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Feb 10 2019

Great Moments in Screen Kissing: Notorious (1946)

For the next few days Team Experience will be sharing favourite screen kisses.Here's Seán...

Seán here in Berlin,sayinghallo!to you with the adequate amount of Prussian warmth.I'll be filling you in with all my hot takes on only a handful of the myriad of films premiering at the Festspiele.But first a quick wink to one of my favourite on-screen kisses (the whole lot of them).

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of genre and form,leaving behind a body of work admired by scholars and movie lovers alike.Aside from being a good,old,problematic trickster on set,he also knew how to do it within the confines of the screen.The Production Code which outlined what was decent and indecent on film had a long list of cuttable offenses.Even toilets were verboten.But what if the inclusion of one was essential to the story,as it was when Marion Crane disposes of a letter inPsycho?Hitchcock knew how to skirt the rules andNotorious(1946) is one of the best examples of this...

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Jul 24 2018

Doc Corner: 'Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood'

Amy Winehouse died seven years ago today and several years removed from its Oscar win and box office success,Asif Kapadia'sAmylingers in the public consciousness.A popular work of non-fiction due to its remarkable access to the story of a spiralling genius.For me,however,Amyremains a personal bug bear;an unethical and cruel work of documentary filmmaking that uses the words of its dead subject against her.

It was purely coincidental then that I thought aboutAmywhile watching Matt Tyrnauer'sScotty and the Secret History of Hollywood.The two films definitely do not share the same world,but this revealing piece of Inside Hollywood muckraking does raise questions about ethics all its own.I admit I got a bit of a salacious thrill out of it,but that doesn't stop me questioning whether I ought to have.

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Jun 15 2018

"Monkey Business" Giggles

I caught a retro matinee of Howard Hawk's silly delightMonkey Business(1952) for my birthday last weekend.I'd never seen it before and was giggling throughout.Cary Grant,Marilyn Monroe,Hugh Marlowe,and Charles Coburn were in great form but Ginger Rogers completely steals the movie -- no small feat with that cast!

She plays the ridiculously patient and then suddenly immature wife of a chemist (Grant) who is trying to find a formula for de-aging that he's testing on monkeys.Hijinx ensue!My main takeaway this week has been that modern comedies try too hard to have a message,a character arc,and "heart"to go with the laughs.This spring'sI Feel PrettyandLife of the Partyhad this problem and one assumes the newly openedTagdoes,too,merely because almost all comedies now do.Heart and message and meaty arcs (if you have to have them) should just spring from silliness rather than be inorganically thrown on top of the comedy like a blanket.That blanket is wet and it dampens the fun.

Do you have this problem with modern comedies and what do you love most aboutMonkey Businessif you've seen it?

Jan 22 2018

Beauty vs Beast: All Sewn Up

Jason fromMNPPhere for our weekly "Beauty vs Beast"party - I'd been holding off on fêteing Paul Thomas Anderson's latest and most recently greatestPhantom Threaduntil it got its proper wide release,and now that it has,hitting over 800 theaters across the US this weekend,let us intrude ourselves upon the very strange (and strangely satisfying) union of Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis),master designer,and his flung-from-space muse Alma (Vicky Krieps).Anderson muddies the waters great deal on what we think we know about this kind of power dynamic going in - Alma's nobody's pawn or pushover.And in Reynolds' sparkle-eyed acquiescence we see what she sees as worth all the fuss,too...

PREVIOUSLYI kept hearing howlast week's Hitchcock contestwas tough for everybody and the numbers bear it out because this might've been the closest race we've yet had - Cary Grant topped Jimmy Stewart by just 3 votes out of over 300 cast!I'd say we're fairly torn on which man got the most from the Hitch treatment.CommenterClaranwas decisively Team Cary though:

"Take that,Jimmy!Lest we forgot who stole the Oscar that should've gone to Grant,who wasn't even nom forThe Philadelphia Story!!Tsk tsk....Shame on you,Oscars!!"亚博主页

Jan 15 2018

Beauty vs Beast: To Catch a Hitch

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"-- this Thursday will mark the birth of one of the greatest movie stars of all time,Mr.Cary Grant.His filmography of course reads like a dream with classics of all stripes under his belt,but it's his four collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock (Notorious,North By Northwest,SuspicionandTo Catch a Thief) that I want to focus in on today because I want to force a question upon us,an unnecessary frivolous question that nevertheless nags at my frivolous brain - know who else starred in multiple masterpieces for Alfred Hitchcock?Jimmy Stewart,who madeThe Man Who Knew Too Much,Rear Window,Rope,andVertigo.And I think you know where I am going with this now...Which is the better Hitchcock Star?Choose!

PREVIOUSLYAs with all thingsThree Billboardsrelatedlast week's polldevoted to its two shitty cops played by Woody Harrelson & Sam Rockwell brought out some strong opinions,but only in the comments - the contest itself was won handily by Woody,who took 3/4s of the vote.SaidMichael R,summing up my own feelings aboutThree Billboards:

"Write in vote : Lucas Hedges forLady Bird.I love that performance so much!"

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