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Apr 05 2019

April Foolish Predictions #2: Music and Sound Categories

[drumroll]It's Time!Our annual April Foolish Oscar Predictions have begun.

Ad Astra was supposed to be out next month but rumors are that it's not finished yet

Firstwe looked at Animated Featuresand now we turn our attention to the Sound categories.It's rather perverse to do them second and here's why: Original Songs and Original Scores are among the last things we have confirmed each year.Technically speaking you can wait until your whole film is nearly complete before adding a score or commissioning an original song.It's not always wise to wait of course since songs,especially,can be more effective if they're woven in and some directors prefer to work with some idea of what the score will be like while they're editing.Nevertheless there is much that's completely unknown about this film year in terms of its music...

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Oct 07 2018

NYFF: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Jason Adamsreporting from the New York Film Festival

Anthology films always have a bit of an under-cooked quality - you like a chunk of meat here,a chunk of potato there,but the stew's uneven,the broth skinned over from sitting.Even the very best ones can feel haphazard - you can and should certainly argue thatPulp Fictionis an anthology film,albeit one that's po-mo'd up in glorious fashion,but some days you're just not in the mood for Honey Bunny,ya dig?  The Coens' six-partThe Ballad of Buster Scruggsmaintains that streak - highs,lows,and everything in between,slapped between two fraying book covers...

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Jan 10 2018

FYC: Ed Lachman for Best Cinematography and Carter Burwell for Best Score in Wonderstruck

BySalim Garami

What's good?It's quite frankly a hell of a shame how little attention and love Todd Haynes' adaptation of young fiction bookWonderstruckhas received during this awards season,after its Cannes premiere elicited high hopes about its Oscar chances.Ignoring the unfortunate lack of marketing or campaigning from Amazon Studios (opting instead to pushLast Flag FlyingandWonder Wheel-- a decision which didn't do them much good),Wonderstruck's main crime doesn't seem to be any true flaw in its material but the fact that it's such a quiet and small movie.Even its champions give it muted praise rather than rapturous acclaim...

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Feb 05 2016

Interview: Carter Burwell on Composing "Carol"and "Hail, Caesar!"

Carter Burwell gives great soundtrack.The proof is all around us.His scores are everywhere right now,in movie theaters with Charlie Kaufman'sAnomalisaand the Coen brothersHail,Caesar!and in the Oscar mix;his work onCarolbrought him his longlongoverdue first nomination forBest Original Score.

The 60 year-old composer started his music career in the punk scene but after that fateful first collaboration with the the Coens onBlood Simple(1984) he quickly become a film regular.He's composed every Coen brothers score since then with the exception ofInside Llewyn Davis.They aren't the only filmmakers who steadily rely on his gift.He's worked frequently for Bill Condon,Michael Caton-Jones,Spike Jonze,John Lee Hancock,and Todd Haynes among others.

I asked him how he keeps his work fresh with so many projects and how he approached the recent challenges of the "ridiculous"comedy ofHail,Caesar!and the restrained drama ofCarol.

Our interview follows after the jump...

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