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Apr 25 2017

Cannes Jury: Almodóvar,Chastain,Fan Bingbing,and more...

The complete jury for the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival has been announced.As previously noted,Pedro Almodóvar will preside over the jury.To celebrate,The Film Experience will have "Almodóvar Week"亚博主页from May 9th through the 15th so catch up with a few of his movies you've always wanted to see.We are currently planning to hit the following pictures in some capacity:Pepi Luci Bom,Dark Habits,What Have I Done to Deserve This?,All About My Mother,Volver,All About My Mother,andThe Skin I Live In...though there might be alterations in that schedule or additions.

But,yes,the Cannes jury.They are...

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Nov 16 2016

Min-hee Kim's Secrets and Lies in "The Handmaiden"

byChris Feil

Much of the praise for Park Chan-Wook'sThe Handmaidenhas favored the director's twisted vision,the sumptuous design elements,or its grinning audacity.Sure the film is as immaculately crafted as all that talk has promised,but there one thrilling puzzle inside the film worthy of equal regard is the lead performance by Min-hee Kim.

For a film as plotty and opulent asThe Handmaiden,you can understand how any performance might not be the first takeaway.But believability of the narrative's many twists falls largely on Kim's coolly dexterous shoulders...

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Nov 06 2016

Podcast: The Handmaiden and Other Heavenly Creatures

We're back to weekly podcasts!This weekNickandNathanielrevisit a summer favorite that's now on DVD and have divergent feelings aboutThe Handmaidendespite their mutual Park Chan-wook history.

Index (41 minutes)
00:01 AHeavenly Creaturesrevisit
05:10The Handmaidenandthat time Nathaniel and Nick watched a Park Chan-wook together
25:00 Almodóvar'sJulietaand Farhadi'sThe Salesman
34:00Doctor Strangé&Captain Fantasticbriefly to wrap-up

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?

Referenced in this conversation:
Nick's Isabelle Huppert e-mail hack|Nathaniel's photo op with Viggo Mortensen|A recent rewatch ofWitness|Alama Drafthouse Night Out|1994 Oscar Races

The Handmaiden Fantastic

Jan 30 2016

Stretch Linkstrong

Film School Rejectsit's all about talking animals who sound just like celebrities this year
TowleroadABC rejects a TV ad forCarolbecause (GASP) naked lesbian shoulders
John Augustshares depressing box office stats on why we get so many sequels
Guardianpicks 5 best moment of Jane Fonda in the movies - bizarre choices beyond her Oscar winning roles
Guardianinvestigation of why movie posters are so terrible in comparison to their aged counterparts
The WrapTV adaptation ofAmerican Gods(a must read from Neil Gaiman) has cast Ricky Whittle (the 100) in the leading role
MNPP...goes all out with an endless gratuitous post celebrating Whittle
Awards DailyAwesome crusading Senator Elizabeth Warren lovesThe Big Short

New Projects
Tracking BoardChan-wook Park to direct the adapation of sci-fi novelGenocidal Organabout homemade nuclear devices
Coming SoonOscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker) are reteaming for a film about the 1967 Detroit Riots.Shooting to start this summer
VarietyRuh-roh Jennifer Aniston is doing a true life sports drama calledThe Fixer-- she's got her eyes onThe Blind Side's surprise prize if you know what I mean
Coming Soon(sigh)Dear Toni Collette's Agent,WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?I know we ask this all the time but you have not answered.(Toni is now signed to do a bureaucrat role inxXx: The Return of Xander Cagebecause Hollywood weirdly believes we want every Vin Diesel franchise revived)
/FilmStretch Armstrong series (yes,the boys doll with stretchy arms) is going to Netflix.For kids.
VarietyMeg Ryann behind the camera.Her first filmIthacadid not yet find distribution which is weird (all star cast) but she's signed to direct a second,a romantic comedy even,calledThe Book

Theatre People
PlaybillZachary Quinto,about to reprise his Spock role on the big screen,on why he prefers theater to film or television
PlaybillDominic Cooper returning to the stage for a new production ofThe Libertineabout the hedonistic Earl of Rochester in 1670s London.Did any of you ever see that Johnny Depp film version of the play?

Today's Watch
A well timed brief history of white actors playing ethnic roles from Screen Crush.(Minor Quibble: Technically some consider Russian born Yul Brynner as Asian -- he claimed Mongolian heritage but others denied it was true)

Awards Update
Everyone's making their final moves -- Oscar ballots out on Feb 12th.Jennifer Jason Leigh is getting a tribute at theAmerican Cinematheque.They'll be screeningHateful Eight,Georgia(the closest she ever came to a nom' previously),her divisiveMrs Parker and the Vicious Circle(she's excellent),Single White Femaleand breakout hitFast Times at Ridgmont High.

Finally,the ACE Eddie Awards were handed out last night.The winners:

  • Mad Max: Fury Road(Drama)
  • The Big Short(Comedy)
  • Inside Out(Animated)
  • Amy(Documentary).

Nov 26 2013

Review: Oldboy (2013)

Greetings,Dear Readers.Michael Nathaniel is on record as being emphatically NOT a fan of Chan-wook Park's original Cannes prize winner,I thought it fitting I,an enthusiasticOldboylover,would step in to review Spike Lee's hotly anticipated English language remake.

One of the smallest changes to Spike Lee's American remake ofOldboyis the most revealing.A subplot involving hypnosis has been excised from the film.No doubt the filmmakers decided mass audiences wouldn't accept such an outlandish plot device,but therein lies the fatal error.AnOldboythat comes anywhere near plausible reality is noOldboyat all.

Park Chan-wook's original version pulsed with bonkers confidence,dancing on the edges of sanity,and,when need be,careening right over the cliff.In dragging the remake closer to the director's realism comfort zone,this version has drained the story of the operatic pitch it requires.

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Mar 03 2013

Review: "Stoker"Disturbs.But To What End?

A slightly abridged version of this review was previously published in my weekly column @Towleroad

Thirst > Stoker

A few years ago Park Chan-wook,the acclaimed genre fabulist from South Korea,made an award winning vampire film calledThirst.With the exception of the Swedish instant classicLet The Right One In,it's the best vampire film of the past 20 years.Second best might not seem like high praise but consider the volume of competition!

InThirst,a priest and reluctant vampire,infects a young girl with his addiction and she flips from moody troubled teen to lusty adult trouble-maker.Is she his impressionable victim or his soulmate apprentice?Or is she much harder to pin down?Having raved aboutThirstwhen it was released (includinga Best Actress nomination for Kim Ok-bin right here) and being a shameless Kidmaniac I walked intoStokerwith high expectations.Despite the title's nod to Bram Stoker,I was not expecting an English language pseudo-remake of his earlier vampire feature.There are no literal vampires this time but the central power play relationship and overall bloodlust are like eerily similar echoes.Even the supernatural powers remain: India (Mia Wasikowska) even begins the film boasting of her preternatural hearing in voiceover while she hunts a defenseless animal in the tall grass.It's like a Terrence Malick sequence with brutality in place of spirituality.India's hearing is so acute she even catches spidery footsteps (So do we sinceStokershares withThirstmasterfully creepy and super detailed sound design.)

A Stoker family dinner.Bloody steak.

"Don't disturb the family"is a stupid fun tagline forStoker's ad campaign and poster since the warning is pointless.This family was disturbed long before you bought a ticket.[more...]

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