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Jul 06 2018

Good Morning,Charlie!

By Spencer Coile

It's been 18 years since the film remake ofCharlie's Angelswas released and 7 since the failed television reboot aired – not to mention over 40 years since the original television series premiered.But as time has shown us in the past few years,nostalgia sells.And so we have news of a newCharlie's Angels.

With Elizabeth Banks set to direct and star in the film and the three leads rumored to be played by Lupita Nyong'o,Naomi Scott,and Kristen Stewart,our anticipation escalates.A story about strong women told by women!Although casting is still in the works,the film is rumored to be looking at the summer of 2019.

Does this news excite you,or have you had enough of reboots?Who will voice Charlie (fingers crossed on Judi Dench or Viola Davis)?But perhaps most importantly,is anyone else a huge fan of 2003'sCharlie's Angels: Full Throttle?

Jul 15 2016

Beauty Break: Vintage 1977 - Magazine Covers

Liz,and Liza and Halston,Oh my!

Reminder.At the end of the month the Smackdown returns with a look at theSupporting Actress Race of 1977(The Turning Point,Julia,Close Encounters,The Goodbye Girl,andLooking for Mr Goodbarso get to watching so you can vote!).

To get you in the mid to late 1970s mood,if you lived through them,or just to engage your curiousity if you didn't,a collection of magazine covers from the year in question.Naturally we'll start with two Best Actress winners and then hit the general collections of showbiz covers...

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Mar 16 2016

Q&A: Australian Greats,Leading Men,and Camera Muses

It's time for reader questions.Here are 10 recently asked I'm opting to answer tonight.Join the conversation in the comments.

INQUIRER: Who do you believe is more worthy of an acting Oscar between Brad Pitt,Tom Cruise,and Johnny Depp,and who do you think is more likely to win one?

This would surprise anyone unfamiliar with the site but Brad Pitt towers over the other two.He's among my all time favorite movie stars.But you've crafted a tricky question because all three men have loyal camps that they've earned.Cruise is the most consistent,always laser focused on Doing His Job in whichever movie.Depp is the most inspiredwhen he's inspiredbut he's also the laziest.It seems impossible to imagine now but people did not want him to playPirateslike he played it.The studio was concerned.What is he doing?Now people hire him to for Depp shtick and that's what he gives to the point of self parody!Pitt is the most uneven actor among the three but he's also the most endearing,has the best taste,has aged superbly with his talent,and has evolved the most.Years ago I felt certain that all three would eventually be crowned but it's hard to picture now.If any one of them does a moving hit drama when he's an old codger though perhaps he'll get a career achievement prize.If none of them ever win competitively I'd wager that Brad Pitt is the most likely to get an Honorary Oscar.

This might be as good a time as any to tell you (warn you?) that April will be ACTOR MONTH here at the blog.We talk about actresses so much that it's time for a wee curveball.Any requests?

TABITHA: Why do female movie stars now largely seem to be in their 20's or 60's?There seems to be a resistance to embrace middle-aged stars (apart from Sandra Bullock or Charlize Theron).

I blame this phenomenon entirely on sexism and the patriarchy.It's intrinsically tied to the "Last F***able Day"phenomenon that Amy Schumer named so brilliantly.I think once an actress has passed that threshold of straight men being "ewww she's AGING -- how dare she?"and is now just an older person,who for better or for worse are often desexualized in art,it's easier for people to just enjoy their acting again.That's my 100% correct theory.It's also harder for female stars to age because a huge percentage of them are famous in part because of exceptional beauty which is not necessarily true (certainly not percentage wise!) with their male counterparts.

KEVIN: if you put Meryl on a strict diet of auteurs,who would you pair her with for her next 3 films?

[more Q&A after the jump]

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Mar 16 2016

Mercedes McCambridge Centennial: "Charlie's Angels"& "Bewitched"

Today is the Centennial of one of the most singular character actresses of the 1950s,Mercedes McCambridge,born in Joliet Illinois on this very day in 1916.We hope you've enjoyed our mini retrospective.We previousy discussed her sensationaldebut inAll The King's Men(1949)her final Oscar nomination forthe Texas epicGiant(1956)and her sorry fate in a teensy part intheAirportdisaster series.(In the past,ICYMI,we've amply discussedThe Exorcistin which she did truly legendary voice work as well as the fiery abandon ofmust-see westernJohnny Guitar.)

InThe Concorde...Airport '79article,Tim talked about the disaster genre's often treatment of aged film stars in cameos.But discarded stars of Old Hollywood also frequently collected paychecks through TV guest spots.On the small screen there was the same roulette wheel chances at success.In fact McCambridge was more frequently spotted on TV than in film,switching between both for her entire career after her launch in radio in the 1930s.Many early TV shows are impossible to see now but let's discuss her downright fantastic guest spots onCharlie's Angels(1978) &Bewitched(1968).

Murder mysteries and witchcraft -- and a chance to discuss two classic camp series (oh you know you want to!) followafter the jump....

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