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Feb 18 2016

Q&A: Actressexual Longings & Carol Gender-Flipped

It's another Q & A.Ask it and it shall be er...might be answered.When I started typing this week I couldn't stop and before I know it there were thousands and thousands of words.So that takes care of two Q&As .

Here's the first half of the madscribblingstypings then.

What is your favorite non-nominated performance from each of the five titans of the acting nominations?(Meryl Streep,Katharine Hepburn,Jack Nicholson,Bette Davis and Laurence Olivier) - SEAN

NATHANIEL: Oh this is a tough one since those people were Oscared for breathing.Okay.Let's take them in reverse order of preference as actors...

Sir Laurence Olivier.Weirdly I was just watchingAs You Like It(1936) just the other day.I wasn't all that impressed though he definitely had an easier time with the material and the medium than the other stagebound performers.I have seen several of his non-nominated films,mostly from when I was very young so I don't remember them well.Spartacus?Dracula?That Hamilton Woman?I have no idea.I'm not a Sir Larry personat all!I almost always prefer his co-stars even in his biggest hits.

Katharine Hepburn.Bringing Up Baby(1938) is such a comic jewel.Mid 30s to Early 40s is best with Hepburn.

Jack Nicholson.The Shining(1980).Sure he goes big but the nightmare requires that level of commitment to devilish abandon.He does supersized devilish abandon inWitches of Eastwick(1987) as well but in the latter case it's distracting since the women are already sparking so much.Take it down,Jack.

Bette Davis.I confess: I haven't seen all that many of her non-nominated performances.I don't think she's very good inHush HushSweet Charlotteor her late camp work and not very memorable inThree on a Match.Hmmm.MaybeThe Great Lie(1941)?But Mary Astor performs Grand Theft Movie in that one.What a knockout star turn.

Meryl Streep.Easy.The Hours(2002)."I seem to be...unravelling."

lots more after the jump

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Feb 18 2016

Interview: Ed Lachman on the Exquisite "Carol"and Dancing with Todd Haynes

It's our lastCarolinterview,he announced with a catch in his throat,attempting to let the best film of 2015 go for awhile.Our subject today is one of the great cinematographers,Edward Lachman.His filmography is loaded with essential mavericks of independent cinema like Sofia Coppola,Robert Altman,Steve Soderbergh,Todd Solondz and European auteurs,too.But his most fruitful collaboration has been with Todd Haynes.Carolmarks their fourth and arguably best collaboration and brough him his long overdue second Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography.

The New Jersey native started in Studio Arts like painting and art history and viewed them as more creative outlet than profession.Eventually he found he could earn a living as a cinematographer and a rich succession of images have flooded out of him ever since -- think of the golden ragged warmth ofErin Brockovich,the supremely stylized Sirkian homage ofFar From Heaven,and the hazy mystery of The Virgin Suicides.And that's just three titles.

I was eager to get on the phone with the man behind so many beautiful films and share a personal way his work affected me at the beginning of my cinephilia.But first I had to gush overCaroland how much it rewards repeat viewings. He joked thatCarolobsessives have seen the movie more times than he has...and he shot it!

NATHANIEL: I began all myCarolinterviews this season with "Why are you such a genius?"

ED LACHMAN: Someone once wrote that I'm a 'near genius'.I feel like more of a near genius.

NATHANIEL: [Laughs] Stop qualifying.The movie isexquisitelybeautiful

LACHMAN: Thank you.A lot of it has to do with our director Todd Haynes.I'm a conduit to his vision.I interpret it through the images but what's so beautiful about Todd is how he references his stories through conceptual ideas.For me,images aren't just about the aesthetics but the gravity of the content and what the images represent.

More after the jump

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Feb 12 2016

Introducing Jane

In case you've missed it,LA based producer Ross Putman has beentweetingout the funny-if-they-weren't-so-awful introductions for female characters in the scripts he's been receiving.It's a dismal glimpse into the reality of female representation in cinema,featuring a strong emphasis on how attractive the character is and plenty of 'cool girl' types who are attractive but don't know it.

Whilst these scripts are likely never seeing the light of day (fingers crossed),it's an unavoidable truth that for every Therese Belevit there are ten Michael Bay Hot Girl who runs 2 metres behind the gawky hero.

To compare,let's look after the jump  at how some of this year's iconic female characters have been introduced in their filmsafter the jump...

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Feb 12 2016

Interview: Sandy Powell on Color,Character,Carol,Cinderella,and Cate

Sandy Powell on the set of CinderellaSome people rush to movies if their favorite movie star's face is prominent on the poster.Others swear allegiance to directors.Obsessive cinephiles go for all sorts of reasons.One of ours at The Film Experience is Sandy Powell.亚博主页If she's the costume designer,we're there,no questions asked.We sat throughThe Tempest(2010) just for her and trust me that that's devotion.

Meeting her in person earlier this season to talkCarolandCinderella,which brought her her 11th and 12th Oscar nominations andcould well bring her a 4th Oscar,was a personal joy.I had talked to her once before by phone but in person we were able to look at costume stills together and had a great conversation.This cinematic MVP was a fun,lively,and personable interviewee.I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

NATHANIEL R:  I intervewed you once a long time ago and I was really taken aback by something you said.You implied that you were surprised and amused by analytical readings of your work.

SANDY POWELL: I was talking about that today withJudy Beckerand she said thing "I've learned so much about my work today!".People read things into it that you weren't consciously thinking about.But they're not bad things!You start thinking "maybe subliminally..."You start taking credit for it!

A lot of the time you work so fast that you make snap decisions and you don't know what it's based on.I do work instinctively and intuitively.I don't sit and analyze.I don't think about the significance and "What shall I consciously put on her or him or her to convey that?"I do what feels right.And quite often just by doing that you've got it right,you actually have given something so symbolism.

NATHANIEL R: Do you start thinking of full outfits while you're reading a script?

her answer and much more after the jump...

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Feb 12 2016

It's all over but the voting!Share your final FYCs...

Oscar ballots are out today so we've reached the homestretch.Beginning today and continuing on through February 23rd,Academy members can decide ifCaroltakes costuming andMad Maxtakes editing or whether they'd like something far inferior to win those particular statues?

I kid I kid.They should vote on what they believe is "best".And that includes the Acting categories.Obstinate voters who refuse to run with the crowds / accept the status quo can decide who they'd most like for an "upset"in the Acting categories if they're not feeling the frontrunning quartet ofBrie,Leo,Alicia,andSly.But what the hell will they vote for inBest PictureandBest Director?It's a real scrappy fight this year but since it's the25th anniversary ofSilence of the Lambs,which happens to be both an atypical winner and one of their best,we hope they treatMad Max Fury Roadwell.If they can't go there in Best Picture (even though they should) can't they at least hand George Miller a well-earned statue?That's my final prayer!

What's your final wish as they begin voting?

P.S.If you're curious to see how pundits are viewing the races,here's the new Gurus of Gold chart.And here'sour index of Oscar charts

Feb 07 2016

The Italian Poster for Carol

Too beautiful to go unshared.(Why does the US always get the dullest posters?)

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