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"I made a promise to myself to rewatch this movie once a year to remind myself how much I adore intelligent movie making..."-Martin

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Feb 27 2019

''Cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man'

We'd be remiss not to share photos of the men of the 91st Academy Awards.Who wins your best dressed among the men?Despite Rami's perpetually crooked tie,Christian Bale's typical black on black (we didn't include him -- you've seen it dozens of times over the years),and the weird choice of shoes that did strange things to Stephan James (making him look shorter and more childlike),most of the men really stepped it up on Sunday.Men's fashion has been ever-so-slightly more daring this season...

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Jan 08 2019

Globe Fashions Pt 2: Regal Queen,Colman's Bitches,and Daring Men

Inpart one of our fashion review,we marvelled at Julia Roberts pants,while wondering what mischief Melissa McCarthy was up to.We also loved the Wakanda women and Nicole Kidman (which probably goes without saying at this point).Shockingly Lady Gaga underwhelmed and Amy Adams seemed to have inside knowledge about her impending double loss.Here's part two!

Penélope & Patty

NATHANIEL:  Let's talk Patricia Clarkson

MURTADA:  So much drama!I loved the pink strands that showed as she moved.

NATHANIEL: It was subtle but like a flash of mystery under the danger of the red.I was gaga for it...sorry Gaga...

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Apr 23 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Wakanda Forever

Jason fromMNPPpopping in from between Tribeca screenings to quick give us our Monday afternoon "Beauty vs Beast"fix -- I figure it's a Marvel Week what with that lil'Avengersmovie opening in a couple of days and so what better time to step one step back and tackle their most recent smashing success,Ryan Coogler'sBlack Panther,which isstill sitting prettyin the Top Ten,box-office-wise.1.3 Billion dollars!I figure some of you have seen it?So let's face down its titular hero (Chadwick Boseman) and The Best Villain Marvel Has Given Us Yet Eric Killmonger (Michael B Jordan),which is totally that character's official name now.

PREVIOUSLYMark Zuckerberg did even better than I expected withlast week'sThe Social Networkpoll- he managed a whopping 14% of your vote,getting comfortably trounced,as well he should,by Rooney Mara's Erica.SaidIanO:

"This is one Sorkin's most electrifying scenes.I'm Team Erica because sometimes you see someone become a star (of a sort...) right in front of your areas,and it's one of the greatest pleasures cinema.Plus she delivers that kiss-off line magnificently,with just a hint of pity and sadness colouring the brutality of the line.So even though I'm Team Erica,you have to give it up for Eisenberg too,who charts the journey from clueless arrogance to awful realisation beautifully.It's one of favourite performances of the decade."

Jan 30 2018

Red Carpet Lineup: Glorious "Royal Attire"at Black Panther's Premiere

by Nathaniel R

Daniel Kaluuya,Lupita Nyong'o,Angela Bassett,Chadwick Boseman

It's only January and 2018 has already seen the finest movie premiere red carpet of the year.We're getting started early with the superlatives,apparently.TheBlack Pantherguests were asked to come with "royal attire"in mind and even the carpet had royalty in mind with its purple hue...

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Oct 16 2017

Another Badass "Black Panther" Trailer!

Chrishere.Okay guys,hear me out: Marvel is getting good again?Aside from business-as-usual as the Avengers arc closes,the superhero house will give us Cate Blanchett in drag forThor,Pfeiffer in theAnt-Mansequel,and of course the most eagerly anticipated: Ryan Coogler'sBlack Panther.

Excuse me while I pick my eyeballs off of the floor.The goods on what Coogler has created keep getting better and better,and a brand new trailer has yours truly at a fever pitch.The amount of set pieces and plot threads already at play in this trailer suggest that itmightbe another bloated actioner,but there are genuine thrills everywhere,all the more rapturous for the film's existence in our current political atmosphere.Chadwick Boseman may be our star,but its most exciting element might be its celebration of black women - let's all geek out over Danai Gurira's Okoye.

This (paired withWonder Woman) feels like the first time in quite a long while that superheroes are actually awe-inspiring on a deeper level.It pays to have an identity all your own and not retread on the diminishing returns of other retreads.It's going to be a long four months waiting for this one.

Jun 10 2017

Black Panther Teases

Having recently returned from Disney World,where 'The Festival of the Lion King' earwormed that soundtrack into my brain again,I find myself frantically trying to rewrite "I Just Can't Wait to Be King"for Prince T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) who we last saw mourning his king and proving something of a surprise moral center to the squabbling superheroes ofCaptain America: Civil War(2016).

Sing it with me...

It's Hard for a Good Man To Be King"

Marvel Studios has gone and made its first movie without a white guy named Chris in the lead role (kidding) and from 112 seconds of evidence we have,they made a great decision hiring exciting young director Ryan Coogler (hot offFruitvale StationandCreed) to direct.The movie is still an excruciating 251 days away still (February 16th,2018) but the teaser and the poster for Marvel's sure-to-be smash hitThe Black Pantherhave arrived after the jump...

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