the commercials are on;it's fun.

The nominations were led byCarol(6) andBeasts of No Nation(5).But if the last few years are any indication thenSpolight,which scored 4 nominations,is the favorite since it's the only Oscar best picture nominee in the running.They really love the Oscars at Indie Spirits.亚博主页

However this year there are several categories that have 0 correlation with Oscar.So we are in for an unpredictable show.Hopefully.

Live commentary after the jump:

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Feb 23 2016

Carol-Loving Hero of the Week: Chris Elena

This story must be prefaced by the fact that we don't condone tweetingduringmovies but this story was too delicious not to share.Christopher Elena,knownCarollover and apparently Australian prankster,took his young brother and his gaggle of 13 yr old friends to the movies with the promise ofDeadpool.

But he bought tickets forCarolinstead.On purpose.For your reading pleasure after the jump...

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