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Review: Rocketman

"Wouldn't it be a crime if this movie gets ignored by Oscar after they fawned all over Bohemian Rhapsody?"-David

"Standard,paint by the numbers biopic."-Max

"Damn,this was fun.Taron really pulls off a miracle.I actually forgot he wasn't Elton John LOL.His singing is wonderful."-Brookesboy

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Mar 15 2018

Months of Meryl: Plenty (1985)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

Charles Dance and Meryl Streep in "Plenty"

#11 — Susan Traherne,resistance fighter turned diplomat's wife with a gnawing sense of unease about the life she must lead.

MATTHEW:  "I just wish she were more ordinary,"a persnickety commercial director grumbles about an offscreen model hired to play the mother in a promo for dog food."Will the audience identify?"he frets.We're in England in the postwar 1940s and Susan Traherne,a former agent in the French resistance,is rolling her eyes through a mind-numbing advertising job that she will promptly vacate.The scene is quick but Susan walks out just in time for the director's comments to resonate as a sly statement on the woman herself,the reliably erratic anti-heroine played by Meryl Streep in Fred Schepisi's tepid cinematic adaptation of David Hare'sPlenty.Will an audience identify with a figure so brazenly,even coldly unconventional?And does such identification even really matter...?

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Aug 08 2015

17 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Woman in Gold"

Have you seen Woman in Gold which has been out on DVD for a bit now?It's about an old Austrian Jew (Helen Mirren) who immigrated to America during the Holocaust and attempts to get her family's original Gustav Klimt paintings back which were stolen by the Nazis and now "belong"to a museum in Austria.

Here are a dozen plus thoughts I had while watching it...

What do you know about art restitution?

• Nothing?It's okay.I didn't either.Helen Mirren will teach us.She speaks most of her lines as if to a small child.In fact,a lot of the characters do.They're constantly explaining the movie's plot and conflicts to us.And after explaining things there's sometimesbits of dialogue like...

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Oct 09 2014

Westeros Comes to Hollywood: Casting News for Game of Thrones Actors

Margarethere to talk about Hollywood casting directors' collective infatuation with the actors onGame of Thrones.HBO's fantasy epic is a ratings juggernaut and has been Emmy-nominated a hundred times over. Its enormous cast (more series regulars than any other show on television) is getting a lot of attention,and many of them are landing high-profile movie roles. The prestige cable effect,so often noted for its ability to bring movie stars to TV,seems to be working in the other direction forGame of Thrones.

Let's check in on the upcoming projects from our Westerosi friends:

Carice van Houten

GoTRole: Melisandre,spooky red-headed priestess
Recently Booked: the Jesse Owens biopic Race.The Dutch actress will play legendary German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl.

Aidan Gillen
GoTRole: Petyr "Littlefinger"Baelish,slippery schemer.
Recently Booked: Recently greenlit sequel The Maze Runner Chapter II: The Scorch Trials.It's reported that he'll be playing the villain,Janson.

Gwendoline Christie
GoTRole: Brienne of Tarth,lady warrior
Recently Booked: Star Wars: Episode VII.Her role is top-secret,but the movie is about as high-profile as they come.Her combat experience and 6'3"frame are likely to feature.She's also booked a small part in the final Hunger Gamesfilm,as a military commander.

More Westerosi movie news after the jump..

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