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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Mar 26 2019

Charlotte & Tennessee,just because

image via our friendSheila's instagram(this pic is such a find!)

Sep 05 2018

Soundtracking: "45 Years"

byChris Feil

"They asked me how I knew..."

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"by The Platters is a cinematic staple,constantly showing up in films and yet hasn't become a cliche.The song has been used for umpteen other tragic romances in film likeBlue ValentineandThe Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant,not to mention countless less narratively significant needle drops on screen.But Andrew Haigh's45 Yearsis the one that wrings it for every last drop of its sweeping grandeur and matches the scale of its emotion...

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Aug 30 2018

Review: "The Little Stranger"

byChris Feil

Adapted from the Sarah Waters novel,The Little Strangeris a ghost story in a lower register,more a delicate gothic character study than a stone cold chiller.Think of it like a Shirley Jackson tale turned inward,where the separation of class and circumstance draw the demons from within and without.It's not a horror film to satisfy the jump hungry or the thrill seekers,but one that slowly grips you from behind and one you will unexpectedly recall vividly.

The staples of such subtle genre pieces are all present: a once lively mansion lost to decay,the somewhat reclusive family that remains,the weight of a dead child covering it all in a fine layer of dust.A local doctor Faraday pays a visit to Hundreds Hall to tend to the maid of the Ayres family.Though its residents have worn along with the estate,Faraday is still taken by the memory of when he had visited it as a boy,on the very day that the Ayres daughter Susan became deathly ill.

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Feb 14 2018

Interview: François Ozon talks "Double Lover"and the greatest French actresses...


It might be surprising to know that François Ozon likes to learn what children think of his films.He says their responses are clever and innocent,especially if they believe the world on the screen.Though he realizes that he can't always get their feedback since his movies often deal with adult themes,like the psychosexual thrillersSwimimg Pool(2003),Young and Beautiful(2013) and his latestDouble Lover.

Ozon's films cannot be easily categorized,he has also directed the campy musical8 Women(2002) and the haunting WW1 romanceFrantz(2016).He says...

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Sep 20 2017

TIFF: Euphoria and Zama disappoint

We've got a a few more adventures from TIFF to get through.Here are two pictures Euphoria and Zama that I was greatly looking forward to for disparate reasons (the lead actors and the director,respectively).But neither one did it for me and I sincerely hope other future eyeballs will enjoy them more...

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