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Apr 21 2018

Review: Lean on Pete

by Eric Blume

Andrew Haigh,the director of the new filmLean on Pete,is a major,major talent.He pulled a career-best (and Oscar-nominated) performance from Charlotte Rampling in his last film45 Years,made a splash a few years before that with the lovely two-handerWeekend,and his big HBO showLookingwas for my money one of the best gay anythings ever made.

Haigh has a particular talent with actors,and also for establishing moments of quiet power within a story.What's more he trusts that that power is enough.These talents are firmly on display inLean on Pete,the story of 16 year-old Charley (Charlie Plummer) who finds himself completely alone alongside the eponymous,discarded quarterhorse...

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Sep 19 2017

YNMS: "All The Money In The World"

Chrishere.This year is going to have quite a bit of late breaking Oscar hopefuls based on fact,including Steven Spielberg'sThe Post(is that what it's called today?) and maybe a Clint Eastwood film about a true life thwarted terrorist attack in France.Ridley Scott is looking to quickly bounce back from the tepid response toAlien: Covenantwith a real story of his own that wrapped a mere month ago:All the Money In The World.The film follows the famous Getty kidnapping and cruel patriarch J.Paul Getty's refusal to fork out the ransom dough.

Don't expect to hear "unrecognizable"dubbed just to Gary Oldman this year forDarkest Hour- this film is going hard on selling/taunting us Kevin Spacey as the billionaire in heavy prosthetics.We'll see if this ends up being a supporting or lead actor play,but might the film have awards chances elsewhere?Is it enough of a showcase for Michelle Williams to break through a stacked Best Actress race as the mother of the kidnapped younger Getty?

The film is set to close AFI Fest and opens December 8.Take a look at the new trailer and we'll break down the Yes No Maybe So...

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Apr 27 2015

Tribeca: King Jack

Tribeca might be over but the Team has still got a few reviews for you.Here'sJasonon one of the Audience Award winners.

What happens when you see too much of a person you know in a movie?I don't mean literally.Sadly I am not acquaintances on a first-name-basis or even a-polite-nod-in-the-hallway with Chris Evans,so when I finally see the newAvengersmovie I'm not gonna be all,"God I just can't buy him as Captain America.That's Lil' Chrissy up there!"No what I mean by "seeing too much of a person you know in a movie"is when acharacterreminds you so much of a person from your life that it ultimately becomes distracting.You find yourself paying more attention to the ways that character interacts with their real-world counterpart,your friend or mother or whatever,than ever getting lost in the movie itself.As an outside example,Sandra Bullock was just straight-up playing my boyfriend's sister inThe Blind Side- it was like at least three or four steps beyond uncanniness.It was impossible to take any of that movie seriously after that.

I had a bit of that going onwithKing Jack...

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